More news from the private tracker scene, this time relating to four sites – Sparvar, MMA-Tracker, iTN and TTi. Rather than posting four different articles, we thought it best to quickly update our readers through a single post. First, the best news of them all; MMA-Tracker, one of the best sites around for mixed martial arts, is open for signup. Meanwhile Sparvar, the full DVD tracker, has updated their online invite application form – it now allows profile proof from several additional sites. In other news ‘The Internationals’ (TTi), has clamped down on invite trading. We have some bad news as well - InspireThe.Net, a ratio free general tracker, has shut down for good. For a detailed description on the news stories, continue reading.

Sparvar invite application updated
First update is about Sparvar, one of the most successful full DVD/Blu-Ray trackers to hit the BitTorrent scene in recent times. As you may already know, Sparvar recruits members through an invite application – you are required to give profile links from other trackers to prove that you are a good member. Good news is that Sparvar’s ‘accepted’ tracker list has been expanded. You can now link to profile pages on SCC, SCL and SceneSound, in addition to TL, SceneHD, TTi, ,PirateTorrents, SweTV, SweDVDr, SweBits, What.CD, Waffles.FM, ScT,, Asian Dvd Club & The DVD Club.
Site Name: Sparvar (
Invite Application URL:
Review: You can read our recent Sparvar review from this link (includes screenshots, translated version of invite app and instructions).

TTi says NO to invite trading
Joining the growing list of trackers that prohibit invite trading, TTi has banned this practice with immediate effect. A news post on the site reads:

Invite trading - no longer allowed!
We'd like to bring to your attention that we no longer allow trading of TTi invites or any other invites.
Your invites are something personal that should be shared for free (of course) with friends you trust!
We are also about to remove any threads concerning invite trading in the forums, and we ask you NOT to create new ones.
Invite giveaways are still accepted though

TTi became a legal music only tracker following TPB’s defeat in court. However scene releases returned to the site and normal operations resumed just after a few weeks.

MMA tracker open for signup

It’s great news for fans of Mixed Martial Arts – in a rare feat, MMA-Tracker has opened public signups. TV shows, event videos, documentaries, promotional content, E-Books, instructional, etc related to mixed martial arts, boxing, kickboxing, fitness and other similar sports are plentiful on this tracker. MMA tracker rules prohibit posting of full tracker URL on public forums. As always, we respect site rules so please do not ask for or post URL here. Visit their homepage and click on (Temporary )Sign Up NOW! link to proceed.

InspireThe.Net shuts down

Users of the ratio free general tracker iTN were startled today to see ‘405 Site Closed’ message displayed on tracker home page. This message was accompanied by a brief text in Polish language. With help of Google Translate, it could be assumed that iTN shut down due to bad financial situation and conflicts between high rankings members (I couldn’t connect to their IRC and if I do I’ll post more information). Anyway it’s too bad, I really liked their bonus system. You can read more about iTN and see how it looked in the past via our recent review of the site. – Thanks zoomby for the early update.


  1. LoKi // 8/25/2009 10:13:00 PM  

    R.I.P. iTN :(

    I only managed to sign up about a month ago and now its gone, great shame!