Here we go – our first private tracker open signup update in the year 2010. As opposed to the usual 10-15 trackers featured in our regular collective tracker updates, this post only features two torrent sites – AppzUniverse and Pro Audio Torrents. Reason why we decided to post these right now is that both these trackers are known to open signups only at the beginning of every month. They have been featured on this blog before but in case any of you missed out earlier, here’s another chance to register without the need for an invitation code. AppzUniverse is an specialized software tracker while Pro Audio torrents is a tracker for music editing and music production related torrents.

Site Name: AppzUniverse (
Signup URL:
Stats: 4300+ torrents
Description: AppzUniverse is one of the oldest specialized software trackers currently online. It’s well known for the torrent index with a large number of cracked software for Mac and PC (and now for some mobile platforms as well). In addition to warez, AppzUniverse tracks quite a few software tutorials and training material. For a full list of available categories see this post.

Pro Audio Torrents
Pro Audio Torrents
Site Name: Pro Audio Torrents (
Signup URL:
Stats: 6400+ torrents
Description: Immediately after hearing its name, most people assume Pro Audio Torrents to be yet another music tracker. Actually, PAT does not track music albums at all – instead, it indexes extras and add-ons related to music. Music editing/authoring software, sound effects, tutorials  are just some of the content you’ll find here (believe it or not it’s quite a large site with over 6k torrents ).

Note that both these sites will only remain open for another 8 more hours (since time of this post). You might want to hurry if you are thinking of getting in.

Keep checking our private trackers section for the latest BitTorrent news and open signups.


  1. Junior // 1/02/2010 12:48:00 AM  

    As a new years resolution please never mention these trackers again unless they have OPEN SIGNUPS


    Also delete any previous posts about them. They haven't opened their doors in over a year. Fuck em!

  2. Lunboks // 1/02/2010 01:01:00 AM  

    hurr durr @ previous comment

  3. zoomby // 1/02/2010 09:23:00 AM  

    +1 lol at 1st comment

  4. TEAM FILEnetworks // 1/02/2010 09:40:00 AM  

    Well i just saw that comment. Simple answer to Junior, can't do that mate - Open signups is not the only way you can get into a private tracker (not any more).

    And now that you mention it, All other trackers listed except HDBits have opened recruitment via IRC and we've posted when they did.

  5. dramacide // 1/02/2010 02:24:00 PM  

    I agree with Junior,Fuck em!!!
    By the way "recruitment via IRC"
    is not open sign up.Open sign up is you provide the sign up link on your site,I follow link.Sign up and become a member.IRC is Bull Sh*t.You wait for hours then get booted.

  6. Violated // 1/02/2010 06:34:00 PM  

    Tell that to hundreds of folks who got into trackers via IRC - they'll laugh at you.

  7. dramacide // 1/04/2010 02:38:00 PM  

    Tell that to Thousands of folks who did not into trackers via IRC - they'll laugh at you.Then Build You A Shit Monument,Set A Blaze.

  8. Violated // 1/04/2010 11:06:00 PM  

    K dude whateever. Just because some couldn't get in doesn't mean IRC recruitment should be banished from the face of the earth.

  9. ro // 4/17/2010 02:33:00 PM  

    CHECK OUT for private trackers with open registration!