Worldshift cracked by RELOADED

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 10/04/2008 | | 0 Comments »

Another Solidshield protected game has been cracked by scene group RELOADED. Not only have they cracked the initial version of the game and stripped the executable of anti piracy protection, they’ve managed to crack the first update to the game (1.0.21) as well. As you may already know, TAGES + Solidshield is not an easy protection to crack. In addition to Solidshield protection, this game requires a serial number to play. RELOADED have been kind enough to include a few working serials in the release NFO. Pirated version users however will not be able to log into the ‘Internet mode’.


In the 21st century, a mysterious object lands on Earth ending all known civilization. WorldShift is set thousands of years after those events, when the human civilization is no more than just a fading myth. The remains of the mysterious object, known as Shard Zero, are still spreading its Plague and reshaping the Earth. The human race has developed a new culture and are now living in five shielded mega-cities, struggling to survive from day to day. The rest of the Earth is populated by what is known to be the Tribes, successors of the early humans that were affected by the Plague, and the Cult, a mysterious alien race with unknown origins.




  • Fast and furious multiplayer
  • Thousands of items and powerful relics to collect
  • Use items and relics to build your own tactics
  • The best cooperative, player-vs-environment gameplay ever made in RTS game
  • Random maps for infinite exploration
  • Unique blend of post apocalyptic setting, hi-tech and primitive
  • Epic, dangerous missions with great rewards
  • 3 playable races