After 850+ posts dedicated to private torrent trackers, on would imagine we have covered most of the torrent sites out there. However, this is far from the truth; new sites are launched every day and we stumble across large, lesser known torrent trackers ever so often. Vibes.CC is another private tracker that has a relatively large user base and a rich torrent index filled with lots of releases. It’s a General/0Day torrent site with movies, music, games, TV shows, application and over 500 torrent packs. Anyways it’s not everyday we review a torrent site from Greece; Vibes seems to have Greek origins but most of the indexed releases are English.


By private tracker standards, Vibes is pretty big. There are over 15000 registered members and nearly 20000 indexed torrents. I haven’t been a member of this site for that long but it looks like a community oriented tracker. The PM you get immediately after you join the site gives a little clue ‘We are a community based Tracker, and we hope that you will get involved in our forums, not just the torrents’.

As mentioned earlier Vibes is a general tracker that indexes a lot of torrents spanning across a number of different categories. This includes scene releases as well as P2P uploads. There are some torrents that are local to Greece and (and some with optional Greek subtitles) but most of the stuff here is English. Vibes has a lot more categories than the usual 0Day trackers (39 to be exact) and it’s easy to avoid Greek releases if you are an English speaking user. Before we forget to mention, there are a lot of torrent packs here – TV-Packs and Movie-Packs categories alone index more than 500 torrent collections.

Vibes Packs

Vibes runs on a TBDEV tracker script and has the standard set of features found on most other similar sites. A seed bonus system is present to reward those who keep the torrents seeding (and thus, alive).

Signups for Vibes are currently open. Site’s user limit is set to 16000 which leaves around 700 free slots at time of this post – if you are interested, go check it out.

Site Name: Vibes (

Signup URL:


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