Swebits back online

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Yet another private tracker that shut down after the Pirate Bay ruling in Sweden has come back online, kicking the Swedish anti piracy agency in the nuts once more. Swebits, a highly popular Swedish BitTorrent site which closed its tracker operations back in April 2009, has now returned in grand style. Good news is that Swebit’s  user database and the huge torrent index do not appear to be harmed by the prolonged downtime. At the time it shut down operations, Swebits tracked close to 20000 torrents and had a user base in excess of 50000 members, making it one of the largest private trackers to be hosted in Sweden.


For those who were not members of this site, Swebits is a General/0Day tracker with both English and Swedish releases. It was/is popular among many Swedes for the large collection of Sweden based movies and TV series it tracked. There was lot of English content online as well and Swebits was not short of English speaking users as well. It must be noted that this is a very old private tracker that has been around for nearly 5 years.

Note that public signups are currently closed. However if you were a registered member back when the site was shut down, chances are high that your user account is still working.

Site Name: Swebits (http://swebits.org/)

Thanks to ‘mr disneey’ for the heads up.


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