By now, probably all of our regular readers might have read about AvistaZ (AZ). For those of you don’t know wtf that is, it’s a specialized movie torrent tracker that focuses on films from countries in the Asian region. With a huge user base and a rich content library, AZ has become one of the most successful trackers in the BT community. Good news for movie fans is that the experienced crew behind AvistaZ recently rolled out euTorrents, their sister site which is also a movie private tracker. euTorrents focuses on flicks from the European region and it’s already showing signs of making it to the ‘must have’ trackers list of every movie collector.


Within just a few days after launch, euTorrent statistics are looking pretty good. The site currently has 1700+ users and 350+ torrents (as of 3/31/2010). Expect these statistics rise sharply as news about the tracker spreads. Additionally, it’s user base would definitely get a boost from existing members at AvistaZ who’d no doubt want to check this site out too.

Just like AvistaZ, euTorrent’s main strength is the unique content it tracks. It’s not just another movie tracker – the site indexes movies that are not readily available on regular trackers or even in other dedicated movie trackers. Among the movies you can find on this site are Dannish, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swiss and Turkish flicks. Expect a lot more rare gems from these countries to be uploaded in the future. And it’s not just old movies that will get indexed at euTorrent – new titles (even those released on 2009/2010) will also be uploaded. A screenshot of euT’s torrent index may be seen below:

euTorrents Index

Just like most new private trackers, euTorent seems to be using the help of social media services to expand and to communicate with it’s members. They maintain their own release blog through which detailed information about new movie uploads are given and a Twitter account that automatically Tweets about new additions to the index.

Signups for euTorrent are currently open. Registration is free and is mandatory if you are to download torrents from the tracker. If you are on the lookout for movies from European countries, go ahead and check this site out.

Site Name: euTorrents (

Signup URL:

Blog URL:


In the meantime, euTorrents’s sister site AvistaZ is currently open for registration as well. You can read all about it here and sign up through the URL given at the end of that post.


  1. sh00nya // 3/31/2010 06:57:00 AM  

    thanks filenetworks team,and avistaz crew.
    avistaz's asian tracker is great,with some extremely rare content.
    and now,they have come up with a tracker especially for european cinema.
    looks promising indeed.

  2. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 3/31/2010 09:26:00 AM  

    test comment

  3. cooling // 3/31/2010 07:59:00 PM  

    Strange, I remember them saying that there will no be a tracker for european movies... anyway, thanks :)

  4. Anonymous // 4/01/2010 05:48:00 PM  
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  5. woooo // 4/01/2010 07:32:00 PM

    Opening there doors for registration for one week so be quick

  6. Abi Xalmon // 9/11/2010 06:43:00 PM  

    Thank you for posting an in-depth review of euTorrents.

    By Sept 2010, we have more than 11,000 Members and 1300 torrents.

    euTorrents will be open for registration till we have 50000 members.

    euTorrents Admin.

  7. John Tracker // 12/20/2012 01:15:00 PM