Majority of the music torrent trackers recently featured here on FILEnetworks Blog specialized in relatively new music releases from scene and P2P groups. However if you are looking for non mainstream, obscure music releases that are not readily available on most music trackers, check out Shellife. Mini description on Shellife’s signup page gives a pretty good explanation of what this site is all about: “Shellife is dedicated for non mainstream music. Have a common sense what music fit! No mainstream. No MTV. No radio heroes. No hypes. No Radiohead fans. No shit”.

Shellife Logo

If the description above was not enough, a list of most popular music genres available on the site are displayed on the signup page itself. Percentage of releases (torrents) indexed under each category is also displayed. Statistics at time of this post are quoted below: (Note that this is not a complete list of music genres available on Shellife. These are the top 12 categories with most number of torrents).

  • Indie Pop 17.6%
  • Indie Rock 15.7%
  • Ambient 11.7%
  • Shoegaze 10.5%
  • Experimental 9.5%
  • Twee Pop 8.3%
  • Post-Rock 7.9%
  • Psychedelic Rock 7.1%
  • Downtempo 5.1%
  • IDM 5.1%
  • Dreampop 4.8%
  • Alt. Rock 3.9%

In the Browse page, torrents are categorized under 12 main music genres; Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Pop, Rock, Punk, Metal, Electronic, Industrial, Classical, Jazz, Folk and Misc. Each of these are then divided into a number of different sub-genres. A total of 10500+ torrents spanning across all music genres are indexed and tracked by Shellife (stats as of 5/08/09). Following screenshot captures part of the torrent index:

Shellife Music Torrents

In addition to the usual set of music albums, Shellife indexes Discographies, Packs, Videos and Fanzines all of which are easily accessible from the top right hand corner of the browse page. Note that you’ll only find music in MP3 and FLAC formats on Shellife.

As mentioned in the title of this article, this tracker is now open for signup. Since open registrations could close at any time, get in when you can.

Site Name: Shellife (

Signup URL:

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  1. Oriøn // 8/05/2009 01:59:00 AM  

    Hell, so far this seems like a good tracker with a really nice music selection. By the way, if you ever find a tracker with a similar approach but oriented to metal I'll be really, really, really pleased to hear about it.

  2. zoomby // 8/05/2009 08:23:00 AM  

    Orion u could try EOTW

    EOTW is a rock/metal music forum based tracker with around 1900 members. It indexes around 17000 torrents (flac to mp3)

    Maybe FN give u more options

  3. Dan // 8/08/2009 11:28:00 PM  

    Looks like a good site, too bad I missed the sign up tho. Maybe next time

  4. Paul // 11/10/2009 03:48:00 AM  

    @orlen: try