You may never have heard of this tracker but let me tell you, this one was a legend back in 2004-2006. Torrentit was originally known as 123torrents and was launched in 2004. They had a great run as a private tracker but soon ran into BREIN, the Dutch anti piracy group. In 2005 they lost the 123torrents domain and by mid 2006, the site was entirely shut down due to continuous pressure from BREIN.

There were talks of the site coming back online since early 2007, but it only happened about a month back in September 2008. The re-launched site is built upon the Gazelle codebase; It looks nice and the navigation is smooth, along with tons of other features. There are currently 3700+ members on this tracker and it tracks nearly 1500 torrents including 180+ packs! - awesome stats considering the site was only online for less than a month.

Torrentit is closed for signups most of the time and those who want to get in usually need an invite. But we bring you good news – Torrentit is currently open for new signups. If you hurry now, you can register an account at torrentit without needing an invite.

P.S. – You get 5GB upload credit upon signup


Site Name: TorrentIt

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