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Usually, we get to know about any upcoming open signups at TemplateP2P several days beforehand  - our good friend TJ has always been kind enough to email us and let us know. However, (as our Twitter followers may already know), TP2P suddenly announced open registrations through their Twitter feed as well as on their forums yesterday. Although this came as a surprise for many, I’m sure those who were waiting to get into this awesome forum would welcome the opportunity. If you are hearing about TemplateP2P for the first time, it’s a Direct Download Link (DDL) forum with links to premium templates, graphics, coding and scripts useful for for web applications developers (PHP, Flash, Flex, etc), SEO buffs, web designers, graphics designers, templates/scripts addicts, 3D animation gurus, photographers or even students of any related field.


The following which explains the open registrations is quoted from TP2P’s forum:

Registration Link: http://templatep2p.com/forum/index.php?action=register
I thought I'd have a random and surprise Open Sign Up. No real reason other than to hopefully attract some new great members.
Not sure how many members I'm gonna let in yet, or how long this will last for. I will watch the new registrations closely over the next day or so and base my decision off of that.
Make sure to welcome our new members and help them along their first few weeks here...

Since we have already have several reviews of TemplateP2Phere on FILEnetworks Blog, we will not be repeating the same information here. If you want to know more about the type of content you’ll find on this forum, we suggest you read this article. If you want to know more about their invite applications ( which will come in handy when the site is closed for signup), we suggest you read this post. 

Site Name: TemplateP2P (http://templatep2p.com/forum/index.php)

Signup URL: http://templatep2p.com/forum/index.php?action=register

Stats: 93,643 Posts in 20,212 Topics by 12,731 Members as of 12/3/2010


  • Templates - Template Monster, Boxed Art, Dream Template, ThemeForest, Microsoft Office Templates, Other Templates
  • Scripts
  • CMS And Forum Content  - Drupal, Joomla, Mambo, XOOPS, PHP-Nuke, PostNuke, DotNetNuke, CRE-Loaded, Magento, OSCMax, osCommerce, Zen Cart, WordPress, PHP-BB, SMF, vBulletin, IPB, Other
  • Flash -  Adobe Flex, Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe AIR, FlashDen
  • 3D & Animation
  • Stock Photography
  • Graphics, Images, Icons, and Vectors
  • Fonts
  • Photoshop Addons
  • E-Books
  • Magazines
  • Tutorials - Cartoon Smart, Design Pro Video, Digital Tutors, Eat3D, EC-Council, Gnomon, Kelby, Lynda, Noesis, Photoshop Cafe, Photoshop Top Secret, SimplyMax, Talented Pixie, Total Training, TurboSquid, VTC
  • Certification Tests
  • WallPapers
  • Audio/Video

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  1. - // 3/12/2010 06:00:00 PM  

    Is there any tracker/site with scripts/web templates other than TemplateP2P, Torrent-Script or gfxnews.ru? (Basically paid stuff for web developer.)

  2. Horvath // 3/17/2010 05:13:00 PM  

    can i have a invitation? e-mail : mobidik025@yahoo.com

  3. Indie Genius Productions // 4/07/2010 12:26:00 AM  

    Hopefully you are still doing the sign up. I would definitely like to have an invite if so.


  4. djshaggy // 7/15/2010 06:05:00 PM  


  5. djshaggy // 7/15/2010 06:05:00 PM  


  6. lenny.noel // 8/03/2010 09:57:00 AM  

    Could you please send me an invite at lenny.noel@gmail.com

  7. Felix // 8/23/2010 07:51:00 AM  

    Just discovered tp2p today. I want to be member! Any chance to receive an invitation shortly? I can contribute with some template or either financially? Pls get back to me ASAP. Cheers!

  8. Felix // 8/23/2010 07:54:00 AM  

    sorry, miss my contact: felixbourque (at) g mail.com


  9. Anonymous // 10/05/2010 01:24:00 AM  

    there's some possibility to get an invitation code? thanks a lot!!

  10. Denis // 10/08/2010 09:27:00 PM  

    Can i get an invite to templatep2p please ?


  11. Samsodin Dianalan // 8/28/2011 10:41:00 PM  

    can i have a invitation?

    e-mail : samsodindianalan@gmail.com