Several days ago we posted an article about, a site that provides direct download links to TV scene releases. Apparently, the site was a hit among our readership and we got several emails requesting us to post more similar sites. Dedicated TV is another direct download link index which’s function is very similar to that of It indexes links to download latest TV episode releases. Majority of the indexed content seem to be scene releases. DTV has been around for some time and seemingly has a pretty large reader base (according to Alexa). The site is not short of content either – on an average, around 100 new releases seem to be getting added to the index every day.

Dedicated TV

In terms of content, beating Dedicated TV is not going to be easy for any other site. It currently indexes episodes from over 1000 shows. Even with such a high number of shows, searching for a specific episode is relatively easy. The site maintains an alphabetically sorted list of shows and it comes with a pretty good search feature as well. The new episodes index is also customizable with options to highlight HD content, show/hide release group details, favorites view, etc. Download links, as mentioned earlier, point to one click hosting sites such as FileFactory, RapidShare, MegaUpload, HotFile and more. All links seem to be verified and the site is seemingly free of fakes and links that point to scam sites/downloads.

Dedicated TV Index

Best part of Dedicated TV is that it’s not another lifeless automated DDL site which’s sole purpose is to gather download links. While links do play and important role, DTV comes complete with community and social media options such as a discussion forum, a FaceBook page, a blog and even a Twitter account. The exact size of DTV’s user base is unknown but with an Alexa rank close to 16000, it should be somewhere around 20000 daily visitors.

Unlike private torrent trackers and some DDL forums, registration is not required to download from Dedicated TV. Just visit the site, choose the episode you want to download and that’s it.

[Click Here] to visit Dedicated TV Homepage


  1. J.squareD // 3/18/2010 08:46:00 AM  

    I was wondering when you were doing to do a story on this site.

    One thing to add, they have many of the latest movie links, and full season packs on their forums. Check em out.

  2. mitraark // 3/18/2010 09:48:00 AM  

    I use Linkyworld for this purpose , its Mediafire Links are the best [ because it allows multiple downloads that too at amazing speeds over 5 MB/s ]

  3. Martin // 3/18/2010 11:53:00 AM  

    oh wow real life accounts (facebook/twitter [which i don't have]) mixed with illegal activity
    fail fail fail

  4. danielrey // 3/18/2010 07:56:00 PM  

    Amazing site very useful

    please post more of this kind


  5. TEAM FILEnetworks // 3/18/2010 09:47:00 PM  

    Linking to copyrighted files hosted externally might not be illegal on whatever country DTV is hosted.

    But then again yes it's risky to associate with your real life social media accounts with any kind of file sharing operation these days,

    @J.squareD and mitraark, Thanks for the additional info guys.

  6. Anonymous // 3/19/2010 05:30:00 AM  

    Some other DDL sites for anyone interested

  7. Ricky // 3/22/2010 03:55:00 PM  

    ::Hotfile Uploader Include Video Tutorial::
    enjoy ;)

  8. Dedicated TV // 4/16/2010 04:25:00 AM  

    Thanks for the post guys :)

    Btw our facebook and twitter accounts are run under the sites name and aliases through proxies etc, completely seperate from any real life personal accounts, I've been in this game too long to make such a mistake ;)

  9. Anonymous // 6/29/2010 03:10:00 PM  

    I found a small link to a "directory of TV shows" (A-Z) at the bottom of their main page, why not have it at the top with the search link?
    I was looking for LOST but I guess they don't have it up now or never did. They have a lot of shows, but seems to always have what I want and it's easier to use with 1 link DDLs. Thank for this post.

  10. little // 8/08/2010 11:26:00 AM  

    The programme index was right at the top, in big letters....

    Not that it matters, because this wonderful site has gone now. The site admin was no longer able to spare the time or resources to operate the site.

    I for one am going to miss it incredibly.

    Bye bye Bertie!

  11. butanewms // 9/01/2010 02:50:00 PM to access amazing content!

    Hope to see you around,
    - The staff

  12. Scene // 10/25/2010 01:26:00 AM  
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  13. Kreacher // 7/19/2011 12:10:00 AM  

    Another great tv show site