It’s not everyday we feature general trackers here on FILEnetworks but we hope most of you will find this tracker useful. GBvNET is a long standing General/0Day torrent site that indexes movies, music, games, E-books, television shows and more. It’s a site with Romanian origins but almost all the releases are English. Unlike most other 0Day trackers that are full of the same scene and p2p releases found elsewhere, GBvNEt has torrent packs and unique releases that are uploaded exclusively to the tracker. This site is not usually open for signup but a note on homepage says the doors will be open for a short time – if you are looking for a new 0day tracker, check this one out.


First thing you’ll notice about GBV is the site interface. It’s not built on a common tracker script such as Gazelle but still retains a sleek look and a unique layout not found on most other private trackers. Note that the RSS feeds, image upload, bookmarks and other personalized features can be accessed through the ‘Panel’ button on top toolbar while profile editing features can be accessed from the sidebar to the left.

Operating for several years, GBvNET is a not a small tracker. There are around 7500 registered members and ~4400 active torrents indexed on this site. And for a general tracker, it sure has a lot of exclusive torrents. If you search the index with keyword ‘GBvNET’ you’ll find most of the unique uploads (which spans across over 600 torrents). Some of these releases are shown in the screenshot below:

GBvNET Releases

Speaking of other features, a seed bonus system exists on GBV. There is also the ‘My Rank’ feature which ranks all tracker members based on performance – from what I could understand, the better your stats (including ratio) are, the more you move up the ranks.

Signups for GBVNet is currently open. We do not know for how long the door will remain open – the site only says’ signups opened for a short time’.

Site Name: GBvNET (

Signup URL:


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    Thanks a lot!

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