There has been quite a few music related torrent trackers opening signups lately (Libble, LzTr, Bean Crisis, etc) . How about 5 more of them? Trancebits, Metalbits,, The Mixing Bowl and Audio Zone Torrents are all music trackers currently open for signup. Read below for more information on each of these trackers and for the signup URLs.

1. Trancebits


Site Name: Trancebits

Signup URL:

Description: A great music tracker specializing in trance music. Trancebits has nearly 3000 torrents indexed along with quite a few large packs.

Categories: Albums – Dance, Albums – Electronic, Albums - Goa/Psy, Albums – Hardcore, Albums – Hardstyle, Albums – House, Albums – Techno, Albums – Trance, Ambient/Chill/Lo – Fi, Beat/Breaks/DnB/Jungle, Classics – Trance, DVD/Video/Clips, Livesets – Electronic, Livesets - Goa/Psy, Livesets – Hardcore, Livesets – Hardstyle, Livesets – House, Livesets – Techno, Livesets – Trance, Lossless, Music Plugins/Apps/Misc, Singles – Dance, Singles – Electronic, Singles - Goa/Psy, Singles – Hardcore, Singles – Hardstyle, Singles – House, Singles – Techno, Singles – Trance, TranceBits Packs

2. Metalbits


Site Name: MetalBits

Signup URL:

Description: As the name suggests, Metalbits specializes in the metal genre of music. There are around 4500 users on this tracker and it tracks 6200+ torrents at time of this posts. There is a open signup limit of 5000 which means around 600 more posts are up for the taking (at time of this post).

Categories: Black Metal, Death Metal, Deathcore, Discography, Doom Metal, Folk Metal, Glamrock, Gothic Metal, Grindcore, Hardcore, Heavy Metal, Industrial Metal, MDVDR, Melodic Death Metal, Metalcore, Mvid, Nu Metal, Other, Power Metal, Progressive Metal, Punk, Rock, Stoner Rock/Metal, Thrash Metal, Videography, Viking Metal, XViD

3. The Mixing Bowl


Site Name: The Mixing Bowl (TMB)

Signup URL: (After you confirm the signup you will be taken to TMB Wiki. To get to the torrent index type

Description: The Mixing Bowl is a private torrent tracker with a large number of mix tracks. It’s a huge tracker with over 45000 torrents. Most of the torrents seem to be user uploaded as opposed to scene releases – this means you will find unique content in TMB not available anywhere else. The site’s category search feature enables users to match and find different types of mixes in a certain music genre (For example find ‘live dj mixes’ of techno’ genre). 


Mix types: 1xtra, 6 mix, annie mac, annie on one, bbc other, blue room, breezeblock/MAH, bttb, essential mix, essential selection, jjj, kiss 100, live dj mix, misc., one world, other radio, peel, readers mixes, solid steel, studio/promo, vids, worldwide, xfm

Music genres: big beat, breaks, broken beat/dub, chill/ambient, trance, deep/tech house, dnb/jungle, dubstep/grime, eclectic/mashup, electro, hard house/dance, house, hip hop, idm/experimental, old skool, other, progressive/tribal, techno

4. Rapthe.Net

Site Name: RapThe.Net

Signup URL:

Description: The name gives it all away; is a music tracker mainly indexing rap music and related music video torrents. They also have a graffiti collection which some readers will definitely want to check out. This site is fairly new to the scene but has around 700+ torrents and nearly 2000 members.

Categories: Bboy/Bgirl, Graffiti, Music, Music related videos, Turntablism

5. Audio Zone Torrents


Site Name: AudioZoneTorrents

Signup URL:

Description: AudioZoneTorrents is a somewhat different tracker than the ones mentioned above but is similar to Pro Audio Torrents and in terms of the content it tracks. Rather than tracking actual music, AZT tracks Audio apps, Sound Effects, Software tutorials and all the ‘extras’ related to music.

Categories: PC Audio Apps, Mac Audio Apps, Ebooks, Expansions and Addons, HYBRID PC/MAC, Misc/Other, RTAS, Samples, Software Tutorials, Synth, VST Instruments, SFX, VST Plug-ins, PC Updates, Mac Updates, Presets, Mac AU/VST Plugins


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