Here’s yet another post in our popular scene rules article series. The 2010 XViD Sports Releasing Standards (TXSRS10) have been pre’d by ‘The Sports Release Council’ and all scene released sports content encoded using the XViD codec will conform to these standards effective from 15th March 2010. If you’ve been downloading UFC/MMA content, Wrestling matches or other sports related video etc leaked onto private torrent trackers, chances are that these will conform to TXSRS10 after the aforementioned date. As far as I can tell there aren’t many huge changes but then again I am quite unfamiliar with the previous revision of this ruleset. Release type specific rules are not uncommon in the warez scene – sceners believe they help set a standard and bring a level of uniformity to releases pre’d by different scene groups.

First part of the ruleset NFO (introduction) is quoted below:

The Sports Release Council was formed to separate sports releases from the ruleless world of TV-XVID. This standard aims to improve the overall quality of our sports releases while retaining the compatibility we have enjoyed for so long. We hope to bring standardization to our scene and rid ourselves of some of the archaic quality-hampering restrictions that the sports scene has had to put up with based on the preferences/assumptions of nukers.

Under exceptional circumstances, the council has the power to override a global nuke put in place by a nukenet. Such a circumstance would occur for example if a release is being contested within a nuke war. The release in question may be brought to the attention of the council who may then decide on the validity of the release. If the council does decide on the matter, that decision is final and should be treated as if it were written within the standard itself. If a council decision is made, the release shall be nuked or unnuked with "council.decision_reason" as the reason.

As usual, the detailed set of rules is categorized according to sizing standards, packaging and naming, video, video dimensions, audio, source notes, propers and internals. TXSRS10 is signed by the following release groups; 433, aAF, CiRCLE, DVSKY, ESPN, FQM, GORE, KAFFEREP, KYR, OTV, T0nK4 and W4.


You can download the full set of rules using the link given below.  The .rar file linked-to has the complete NFO as well as a separate formatted HTML page containing the full rule set for easy reading.

[Click Here] to download TXSRS10 from MediaFire

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  1. Anonymous // 3/11/2010 11:34:00 PM  

    "The release in question may be brought to the attention of the council who may then decide on the validity of the release."

    Lol I love how they refer to themselves as the council. Instead of guys in their moms basement.

  2. mew // 6/13/2010 11:36:00 AM  
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  3. John Tracker // 12/15/2012 09:33:00 AM  

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