Finally some refreshing news for the many agitated readers who placed comments in our recent BiTT article and for those who sent us mails asking what happened to BiTT (aka BitTorrents.Ro). From now onwards, this tracker will be known as LastTorrents and will be accessible from the domain There is no need to panic – the migration does not involve any data loss. You’ll be able to use your old accounts (with stats, user class promotions, etc in tact) on the new site just fine. Same goes for the huge torrent index (including those free leech packs) BiTT used to have – they’ve all been moved to the new home.


In fact, site theme and domain seems to be the only major difference between old BiTT and new LastTorrents has a similar layout to that of BiTT ,but with a more polished, modern look to it. The domain of course is brand new. However, some users might have trouble finding the new location as does not seem to automatically redirect traffic to new site. The migration of course happened about 10 days ago but we’ve been keeping quite since the site seemed to be suffering from same international peering issues that plagued BiTT. The problems however seem to be sorted, at least for now.

And if you’ve been a member of BiTT, you might remember their ‘tough wait times’ policy - Until you get promoted to Power User (25GB upload with a ratio of 1.05+) you cannot download anything in the “Last 10 Days’ tab on the browse page. This rather unpopular rule (specially among new members) too has made its way into the new site.

LastTorrents Screenshot 

However with their huge torrent index comprising of nearly 25000 active torrents, LastTorrents is likely to be as popular as BiTT used to be. Already, majority of BiTT’s user base seem to have migrated to the new site, judging by seeder/leecher stats on new torrents. If the free leech torrents (close to 2k of them) and good download speeds didn’t make you join this tracker, have a look at some of the great packs LastTorrents has - there are loads of these, some taken from other private trackers such as TL:

LastTorrents Packs

If you were never a member of BiTT but want to access LastTorrents, there is no need to worry. This tracker has been open to registration since day one. You can easily create a new account through their signup page.

Site Name: Last Torrents (

Signup URL:

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  1. MRINMOY // 8/18/2009 07:34:00 AM  

    Thank You Very Much

  2. Abhi // 8/18/2009 08:29:00 PM  

    thanks a ton..
    this is the best news for me in the entire year..
    i was really sad when i thought BitT was gone..
    but its safe :-)
    btw the new polished interface is great..

  3. Turbo // 8/19/2009 01:57:00 AM  

    Very nice tracker - I like the layout and design. I was never a member of BiTT previous. I will say that the stability of the site has been somewhat off today, maybe perhaps due to an influx in traffic, just a note.

  4. Sebastian // 12/23/2009 03:39:00 PM  

    lasttorrents is down ?