Long standing members of private BitTorrent tracker RevolutionTT should be familiar with their infamous ‘IRC Idle Bonus’ competitions. They had one at the start of 2009 and this hugely popular competition has now returned, to celebrate the new year 2010. What’s so great about this is that unlike in most other competitions, there can be multiple winners. In fact, over 5000 members won free upload credit when last year’s Idle bonus ended. What you have to do in order to win is really simple – just idle on RevTT’s IRC channel (log into the channel and leave your IRC client running – that’s it). All members who are logged onto the channel when it hits the highest number of users will be rewarded with gigabytes of free upload.

RevolutionTT 2010

A post from RevTT’s forum is quoted below – this should pretty much explain how the competition works:

There's still time left to win some free gigs, its really easy. Don't forget if we can get 10,000 members in #RevolutionTT IRC channel and set the highest peak, everyone included in setting the record will win a 50GB upload credit!!!

If the highest peak is between 2000 and 3999 users then everyone will be awarded 10GB
4000 - 5999 is 20GB
6000 - 7999 is 30GB
8000 -9999 is 40GB
10000 or more and its 50GB.

Join us in IRC, stay connected until 23:59 3rd of Jan 2010 GMT. Its best to install an IRC client like mIRC or XChat to avoid disconnects however for those not familiar with the world of IRC you can use the sites java chat HERE. Once in there are lots of helpers and staff willing to take you through the install of an IRC client.

For all IRC clients:
Server address is: /server irc.revolutiontt.net.
Paste your invite code into the server window: /msg RevoTT !invite USERNAME

A detailed How-to guide can be found: HERE.
Further Information on Prizes and FAQ can be found: HERE.

Last years bonus saw 5378 users in irc and every user earned 30GB free upload credit and proved to be just the start the new members needed

This year we are at 4077 so only need another 1302 to set a new record! Come on guys and gals, join irc and idle for free gigs is there a better way for the new members to start and for our older member is easy upload credit to help you out.

This should indeed be welcome news to the thousands of new members who joined the tracker recently when RevTT opened signups for several days in celebration of Christmas. 50GB is a lot of credit and it’ll definitely help boost your global ratio on the tracker (which is important as RevTT is a site that enforces minimum ratio requirements).

If the above instructions for joining the IRC channel are not clear, check out this thread on RevTT forums (you need to login) – it’s a very detailed, step by step guide that even has screenshots. OR if you already have an IRC client installed, you can easily login to RevTT IRC by following the three step process below:

  1. Join RevolutionTT IRC Server using this direct link: irc://irc.revolutiontt.net
  2. Once connected to the server, type the following in the console and press enter:
    /msg RevoTT !invite YOURUSERNAME
    Ex- If your username on tracker is ‘ass’, you should type:
    /msg RevoTT !invite ass
  3. You will be invited into the channel – if your client is configured to auto join channels on invite, #RevolutionTT channel will immediately open. If not, double click on the invitation to join.

This competition was first announced on the 20th of December 2009. It is set to end on 23:59 3rd of Jan 2010. Times are in GMT and there are just about 30 hours to go (at time of this post which is 18:31, 2 January 2010 GMT ) and it’s almost a certainty that the new channel peak will be reached sometime between now and 23:59, 3 January 2010. So log into IRC and make sure to be there when it happens – you won’t regret it.

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  1. Andy // 1/03/2010 01:03:00 AM  

    Already there, but everyone else should come in and help out those who are new to the site, and yourselves if you do not have that great of a ratio. :)

  2. Lunboks // 1/03/2010 01:14:00 AM  

    They've been making Caak-based puns for the last hour or so

  3. danielash // 1/03/2010 01:54:00 AM  

    And the last channel user peak was 4258, so there is still a lot of room for improvement, even if this number is already great!

  4. jo // 1/03/2010 02:35:00 AM  

    thanks filenetworks blog for posting this i know this is great help keep up the good work

  5. Dan // 1/03/2010 08:23:00 AM  

    Their IRC was having big trouble last year w/ ~5000 ppl, I don't see how 10,000+ would be possible unless they have done some upgrades. Still gonna try though =)

  6. Mard_3_Momin // 1/03/2010 06:21:00 PM  

    i remained on irc last night, let my laptop connected on irc for the night and slept as i had to go to office the next day....

    when i woke up the next mornig, the account was disabled...I went to their irc channel, but they said that i was disabled sue to a dupe account as my ip is used by another account...I tried to say that my isp uses a dynamic ip scheme, but they are not at all trying to understand, rather simply kicked me out of the channel..

    @ Lightening, can you please guide me, what to do?? I got this account after a very long time. now its gone, i have not created any dupe account,my ratio was good and I dont know where to go as they are not listening at all???

  7. anonymous // 1/03/2010 06:43:00 PM  

    @ Mard_3_Momin

    I am having the same issue, my account got disabled and they think its dupe. however, i didn't have any problem with any other tracker. my isp has some sort of dynamic ip scheme too.

    bad admins are bad.

  8. Mard_3_Momin // 1/03/2010 07:08:00 PM  

    @ anonymous

    I won't say that the admins are bad there

    I think they should maintain that strictness keeping in mind that RevoTT is one of the best trackers out there right now
    But I beleive that the admins should atleast give enough space / time to let us say what we have to....after all If I am not guilty and the issue is something else, they should put me on wait and investigate properly...

    But it gets the living shit out of me when i know that I am innocent, I am trying to plead them for just letting them know that please let me try to explain myself and they simply kick me out of the channel...

    @ Lightning

    I got this account from the update at FNB and last night I lose it just because of joining there IRC channel and I don't know what happened in between

  9. seed // 1/03/2010 07:10:00 PM  

    yup my acct was disabled too...but i went into the help channel in their irc channel and the staff there was ready to listen...i was disabled coz of the dynamic ip problem...
    so i advice u to go to the help channel rather than the main channel..
    good luck

  10. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 1/03/2010 07:23:00 PM  

    I'm sorry about the issue you are facing. However please understand that there is not a lot we can do about it - FNB is external to RevTT and we cannot decide or influence their staff on who gets disabled etc.

    I don't think there's any connection with logging into IRC and the account getting disabled. But i know for a fact that RevTT does not ban dynamic IPs. As seed said above, your best bet is to join their support IRC channel and explain the situation. Feel free to link to posts here and say you used the signup key from FNB - that key is approved by RevTT staff and was generated by them.

    good luck

  11. Mard_3_Momin // 1/03/2010 07:49:00 PM  

    @ Lightning

    They just kick me out or disable me without saying anything...

    I don't know what to do now....any wayz... thanks for tyring to help...

  12. Mard_3_Momin // 1/03/2010 11:11:00 PM  

    @ hey lightning

    I got the account back ... finally some Mod allow me to xplain, listened, verify and ultimately my account is re imstated...

    I agree that being on RevoTT or any private tracker is a privilige, not a right... but atleast even in case of severe percussions, staffers should give the guilty time enough to make his/her point clear...

    any how, all is well that ends well... Thanks filenetworks for letting me into this very good tracker

  13. arpit // 1/04/2010 05:43:00 AM  

    fuck yeah i got 20 gigs and u all noobs mods aof revtt are just grt and ultra friendly !

  14. Michael // 1/04/2010 01:13:00 PM  

    The Young & The Caakless