China certainly hides a lot of HD torrent trackers. We’ve already featured on this blog quite a few well known Chinese trackers (with English content of course) such as HDStar, CHDBits, CCFBits and HDRoad. HDCity is yet another private torrent site which has its roots in the very same country. And guess what? HDCity too is a specialized high definition movie and TV tracker. Like most BitTorrent trackers originating from China, it has a Chinese interface. However, beneath the Chinese interface and in it’s torrent index lies a lot of English and international scene/P2P releases all in high definition video formats.


If you are a member of HDStar, you’ll notice that HDCity looks strikingly similar to this tracker. However HDCity seems to a completely different site and is much more than a clone or a carbon copy of HDS. With 8000+ registered members and over 1100 active torrents, it is a medium sized HD torrent tracker.

HDCity indexes movies, TV shows, documentaries and sports videos as well as some lossless music packs. Obviously, all video files are in HD formats (Blu Ray 720p/1080p in x264 container). HDC indexes releases by scene and p2p groups as well as unique packs from other HD trackers such as SceneHD (see screenshot below). Indexing other site’s content is generally considered an unethical practice by most tracker admins – however the users sure wouldn’t mind as they get access to additional torrents.

HDCity Index

Like most other Chinese BitTorrent trackers out there, HDCity has a Chinese only interface. This is probably the single most reason why this tracker is not popular among English speaking user base. However you can figure out most of the tracker functions using Google Translate or by looking at the browser status bar when you hover mouse pointer over a link (don’t miss out on site features -there’s even a seed bonus system here). HDS’s content makes up for its interface – most of the indexed torrents are English.

HDCity is currently open for signup. It is actually one of the few HD trackers from China that are open for registration (at time of this post). If you want, you can create an account and check the site out for yourself.

Site Name: HDCity (

Signup URL:

Translated Version of Signup URL:


  1. Jimmy // 1/08/2010 07:04:00 AM  

    When you're signing up, there is an option in the upper right to change the sites language. If you missed that, you can change it in your preferences.

  2. TEAM FILEnetworks // 1/08/2010 07:39:00 AM  

    Thanks for that info.

  3. david // 1/09/2010 01:28:00 AM  

    the site is cool with 0day HDres. do not miss it.

  4. NkFyOwner // 1/09/2010 04:14:00 PM bittorent forum its on free signup for 2 days