6 New 0Day Private Torrent Trackers

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There was a time we used to feature a new 0Day torrent site on this blog almost everyday. Although we still do post individual articles on General trackers, our focus lately has been on specialized sites that cater to various niches. However, that not to say there are lesser new general trackers being launched – in fact, the vast  majority of new private torrent communities are still scene/p2p zero day trackers. Due to the heavy competition in this category, the availability of already well established and reputed 0Day trackers and due to a number of other issues ranging from less activity to insufficient donations, most startup trackers do not last for more than a few weeks. But some times they do defy the odds and manage to hang on - this article lists 6 new 0Day torrent sites which we think have the potential to survive in the BitTorrent scene. Note that these sites are still very young and small but they seem to have got off to a pretty good start (at least compared to most other new 0Day trackers).

Note: All statistics are as of 15/3/2010

Site Name: SeedBits (http://seedbits.org)
Signup URL: http://seedbits.org/signup.php
Stats: 450+ users and 800+ torrents
Description: A 0Day tracker that’s growing pretty fast. Site has managed to upload over 800 torrents within a short span of time (~2 weeks). Note that new members have wait times enabled.

Site Name: Fyber (http://www.fyber.org)
Signup URL: http://www.fyber.org/signup.php
Stats: 5700+ users and 2100+ torrents
Description: Fyber is a site with a decent looking user interface. They’ve managed to upload over 500 new torrents since January 2009. Good content overall.

Site Name: SmokeIT (http://smokeit.ro)
Signup URL: http://smokeit.ro/signup.php
Stats: 3600+ torrents and 7400+ users
Description: This tracker has been online since November 2009. Has some good packs and internal releases. Interface looks good. New users get 2GB free upload upon signup.

AreaFile (AF)
Site Name: AreaFile (http://areafile.com)
Signup URL: http://areafile.com/signup.php
Stats: ~1000 torrents. The site statistics say it has 30700 registered users but this contradicts with the Alexa rank as well as peer activity.
Description: A new Romanian tracker that’s been online since end January 2010. Has a nice interface. New users receive 2GB free upload and 50 invites upon signup.

Site Name: 0Day (http://0day.ro)
Signup URL: http://0day.ro/signup.php
Stats: 2200 torrents indexed since August 2009
Description: This is not exactly a brand new tracker – 0Day.ro was earlier known as BlackZ.Ro, another general tracker. Has a seed bonus system.

Site Name: SeedZone (http://www.seedzone.org)
Signup URL: http://www.seedzone.org/joinsz.php
Stats: ~75 torrents
Description: Launched just two days ago (13th of March) SeedZone is a General tracker that limits itself to XviD Movies, Mp3 and Tv Episode releases. It has a clean user interface and runs on a custom TBDEV tracker script. Wait times are enabled for new members.

Note that comparing the above sites with the likes of SCC or TorrentLeech would not do them justice. Like we said earlier, these are still infants in the BitTorrent community and are not in the same league as well established General trackers.

Bonus – Demonoid Is Open

Although not a new tracker by any means, Demonoid is currently open for registrations. If you are interested, the details are given below.

Site Name: Demonoid (http://www.demonoid.com)
Stats: 261000+ torrents
Signup URL: http://www.demonoid.com/register.php


  1. X // 3/16/2010 06:16:00 AM  

    Fyber's interface reminds me of ScT :D

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    also http://elbitz.net/home.php
    open sign up too :D

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    Please who have invitation to http://www.demonoid.com give me ! I apreciate! e-mail : mobidik025@yahoo.com

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