It’s a well known fact that Romania is home to a large number of private torrent trackers. However, almost every new Romanian tracker launched nowadays seem to be a General/0-day tracker – in other words most of these sites have more or less the same content with little variety. The Roman Empire (TRE) is a site that tries to change this trend – it’s a Romanian tracker but it’s not another zero day site. TRE specializes in classic content which includes retro movies, foreign movies, films made in Hollywood’s classic film noir period and even music videos that date back more than a few years. TRE is not exactly a brand new tracker and has been online for a few months – signups are open for those who are interested in becoming members.

The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire is not a huge torrent site. However, it’s not a tiny, unknown ghost town either. Currently there are 2500+ registered members and the torrent index is decently sized (for a niche tracker) with around 1450 torrents. There is however a little concern when it comes to the addition of new daily torrents – there haven’t been many added in the past couple of weeks. Let’s hope this is only a temporary gripe.

As mentioned earlier, The Roman Empire focuses more on classic content. A variety of movies may be found here, ranging from those produced in the 1930s to the mid 2000s. A mix of English and non English (French, German etc) movies are available. The ~1000 movie torrents are categorized into nearly 50 different categories. Apart from movies, TRE indexes music videos, documentaries as well as some music.

TRE Index

TRE comes with the usual set of features of a private tracker such as a seed bonus system, a requests section, forums and more. There is a link to an internal image hosting service as well but this does not appear to be functional as of now.

Signups for TRE are currently open. If you are looking for a classic or foreign content tracker check this out – TRE may not be the best in this niche but still a decent site.

Site Name: The Roman Empire (

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  1. Deep // 3/27/2010 12:45:00 PM  

    A broken security image on sign up !

  2. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 3/27/2010 01:03:00 PM  

    Leave that field blank signup should work fine.

  3. zoomby // 3/27/2010 02:46:00 PM  

    is dere considerable amount of music vedios dere?

  4. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 3/27/2010 06:32:00 PM  

    Their music videos category only has 75 torrents so not much.

  5. Alan // 3/27/2010 07:39:00 PM  

    tracker bad... I do not recommend...


  6. John Tracker // 12/20/2012 01:17:00 PM