After a series of posts about private torrent trackers, here’s a Direct Download Link (DDL) forum for a change. MaXXeD is one of the most popular online forums for all things Football. You can find and download full Football matches (both new and classics), match highlights, TV shows and other related videos (some in high definition formats). In addition to the hugely popular downloads section MaXxed is an excellent place to discuss about a number of Football related topics ranging from in game chat to Football TV guides. This forum is usually closed for registrations but it is open for new members right now, for a short period for a time.


Some of you might be hearing about MaXxeD for the first time but it seems to be a very popular DDL site amongst many Football fans. The site currently has over 22000 registered members who have posted over 1.2 million posts on 90000+ threads (in other words the place is buzzing with activity). MaXxeD has been around for a few years and is run by an experienced moderator and administrator team.

MaXxeD main forum index is broken into several categories; Talk (all football related chat), Downloads sections (sorted by month - this is where you’ll find DDL links), World Football League Chat and ‘The Sidelines’ (chat about other sports, etc). Downloads section seem to be the most popular section of all (no surprises there).

MaXxeD Index

As you can see in the screenshot above, MaXxeD’s download sections enables its members access to full Football matches, highlights & other Football related videos. The forum itself does not host any files – it merely links to files hosted on one click  hosters such as RapidShare, MultiUpload, MegaUpload, etc (and occasionally to .torrent files tracked by external trackers). Links are reliable and you can begin your downloads without fear of fakes or any other cr@p. Video files indexed on MaXxeD are encoded in popular file formats such as XViD, H.264, Windows Media Video (WMV) and RM (RealMedia). Videos usually have decent visual quality with most releases being PDTV rips or HD television rips (most include screen captures above download links).

MaXxeD is a closed community and new member signups are closed for the most part. The site however opens up at random times and the good news is that NOW is one of those open signup intervals. If you are a Football fan, go ahead and check out this great forum.

Site Name: MaxXeD (

Signup URL:

If by the time you read this the registrations have closed, check back later as the site has opened/closed by several times last December. It’ll be worth it.


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    Another footy site is [url][/url]


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