I’m not a huge fan of Hindi movies (Ok I'm not a fan of them at all – I hate them). However judging by the number of E-Mail queries we get about Bollywood movie torrents, it’s a fact that Indian movies are very popular across the world. What most folks do not know is that there are many private torrent trackers dedicated specially for ‘Desi’ stuff. You can not only download movies but also TV shows, music and other media too from these sites – free of charge and at fairly good download speeds as well. This article summarizes info about 5 such private BitTorrent sites that specialize in Indian/Pakistani content.

These trackers index a wide range of releases of various quality including Pre-DVD, DVDRip and even HD content. Most of these are being uploaded by ‘Desi’ P2P groups and not to mention a handful of scene groups. Note that when in comes to movies, English subtitles are included in the release most of the time.

iDesiR (Independent Desi Releasers)
Site Name: iDesiR (http://www.idesir.com/)
Signup URL: http://www.idesir.com/forums/register.php
Stats: ~43000 (18k active) members and 7100+ torrents
Description: iDesir is a forum based private tracker for Indian movies, music and a wide range of television series. Has a mobile section as well as general chat section on the forums.
Full review: [Click Here] – This review is pretty old – dated 09/2008

Site Name: DesiBBrG (http://desibbrg.com)
Signup URL: http://desibbrg.com/forums/register.php
Stats: 152000+ users and 3100+ torrents
Description: A huge Indian tracker which has both torrents and RapidShare links for Indian movies, music, TV and even Wrestling content, E-books and mobile apps. Needless to say it’s a popular, high traffic site.

ICTorrent (ICT)
Site Name: ICTorrent (http://www.ictorrent.com)
Signup URL: http://www.ictorrent.com/forums/register.php
Stats: 14800+ members and ~500 torrents
Description: ICTorrent is a relatively new Desi tracker that has it’s own internal release group (IcTv). Has pretty much everything; movies, music ,TV , soundtracks, stageshows,etc not only in Hindi but in other languages as well. , Looks very promising.
Full review: [Click Here]

The Media Site
Site Name: TheMediaSiTE (http://themediasite.net)
Signup URL: http://themediasite.net/forums/register.php?
Stats: 51900+ members and 630+ active torrents
Description: A forum based site which has the usual stuff – Movies, Music, TV and other downloads plus discussion threads.

IMTorrents (IMT)
Site Name: IMTorrents (http://www.imtorrents.com/)
Signup URL: http://www.imtorrents.com/register.php
Stats: ~5700 members
Description: Another forum based tracker for both Indian and Pakistani content. Free leech till 14th – 17th August.
Full review: [Click Here] – again, pretty old review (08/2008)

Note that this by no means is a complete list of Indian/Bollywood torrent trackers. There are many other sites that track similar stuff (ExDesi, DCTorrent, DesiTorrents, BwTorrents, etc) that were not open for signup by the time this article was posted. If you know any other similar sites (that are currently open), feel free to share them in the comments section.


  1. Kalpana // 8/20/2009 10:39:00 AM  

    What is the absolute minimum ratio in themediasite.net? during register i have to fill this...thanks

  2. mayur // 8/20/2009 12:17:00 PM  


    its 0.5

  3. k // 1/30/2011 02:48:00 AM  

    3 sites that you suggested were not working or the registrations are closed themediasite.net guys are asking donation or invitation code