A few months ago, BitTorrent community saw the birth of a new HD torrent tracker – HDME (Open). Despite a rather non-hyped launch, HDME quickly became one of the more popular HD trackers amassing over 8500 registered members in a short period of time. It’s only been 5 months since these guys have come online and they’ve been expanding ever since launch. However this article is not about HDME – it’s about the latest addition to this tracker family, RTN. RaceThe.Net, is a brand new General/0Day torrent tracker that tracks movies, music, games, E-books and other scene/p2p releases (not just HD content). RTN is the second HDME spinoff, the first one being Velvet Touch which launched last June.

RaceThe.Net RTN Logo

It’s not everyday we review a torrent tracker that is only one day old. However RTN is brand new and was launched to the public yesterday (3rd). The site currently tracks over 50 torrents and has 320+ registered members. These stats are great considering the fact that there hasn’t been much publicity given to RTN’s launch as of yet.

A point worth mentioning is that RTN carries the exact same layout as HDME sans minor changes. One of the good things about this is that RTN retains the cool looking torrent index with the big category icons that I'm sure was one of the reasons for HDME’s popularity. A screenshot is shown below:

RaceThe.Net Packs

In addition to scene/p2p releases, RTN shows signs of interest in torrent packs – there is a separate category for those and already several packs have been uploaded on the first day itself.

If you want to become a member of RTN, signups are currently open. All new members will get 5GB free upload credit upon registration.

Site Name: RaceThe.Net (http://racethe.net)

Signup URL: http://racethe.net/signup.php

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