Happy New Year 2010!

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We wish all readers, partners and friends of FILEnetworks Blog a happy new year. May all your dreams come true and most importantly, may all your torrents be well seeded :p

Looking back at how things progressed in 2009, it was particularly a good year for us.

Happy New Year

We gained many new readers and served a total of nearly 6 million visitors throughout the year ( along with ~5000 RSS subscribers and 1000+ Twitter followers).   If we had any success in 2009, it was because of you – the readers. So we take this opportunity to thank everyone including those who sent us feedback (both positive and negative),  tracker sysops and staff who’ve been ever so helpful with our BitTorrent related articles, PC gaming fans who kept the games section and troubleshooting threads alive, our partners and friends who helped put FILEnetworks on the map and everyone else who contributed in numerous other ways.

We expect the year 2010 to be just as good and we hope to bring you more software/PC game related news, BitTorrent news, scene news and basically anything else that’s considered ‘interesting’ in field of Information Technology. Once again, have a prosperous new year!


  1. Sara // 1/01/2010 01:15:00 AM  

    Thanks for all the articles. Happy New year.

  2. e // 1/01/2010 01:23:00 AM  

    Happy new year FILEnetworks Blog

  3. jo // 1/01/2010 01:29:00 AM  

    filenetworks blog is my home for sometime now and will continue to for the future keep feeding us with the good stuff and we will never stray happy new year to all filenetworks blog staff and readers alike

  4. mkeezay // 1/01/2010 01:30:00 AM  

    Happy New Years fnb

  5. seed // 1/01/2010 01:56:00 AM  


    keep rocking FILEnetworks...

  6. Pulkit Chawla // 1/01/2010 02:07:00 AM  

    Happy NEw Year....

  7. sani // 1/01/2010 02:20:00 AM  

    Happy New Year FILEnetworks Blog
    I hope you have a good year
    My friend

  8. BENJI // 1/01/2010 02:42:00 AM  

    happy new year 2010 FILEnetworks!
    and happy new year 2010 to all the world!

  9. Giwrgos // 1/01/2010 02:55:00 AM  

    nice blog, informative articles, wish i could help also.
    Happy New Year 2010 to everybody :) !

  10. JusticeI // 1/01/2010 03:11:00 AM  

    Thank you for great job!
    You got me to several decent trackers thru invite givaways.

    Thanks Lightning Struck Tower for an article about us, you know who ;) and all FNB staff.
    Keep up the good work, best wishes for another year.


  11. Renxzen // 1/01/2010 04:26:00 AM  

    Happy New Yeah FNB... :)

  12. sh00nya // 1/01/2010 09:27:00 AM  

    you have been wonderful.keep going!

  13. Bob M. // 1/01/2010 10:17:00 AM  

    Happy New Years FileNetworks

  14. lordryoko // 1/01/2010 11:35:00 AM  

    Thanks people, keep up the great work and may 2010 be a great year for all of us :)

  15. MRINMOY // 1/01/2010 08:48:00 PM  

    TEAM FILEnetworks
    Happy new year
    Guys for your awesome work for us :)

  16. Anonymous // 1/02/2010 09:30:00 PM  

    Happy 2010, Lightning_Struck_Tower, and keep the greatness going!

    I very much like your attitudes in all things BitTorrent - your contributions are nothing but positive to the BT community.

    I hope the reader base only grows and grows!

  17. Priyantha De Silva // 1/03/2010 10:28:00 PM  

    For LST and Team FILEnetworks Blog and for you all, I wish , A very happy new year and May all your dreams come true in your way ! Hope this will be the most valuable and successful ever !

    May Load Buddha Bless you !
    May the Triple Gem bless you !
    May God bless you ! all.