There've been quite a few horror movie trackers featured on this blog – this includes smaller sites such as the now defunct ScareThe.Net to leaders in the niche such as The Horror Charnel (THC) - if memory serves correct, we even did several invite giveaways for THC sometime back. If the previously mentioned trackers were not enough to fill your thirst for horror movies, here’s another one -  the site we’re going to talk about today, Henteles, is another private tracker specializing in horror movies, TV shows and even games with violent content (yay!). It’s a relatively new entrant to this niche but is well worth trying out if you are into Horror, cult and sleaze genres. With its roots in Hungary, Henteles tracks both Hungarian and English content.


Launched not too long ago, this site has already attracted a reasonable number of registered users – currently there are close to 3500 members which is a pretty good statistic for a niche tracker. Their torrent index too has grown during the first few weeks since launch and currently Henteles tracks close to 1000 active torrents.

As mentioned above, all indexed torrents on Henteles relate to the Horror genre. This includes TV shows, movies and horror themed games. Note that some of the available releases are dubbed in Hungarian – however, you can easily identify English and Hungarian torrents separately by filtering using the categories (press the ‘Kategoriak’ button on browse page to view list of categories). A screenshot of some of the English releases found on Henteles is given below:

Henteles index

Henteles is based on the TBDEV tracker script but it’s customized to give the site a darker look and feel. Some of you might find the customizations fitting to a horror tracker but some might find the interface to be cluttered and less organized. Additionally, interface language defaults to Hungarian and there is no way to change is to English – while non Hungarian users will still manage to navigate the site just fine, it’d have been nice to have an English language option as well.

Henteles is currently open for registrations. Assuming they are to remain open till the current max user limit is reached, there are around 4000 free slots remaining. If you are looking for a new Horror tracker, check this site out.

Site Name: Henteles (

Signup URL: (tick checkbox at end of page to open signup form)