I’m a huge fan of PC gaming and have been at it for over 15 years. The classic games that were released in the early 1990’s/late 1980s (such as Dangerous Dave and Prince of Persia 1) still fascinate me. Needless to say the games are so old and most of these titles are now considered obsolete (aka abandonware). However, there are a ton of sites out there which offer free downloads of these classic gems. SquakeNet is one such site that maintains one of the largest download link repositories for old DOS based games and other abandonware. If you are looking to revisit the past or willing to play popular titles of a bygone era, SquakeNet can be a useful resource to have.


At Squakenet, each game has it’s own detailed descriptions page. This page usually contains a summarized description of the title, user reviews, links to extras (walkthroughs, cheats, manuals), YouTube videos of gameplay, screenshots and of course, download links. Speaking of download links, SquakeNet itself does not host any of the game files. Instead, it fetches download links from external sites (such as Dos Games Archive) and indexes them in a separate section of each game’s page. These links are reliable and are almost always working apart from the odd 404 not found.

A single indexed game usually has several different download links from different external sites that host it – Squakenet is linked to some of the largest abandoned games hosting sites on the net such as Home of the Underdogs Revival and C:Dos. If you are having trouble finding where the links are indexed, click on the floppy disk icon which is usually located beneath screenshots in a game’s detailed description page.

SquakeNet Index

Note that SquakeNet does not link to cracked games. Indexed downloads are either totally free (Ex- Prince of Persia) or shareware (examples would be Doom and Doom 2). It lists some of the newer games such as Half Life 2 but these do not have download links. Overall this is an excellent resource for DOS gamers and abandonware collectors.

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How to play DOS Games on Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc

Modern operating systems such as Windows XP/Vista/7 do not come with native DOS support. This almost always causes problems with older DOS based games. Thankfully, you can easily solve such problems with the use of a MS-DOS emulator such as DOSBox.

[Click Here] to read our step by step tutorial on how to play DOS Games on modern OS using DOSBox


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