I think probably everyone reading this article might have used SpeedTest.Net, an online service which lets you test the speed of your internet connection. Here is a desktop application that is somewhat similar to SpeedTest- DownTester lets you test the download speed between your computer and any other location you specify, including FTP servers. Once you are done testing your internet connection against multiple external servers, results can easily be exported to a text/HTML file. DownTester is lightweight, free and is compatible even with Windows 7. Best part about it is that the app is portable – there is no need to install.

DownTester Image

Note that unlike SpeedTest, DownTester does not provide a list of servers to measure download speed – you have to specify them manually. The following is quoted from app homepage:

DownTester doesn't provide an official list of URLs for the speed test. If DownTester provide a URL list, all users of DownTester will use the same servers, and will eventually overload them.

Here's some instructions about how to choose your download URLs for your speed tests:

  1. First, go to the Web site of your internet service provider, and try to locate the download URL provided for speed test, and if you find it, add this download URL into the list. Many ISP companies provide a download URL for speed test.
  2. Go to the Web sites of large companies and locate some files to download. It's recommended to find files larger than 5 MB in order to insure that the speed result will be accurate. Some Web sites also provide mirrors across many countries, so you can use it to easily add download URLs of other countries.

Actually, there is much more to this application than it meets to the eye. DownTester can be an invaluable asset if you are trying to troubleshoot connection problems – to know more about the advanced uses of this app, I suggest you visit its homepage located here.


[Click Here] to download latest version of DownTester (Direct Download)