Two popular private torrent trackers dedicated entirely to software have just opened signups. Pro Audio Torrents specializes in music related software, music editors and other music related extras such as sound effects while Appzuniverse specializes in Windows and Mac software ranging from operating systems to office automation suites.

Both these trackers are known to open signups on the 1st of every month and the open signup usually last only one day. There are just under 20 hours remaining (at time of this post) so you may want to hurry (unless you want to wait till next month). Both Appzuniverse and Pro Audio Torrents were reviewed in detail here at FILEnetworks Blog about two months ago. Instead of repeating the same information in this post, we’ve linked to the full articles below so that interested readers may find more information regarding these sites.

Pro Audio Torrents
pro audio torrents
Site Name: ProAudioTorrents
Signup URL:
Description: This tracker does not track music albums or actual music itself, but tracks a lot of extras such as music editing software, sound effects, tutorials and such. For a full description on Pro Audio Torrents tracker please refer to our previous post about this tracker.

Site Name:
Signup URL:
Description: AppzUniverse is a dedicvated software tracker. You can find over 2200 torrents of Windows and Mac including software packs and tutorials. This is without a doubt one of the best dedicated software trackers currently around. For more information on AppzUniverse, please refer to our previous post about this tracker.