After a few months of closed registrations, doors of the excellent HD torrent tracker HDME have again opened to the public. For those of you who are hearing about this site for the first time, HDME is not a new entrant to the BT scene. It’s almost a year old and is a pretty well established tracker. A great user interface, tons of HD torrent packs and an active community makes HDME one of the more successful specialized high definition torrent trackers in the BitTorrent community. Although HDME was open to the public several months after their launch, this is the first time registrations are being opened after the site went invite only sometime back in October 2009. If you are looking for a place to download high quality video content, you should check this site out.


For the 12 or so months it’s been online, HDME has improved in more than one way. They’ve managed to build a strong user base consisting of over 12500 members. More importantly, they’ve been successful in building an active community around the HD content downloads which is the site’s main attraction. In the meantime HDME’s torrent index has continuously expanded- as of 28/3/2010 there were ~3500 active torrents indexed.

At a glance, the 3500 torrent count may not look like a lot, especially for an HD tracker. However, there is a lot more content indexed on this site than it meets the eye – out of the 3500 torrents listed, roughly 10% of them are either season packs or full series torrents. Yes, HDME indexes over 300 packs (and these are usually on free leech). Speaking of the content found on this site, lots of English movies and TV shows in HD formats (720p/1080p Blu Ray, etc) as well as some lossless music in FLAC format are available for download.

HDME Index
Image: Few of the many torrent packs indexed on HDME 

Maintaining a healthy ratio on HDME is relatively easier than other HD trackers. There are a lot of free leech torrents (including packs) and a seed bonus system is also present. Bonus system allows you trade earned points for upload credit, site invites and additional free leech slots.

As mentioned in the title of this post, HDME signups are open. Open registrations will continue until the site hits 17500 members or until the 31st of March (whichever comes first). There are plenty of spots remaining so go ahead and check it out. New members get 1 free invite and 5GB free upload credit upon signup.

Site Name: HDME (

Signup URL:

RaceThe.Net – HDME’s Sister Site

While all of this has been happening, HDME crew has had the time for another project - a brand new torrent tracker. Although not known by many, RaceThe.Net (RTN) is HDME’s sister site. RTN is a General/0Day tracker and is currently open for signups. You can read our full review located here for screenshots and signup URLs.


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    Ice Torrent is open for signups!

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