The maximum file size restrictions on most one lick hosting sites such as RapidShare and MegaUpload tend to turn off most non-premium (aka free) users of these services. If you are an uploader who’s disgruntled by such limitations, here is a good alternative. (that’s ‘Save As’ in l33t speak :) ) is a new one click hosting service that offers unlimited storage, even for free users. Additionally, the service does not impose a max file size cap for individual files – if you want to upload a 25GB Blu Ray movie, you can do that without having to break it down to 250 different smaller pieces (like it’s usually done). It might seem too good to be true but S4VE does have one significant limitation – download links expire after 24 hours.

S4VE Screenshot

As you can see from the above screenshot, automatically generates a shortened version of the download link using the popular URL shortened service (by the way I just found out that links are case sensitive).

The 24 hour limit can be a pain sometimes but I still find it better than what most other One Click Hosters currently offer for free users. seems to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host files and uploading/downloading is generally pretty fast. And yes, even download managers are supported. You don’t even have to register to use S4VE.AS. Best thing about this service (as I find it) is that you don’ get spammed with ‘premium subscription’ offers whenever you try to upload/download files.

[Click Here] to visit S4VE.AS homepage


  1. Anders // 8/29/2009 10:37:00 PM  
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  2. Anders // 8/29/2009 10:37:00 PM  

    thanks for the info

  3. Adz // 8/29/2009 11:10:00 PM  

    What if the 24th hour passes and the download hasn't been completed? Does it continue or get cut off?

  4. iamzeroth // 8/29/2009 11:14:00 PM  

    Yahoo messanger Direct download link

  5. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 8/29/2009 11:46:00 PM  

    That's an interesting question. I'm not quite sure what'll happen since it hasnt even been 24 hrs since i started using the service :).
    Something i noticed is that the 24 hour limit starts only from the moment you END the upload ( uploading time is not included in 24 hours). If anything like that logic is applied to downloads, i don't think it'll get cut off even if the links expire - only new downloads will be unavailable. Not sure though.


  6. Allam // 8/30/2009 03:52:00 PM  

    adz be smart next time and read the FaQ
    # What happens after 24 hours?
    # After 24 hours the link expires and the file is deleted. Please note: Files cannot be recovered after the link has expired.
    # What if I need my link to be active for more than 24 hours?
    # is considering options to allow users to extend the life of links and files. Stay tuned!

  7. TEAM FILEnetworks // 8/30/2009 05:55:00 PM  

    He's asking what happens if the link expires while a download is in progress.

  8. smadi // 8/30/2009 06:12:00 PM  

    it's now working it's just finished upload but no link appear !!!
    help please..thanx