BitTorrent community has many specialized TV torrent trackers including veteran sites such as BitMeTV as well as promising new trackers such as ShareTheRemote. There are however not many ratio free TV trackers around - BzEe.TV is a site that aims to fill this gap. BzEe is a brand new ratioless tracker which indexes international Television series (mostly from United States) and tracks both individual weekly episodes as well as complete season packs. You may have not heard about this site before but it’s not an uber secret elite tracker that’s impossible to get into – BzEe.TV is currently open for signup and anyone is free to register an check it out (they have plans to close registrations once user limit hits 1000).


We wouldn’t categorize BzEe as the first ratio free TV tracker as there are several  other similar sites that are ‘close’ to being ratio free. for example is based on credits system (which still closely resembles a ratio system) and TVTorrentZ employs a unique system which combines seeding hours, adoption, etc. BzEe on the other hand does not enforce any minimum global ratio rules on its members – only requirements is to seed for at least 72 hours within the first 7 days since download completion. The actual amount of data you upload does not matter as long as the seeding time requirements are met – should be good news for those with low bandwidth internet connections.

BzEE.TV Index

However, keep in mind that  BzEe is a brand new tracker. The site  opened signups to the public just two days ago so don’t expect to find the same level of activity of BitMeTV on this tracker. Torrent index is also small but new releases seem to be added at a decent pace – as of 23/10/2009 there were over 500 active torrents. Both XViD releases as well as HD x264 encodes are available for download. Speaking of the UI, if you are used to somewhat modern tracker scripts such as Gazelle you might find BzEe’s layout (which is based on TorrentTrader) to be slightly dated. However it has all the basic functions usually found on  a private tracker so this shouldn’t be a serious problem.

Signups for BzEe are currently open. According to a post on their forums, registrations will close once the user limit reaches ~1000. If you are looking to be part of a new ratio free TV tracker, go ahead and check the site out.

Site Name: BzEe (

Signup URL:

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  1. trucker // 1/24/2010 07:03:00 PM  

    Wow, this tracker blows. Just like BTN. Absolutely not worth signing up.

    STR and the old TV trackers are the only worthwhile ones.

  2. RaZ0R // 1/25/2010 06:01:00 AM  

    the're coming 3rd 4th in tracers so not bad for a new site thats ratio less

  3. Greg // 1/25/2010 09:01:00 AM  

    Open signup seems to be closed now.

  4. RaZ0R // 1/25/2010 02:16:00 PM  

    according to their pm they are still accepting members through irc

    wow over 1100 users in less than 2 days

  5. Obviously // 1/25/2010 05:19:00 PM  

    What is their IRC?

  6. David // 1/30/2010 10:40:00 PM  

    Whoever said STR was good has got to be staff there lol. Not sure about the others mentioned...yet but STR is a piece of crap, pure and simple. Their staff are a bunch of 15 year olds who knows nothing about running a tracker nor how to act in a mature way on any tracker they're on. They were both warned countless times on PTP before they opened their shltty little site. Best of luck to Everyone should abandon STR before they get raided and your details are handed over by those pathetic little kids

  7. Anonymous // 2/12/2010 10:34:00 PM  

    BTN is actually a really great tracker. It's only been online for a few months but it's already a pretty great tracker with a strong IRC community.