Back in November 2008, we ran an article on SilverSeed torrent tracker. SilverSeed (SS) was a private community that focused primarily on music video releases. Unfortunately, the site did not gain much popularity back then and eventually died due to lack of user activity. Now, nearly one and a half years later, SilverSeed has returned. This time around the site has a much better outlook and looks like it’s here to stay – there’s plenty of activity going on, lots of torrents are being uploaded daily and the staff seem to be armed with all the extra tools necessary to add value to a BitTorrent tracker (scene access, auto uploader bots, etc). For those wishing to join a growing new music video tracker, SS signups are currently open.


Before we say anything about SilverSeed, here’s a brief description sent to us by one of their staff members, Silver Glass:

Hello, world. We're relaunching SilverSeed - tracker dedicated to music videos. Previous version didn't last long because of certain reasons which won't happen this time. So what's new, you ask? We have strong enthusiasm and a lot of content to offer! We already have almost 1500 torrents up and seeded (and site officially opened its doors on the 25th of January!). We have seeding bot with 300mbit speed. Also, in nearest days we will start autouploading of scene releases (announce channel will be open soon as well).

That's it, peoplez! Welcome to new Silverseed:

Oh, and starting from today (25th) and for two weeks in a row, freeleech and double-upload is enabled. Hurry up!

One thing is for certain – they sure aren’t lying about the content. It hasn’t even been two weeks since SilverSeed’s return (site was on beta since 15h of January 2009) and already the active torrent count has shot past 2000 (over 60 videos were added yesterday alone).  Torrents indexed on this site are pretty fast, with even torrents with 1-2 seeders having reasonable download speeds. Site navigation speeds have also improved and the slowness

Speaking about the content available on SS, it’s all about music videos. You can find and download hundreds of music videos from the US and UK, both scene and non scene releases including several large packs. Currently, videos related to 21 different music genres are indexed. Available video formats include DivX, XViD and x264 encodes. There will also be a lot of VOB (Video Object) container based files uploaded in the future. A screenshot of SS interface which shows some of the releases can be found below:

SilverSeed Tracker Index

SilverSeed is based on a customized version of popular TBDEV codebase. In terms of features, they have already added support for category based RSS feeds and more new components such as a requests system and IRC downloader & announce bot are in the pipeline. There will also be a lot of VOB releases

Signups for SS are currently open. Current user limit of the site is set to 5000 and there are 2000 users registered as at 30/1/2010. Provided the signups remain open till the site reaches user capacity, there are around 3000 free slots available for the taking. If you are interested in music videos, check it out. SS is a tracker with a promising start.

Site Name: SilverSeed (

Signup URL:


  1. TT // 1/31/2010 01:39:00 AM  

    see full review here..

  2. Mel // 2/01/2010 11:08:00 PM  

    Signup activation link doesn't work...404

  3. Tobias Jansson // 3/09/2010 02:19:00 AM  

    Same problem as Mel... Password recovery didn't work out either. Do they have a IRC-support channel or something like that?