Almost every day, we bring you news of private torrent trackers that are open for signup. Most of the time, these are general/0day trackers which indexes ‘bits of everything’. However, there are trackers which track torrents a niche category. Hunt Park Insider is one such niche tracker – it’s a tracker dedicated to serving Football torrents. There are currently nearly 500 torrents on this tracker all of them related to the game of football in some way - let it be videos of matches, documentaries or TV shows. Hunt Park Insider’s user base hovers around the 2000 member mark.

The site is currently open for signup. You’ll definitely want to check this tracker out, specially if you are a football fan.


Site Name: Hunt Park Insider

Signup URL:


  • Major League Soccer
  • MLS (Other)
  • Other
  • Other International
  • Other Leagues
  • Television
  • United States
  • US Cups
  • US Youth
  • Yanks Abroad