Although there’ve been a lot of BitTorrent trackers popping up in the past couple of years, specialized mobile content trackers have always been a rarity. Out of the few such such that exist, Pimp Your Mobile (PyM) is one of the oldest trackers catering this niche. We first mentioned about PyM back in 2008 and the site has come a long way since then.They now have a better interface, have gone ratio free and more importantly, have better content. You can download applications, games, themes, ringtones, mobile optimized media and other stuff for your Symbian, Nokia S40, Java, Windows Mobile or Android powered mobile device or even for the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry devices and PDAs.

Pimp Your Mobile

Over the past few years, PyM has gradually improved both its user base and torrent index. The site tracks over 3200 torrents (as of 20/1/2010) and has a user base of 2300+ registered members. Visually, this tracker has improved a lot since our last mention of PyM here – It’s nothing too fancy and runs on a TS special edition script but the layout is better organized, cleaner and has less clutter.

As for the content it’s all about downloads for various mobile platforms that exist. From cracked applications to latest movies in mobile compatible formats, you’ll find them all here. For example, PyM tracks a lot of re-encoded movies in .3GP format. This is useful for Nokia phone owners who have RealPlayer installed as their default media player. Most versions of RealPlayer do not come with XViD/DivX support; if you are to play XViD files on your phone, conversion to compatible format is always needed beforehand (which can sometimes take up a lot of time). 3GP or .Mp4 files are mobile friendly and will play on most modern devices just fine. It’s not only movies you’ll find on PyM – there are lots of applications, games, themes and other goodies than can be used to jazz up your mobile.  Most of the torrents seem to be P2P uploads. There are a lot of packs indexed as well:

Pimp Your Mobile Packs

As we mentioned in the first paragraph this is a ratio free tracker. It’s probably the first specialized mobile tracker to go no-ratio. A notice visible on the top toolbar says:

PimpYourMobile has no ratio! Grab what you like and seed for 72 hours!

There is also a bonus system present on site, through which you can exchange bonus points (mostly obtained by seeding) for invites and upload credit.

Although Pimp Your Mobile is a private tracker, it’s signups are currently open – that is, you do not need an invitation code to register on this site. If you are interested in mobile content, go ahead and check it out:

Site Name: PimpYourMobile (

Signup URL:


  1. Alan // 1/20/2010 07:22:00 AM  

    Good tracker! thamks!

  2. cheapRS2gold // 1/20/2010 03:50:00 PM  
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  3. João Lemos // 1/20/2010 04:16:00 PM  

    seems to be a good tracker, but too few torrents for windows mobile. Can anyone tell me a very good tracker to wm content?

  4. Giwrgos // 1/20/2010 06:33:00 PM  

    @lemos: why dont you try hxxp:// you might find it usefull!

  5. Deb // 3/30/2010 04:04:00 AM  

    The site's not working!!