While everyone was chasing after BitMeTV and TVTorrents.Com, ShareTheRemote (STR) grew. This great new TV tracker backed by the crew behind Pass The Popcorn has recorded an impressive growth during its first month since launch. With thousands of new members recruited and hundreds of TV shows indexed, this new entrant to the BitTorrent community is indeed showing some real promise. Thankfully, STR’s admins have not become obsessed with recruiting new members and expanding their torrent index – they seem to be focused on making technical improvements to the tracker as well; In a new reload of the site, tongs of bugs have been fixed and several new features have been rolled out. If you missed out on this site when we first posted about it a month ago, here’s a another chance to get in – signups at STR are now open and user limit has been raised.

Share The Remote

Last time we featured STR on this blog, it tracked 450 torrents and had around 1300 users. Flash forward a month later and you’ll see that these statistics have exploded. As of 11/1/2010 STR tracks over 3500 torrents (880+ TV shows) and has a strong user base of 5000+ registered members. There are already 350+ completed requests (55%+ fill ratio) which is an indication that STR’s community is shaping up nicely as well. With the re-opened registrations, one can only expect these stats to improve further.

As we mentioned in our previous article, ShareTheRemote tracks both regular and HD TV torrents (including XViD, x264 encodes as well as untouched DVD releases). You can find here individual episodes as well as full season packs of popular television shows aired in the US. Note that STR does not allow uploading of complete series torrents (multiple seasons packed into a single torrent) – such releases are required to be broken into several full season packs and uploaded. You might think this is unnecessary but on a site like STR that’s powered by the Gazelle codebase’s organization features, it works well.

STR Torrents

STR rolled out many new features and bugfixes just hours before this article was written. Following text (quoted from news posts on site) should shed more light into the new updates:

Ratio/Joined/Upload/Download now show on forum posts.
"Request a Reseed" - This button will now show on torrents with no seeders and will notify the uploader.
Comments can now be made on requests.
Torrents will now show if they've been reported, and the reports will show. This should cut down on duplicate reports.
Torrent comments can now be viewed, as well as comments made on your torrents. comments.php
The view avatars option has been reinstated and is functional.
Checking 'Force SSL' in your profile will now automatically log you into SSL and will convert all links you click to SSL.
Ratings on shows work.
The cache-related problems on comments and forum posts have been fixed.

On the technical side, quite a lot has changed. The most notable change is that the database has been substantially restructured to make it much more TV-centric. To go with these database changes, the upload page has been completely revamped. Resolutions have been vastly simplified, episode names have been added, and a "scene auto-populate" feature has been added, which will automatically populate information into the upload page when you upload a torrent taken from a scene site. Additionally, we've compiled an official taglist. We've also added a "Chat" tab, which creates a relay to the "#SharetheRemote" and "#Help" IRC channels without having to run an IRC client. This chat is unique in the fact that it does not actually establish a connection to the IRC server and will parse bold and underline BBCode.

And probably the best news for those who still haven’t joined ShareTheRemote – signups have been re-opened. A notice on STR reads:

Open registration is now in effect. We have yet again opened our doors. Although open registrations are subject to close at any time, we will not allow our numbers to exceed 10,000 within this period. After open registrations close, we will be giving one invite to every user, and will most likely raise the user cap to 12,000. We understand that this may concern some users, but we believe it is in the best interest of the site and its economy.

Currently there are around 5k registered users but since signups could close any time – we suggest you create an account without wasting any more time. If you like TV shows, chances are that you’ll like STR.

Site Name: ShareTheRemote (http://sharetheremote.org)

Signup URL: http://sharetheremote.org/register.php

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  1. jesse // 1/11/2010 04:43:00 AM  

    i'm already a member. has the ingredients of a good tracker. joinup if your not a member

  2. Anonymous // 1/11/2010 04:06:00 PM  

    I have to concur. I signed up last time tehy opened invitations and have been really impressed.

  3. Allwyn // 1/11/2010 06:50:00 PM  


    see full review here

  4. That Little Voice Inside Me // 1/11/2010 07:22:00 PM  

    I joined last time it was open as well and can't say enough good things about this tracker. It definitely shows promise ;)

  5. Violated // 1/11/2010 07:35:00 PM  

    By posting those links you are only losing reputation for your forum. It looks almost like a robot wrote your review- a bunch of screenshots and some text at the bottom which is all copied from this blog post on filenetworks. lol. fail.

    and yeah have to agree STR has become one hell of a tracker. Joined last time and it's been great so far.