Good news for HD fans and a welcome addition to our HD trackers section – HDStar (HDS) is open for signup. For those who don’t know what this site is all about, HDStar is a Chinese private torrent tracker specializing in movies, documentaries and TV series encoded in high definition formats. It’s right up there in the list of top HD trackers based in China along with CCFBits, CHDBits and HDChina. With a lot of English content indexed, HDS is one of the Chinese trackers that is friendly to international, English speaking users. Both scene and non scene releases are indexed on this site, including releases from their own internal encoder team.

HDStar logo

With over 9400 users and over 6500 torrents, HDStar is by no means a small tracker. It’s a mature private tracker with an active user base and excellent download speeds on most of the torrents. When compared to other China based trackers such as HDChina and CCFBits, HDStar has a much cleaner interface which is more user friendly to international users. Site language is changeable and thankfully there is an English option available as well.

As mentioned above HDStar trackers movies, TV shows and documentaries in HD formats (obtained from Blu-ray, HD DVD, MiniBD, HDTV, DVDR sources and encoded using H.264, VC-1, Xvid, MPEG-2, DTS, AC-3 audio/video codecs). In addition to scene and p2p releases, HDStar has quite a few exclusive torrents released by their own internal encoder team ‘HDS’. Given below is an screenshot of part of this site’s torrent index:

HDStar releases 

As you can see the torrent index has color coded torrents – a different background color means the torrent is either free leech, 2x up, 2x up and free, 50% download recorded, 2x up + 50% download recorded, etc. Information on which colors mean which benefits can be found at the bottom of Browse.php page.

Also note that most torrents have Chinese characters in their name. We’ll give you the same advice we gave when we posted the review for CCFBits – don’t be fooled by this. Just because a torrent has Chinese characters doesn’t mean it’s dubbed in Chinese. In fact most of the releases on HDS have English audio – sometimes you’ll be able to know this for sure as ‘Spoken language’ is mentioned in the torrent description page of most releases.

For those interested in joining, HDStar is currently open for signup. We do not know till when the signups will remain open so get in when you can.

Site Name: HDStar (

Signup URL:

Special thanks to Jeffrey for the heads up.

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    HDstar is invite only now. Can u or som1 send me an invite to

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    I too would love an invite if anyone's willing to give it up. My e-mail is

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    HDstar is invite only now. Can u or someone send me an invite to

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    Can anybody give me a invite code.

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