Here’s our latest collective tracker open signup update. If you are wondering what that is, this is a post summarizing information about private torrent trackers that were featured on FILEnetworks during the last 1-2 months. This articles features 15 private torrent trackers specializing in all sorts of content ranging from TV shows, kids content, high definition movies, mobile content, audiobooks, music, music videos to general releases. All of the private communities mentioned here are currently open for public registrations, meaning you won’t need to have an invite code ready in order to join. Summarized site information including up to date site statistics, signup URLs and a links to full tracker reviews are included with each entry. In case you missed out on a site when we first told about it or if you are a new reader who just joined us, this post should help get you up to speed on some of the recently launched BitTorrent trackers.

As usual, it’s strongly recommended that you read the full review of a tracker before you sign up. A review usually includes a brief description of what sort of content is available in a site, details of it’s community, language options, etc and includes a few screenshots as well. This way you would not end up in a site you’d never use and trackers won’t get filled with lots of inactive members. A link to full review can be found below the ‘Description’ field of each entry.

Torrent Script 
Site Name: Torrent Script (
Signup URL:
Statistics: 300+ torrents and 2200+ users
Description: Torrent Script is an innovative new tracker that focuses on web development related content such as CMS, website templates, fonts, scripts (Ajax, PHP, etc), clone scripts, plugins, vector graphics and more.
Full review: [Click Here]

Site Name: MultReactor (
Signup URL:
Statistics: 1500+ torrents and 10800+ users
Description: MultReactor (MR) tracks a lot of kids cartoons, movies and live action drama including plenty of full season packs and complete series packs both old and new.
Full review: [Click Here]

Site Name: HardTracker (
Signup URL:
Statistics: ~1200 torrents
Description: . HardTracker is a relatively new BitTorrent site that tracks hardcore, hardstyle, schranz, frenchcore, terror,dnb, speedcore, etc music. It’s a relatively new site that’s only a few months old but fans of these music genres may find it useful (you can change language options from top right corner of page).
Full review: [Click Here]

Site Name: OurDiSC/OurDVD (
Signup URL:
Statistics: 6400+ users and 3750+ torrents
Description: OurDiSC is a private BitTorrent tracker that specializes in untouched DVD (DVDR) and Blu-Ray (BD+) movies. Most of the content tracked by OurDiSC are releases for R1 (DVD Region 1) and R3 (DVD Region 3). For help on how to switch language to English, please see full review.
Full review: [Click Here]

SilverSeed (SS)
Site Name: SilverSeed (
Signup URL:
Statistics: ~4000 users and ~3000 torrents
Description: SilverSeed is a promising new music video torrent tracker that’s been growing at a consistent pace. Those who signed up earlier through our previous article might need to recover the password as SS recently upgraded their security system.
Full review: [Click Here]

Site Name: HD-Space (
Signup URL:
Statistics: 13700+ members and 1800+ torrents
Description: As the name suggests, HD space is a High def tracker. Movies, TV shows and other HD video content in 720p or 1080p Blu-Ray in a x264 container formats may be found here.
Full review: [Click Here]

Site Name: HDCity (
Signup URL:
Statistics: 12900+ users and 5400+ torrents
Description: Another HD tracker from China but with English content. Interface will default to Chinese language but you can always change it via language options. See full review for details.
Full review: [Click Here]

Site Name: ChaosUK (
Signup URL:
Statistics: ~1700 torrents
Description: TotalChoas is a British TV torrent tracker similar to The Box and UKNova. Tracks both modern content as well as classic stuff. Decent tracker with some good activity. 
Full review: [Click Here]

BzEe.TV (BzT)  
Site Name: BzEe (
Signup URL:
Statistics: 1850+ members and 3400+ torrents
Description: BzEe.TV is a new ratio free TV tracker. Episodes, full season packs as well as some movies are indexed here.
Full review: [Click Here]

Site Name: CatTorrent (
Signup URL:
Statistics: ~3000 torrents
Description: If you like audio books you will like this tracker. CatTorrent is a niche tracker that focuses primarily on audiobooks. The site was experiencing downtime issues but these seem to have been resolved now.
Full review: [Click Here]

Boxing Torrents 
Site Name: TC Boxing (
Signup URL:
Statistics: ~1500 torrents and 3300+ users
Description: TC-Boxing aka Boxing Torrents is a sports torrent tracker that focuses on Boxing. TC Boxing tracks match videos of both amateur and professional versions of the sport, DVD Documentaries and even some high definition content related to Boxing.
Full review: [Click Here]

Site Name: Vibes (
Signup URL:
Statistics: 17700+ members and ~21000 torrents
Description: Vibes is a large Greece based torrent tracker that tracks a lot of English international releases. It’s somewhat of an underrated tracker considering the size of its torrent index.
Full review: [Click Here]

ExtremeShare (ES) 
Site Name: ExtremeShare (
Signup URL:
Statistics: 22000+ torrents
Description: ExtremeShare is a General/0Day tracker. ES is a relatively popular tracker in the BitTorrent scene with lots of unique releases, tons of packs and even torrents uploaded by P2P release groups internal to ExtremeShare.
Full review: [Click Here]

LeechersLair (LL)
Site Name:  LeechersLair (
Signup URL:
Statistics: 17800+ users and ~2400 torrents
Description: LeechersLair is a General/0Day tracker that has a large following. Despite various obstacles, LL has survived for several years and has become a good overall tracker with some exclusive packs.
Full review: [Click Here]

Pimp Your Mobile (PYM) 
Pimp Your Mobile    
Site Name: PimpYourMobile (
Signup URL: Note: Site seems to be having database issues right now. Try later.
Statistics: 2300+ members and 3200+ torrents
Description: Pimp Your Mobile is a long running ratio free private tracker for all sorts of mobile content. You can download applications, games, themes, ringtones, mobile optimized media and other stuff for your Symbian, Nokia S40, Java, Windows Mobile or Android powered mobile device or even for the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry devices and PDAs.
Full review: [Click Here]

In addition, we want to announce a change to our collective tracker updates format. Since we have expanded our coverage from open signup trackers to those that engage in IRC recruitment as well as DDL forums, we have decided to branch collective updates by mode of registration (Open signup/conditional recruitment) and by type of site (DDL Forum/Tracker). That is, there will be separate posts each for latest DDL forums, new sites that offer IRC recruitment/invite applications in addition to regular open signup updates (such as this post). First collective update for trackers with IRC recruitment can be found here while a list of DDL forums with open registrations can be found here.


  1. zoomby // 3/08/2010 10:46:00 PM  

    oh yeah Scc v2 Out !!!

  2. Patricia // 3/09/2010 01:44:00 AM  

    Well... sorry to say I have no success with Ourdisc.
    It says I need an invitation code.
    Thanks anyway.

  3. Giwrgos // 3/09/2010 04:19:00 AM  

    also consider for mobile roms and a lot of tech staff.

  4. Captain Hook // 3/09/2010 04:50:00 AM  


    I recently wrote a one-off blog discussing the issues of piracy (mostly in the uk) and if you find it interesting I would appreciate a comment on it if so kind? :)

  5. cms design // 3/09/2010 10:22:00 PM  
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  6. james // 3/10/2010 11:18:00 AM  

    Nice list of trackers, im on a couple already but its always nice to hear about new ones.

    here's another new HD/HQ site that has laid under the radar for a half year...

    Its pretty good, activity is starting to increase a lot.

    Check out my box provider also...

  7. Daniel Belini // 3/10/2010 06:56:00 PM  

    BzEe.TV need invitation :(

  8. cms design // 3/15/2010 10:28:00 PM  
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  9. Deb // 3/30/2010 04:03:00 AM  

    Pimp Your Mobile isn't working!! Too bad because it looks like a site I'd like to check out.

  10. patrick // 4/07/2010 09:06:00 AM  
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  11. ro // 4/17/2010 02:32:00 PM  

    CHECK OUT for private trackers with open registration!

  12. fundoo // 7/21/2010 01:19:00 AM  
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  13. fundoo // 7/22/2010 12:26:00 AM  
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  14. l // 12/28/2010 01:11:00 AM  

    Stay away from HD-space! They are with LeaseWeb (anti-p2p). LeaseWeb is watching what you do, and are a known anti-p2p. PeerBlock / PeerGuardian blocks their IP for a reason.

    You have been warned.

  15. Softis // 1/08/2011 03:34:00 PM scene tracker, open signup, fast uploads, good pretimes, fast speed, auto upload bot, english content mostly. good staff and nice site

  16. hdtv // 1/13/2011 03:01:00 PM has reopen the gates...last time it was a fast tracker with good pre`s

  17. seed // 1/21/2011 03:11:00 PM  
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  18. seed // 1/21/2011 03:12:00 PM  

    Found this signup code on another blog

  19. Nik Gilbert // 9/06/2012 11:57:00 AM  

    Check out . Its a great torrent site. Plenty of media to browse and no fake torrents.