Scene MP3 release rules 2.0 (2009)

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Scene rules probably don’t mean anything to the average pirate but thought of posting this since we’ve been updating on scene standards for quite some time now. Official rules governing scene MP3 releases for 2009 have changed from the initial version devised sometime back. The revised set of standards carrying release name Official_MP3_Release_Rules_2.0-2009-MP3COUNCIL was published today. Folks downloading from private trackers such as VIPmusic and SceneSound (which specializes in scene MP3 music) will immediately get to download releases based on the new ruleset, after it comes into effect on 1/09/2009.

Following are some of the main changes introduced in V2.0 – this list is quoted from the release NFO:

  • homemade releases forbidden
  • lame 3.90.3 removed
  • retail after free allowed
  • new source FLASH
  • pre-nuking for possible fakes allowed
  • ID3 v2 enforced
  • EXTRAS- tag for CD-extras

For a detailed description of changes, you can check whatsnew.txt file included in the archive.


[Click Here] to download the entire archive which includes whatsnew.txt, the complete rule set as well as old versions of rules (MegaShare Link)


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    Thanks again.

    Funny to see their rules - scene is ALWAYS behind p2p in some regards. E.g. they have no idea about the DVD-A format (not many people do but they do at Pedro's etc)...they don't even know how best to rip that format or know the codecs it contains.