One of the reasons some people don’t like private torrent trackers is the mandatory ratio requirements. Some may argue that a ratio system ensures better download speeds while others may argue that it is hard to maintain a good ratio without a high bandwidth connection or a seedbox (specially on elite trackers such as SceneTorrents (ScT) and BitmeTV). However, aim of this article is not to argue about the pros and cons of a ratio system but to introduce a private tracker that is completely ratio free (similar to GFT - GFTracker); is a general tracker which does not have mandatory ratio requirements nor a ratio system of any kind.


Like any other General/0Day tracker, Seedit indexes movies, music, games, TV Shows, software and other content. It’s a tracker based in Sweden but almost all of the torrents indexed are English scene releases. Seedit tracks close to 2500 torrents at the time this post is written. Number of registered users is unknown.

As previously mentioned, Seedit is a ratio free tracker. However, that does not mean you are allowed to Hit and Run (HnR) at will. If you are not aware, a HnR is stopping the upload the moment you finish downloading a torrent without giving a rats ass about other peers. At Seedit, you need to seed every downloaded torrent for at least 36 hours (it does not matter what type of connection you have or how fast you can upload). Seeding does not need to be continuous either – just seed for a minimum of 36 hours within a week.

Note that some of the interface commands are in Swedish language. Those who can’t understand Swedish need not worry – all major commands are labeled in English. Site is currently open for signup and interested readers may join for free.

Site Name: Seedit (

Signup URL:

Signup page translation:

  • Användarnamn – Username
  • Lösenord – Password
  • Upprepa – Repeat password
  • For any error messages that are not obvious, use Google Translate

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  1. grapher // 12/05/2008 09:28:00 AM  

    some more translation

    Aktivera ditt konto via det mail som skickats - Activating your account via the mail sent

  2. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 12/05/2008 10:57:00 AM  

    Thanks grapher