R3 rip of Babylon A.D. leaks to BitTorrent

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 10/04/2008 | | 0 Comments »

An R3 rip of Vin Diesel’s latest movie Babylon A.D. has leaked to BitTorrent. P2P release group AKCPE is behind the leak. According to the release .nfo, the video source is from a retail R3 DVD (DVD for region 3). The .nfo also mentions of an English audio stream and group claims that it is the studio audio from retail VCD. From the samples, the video quality seems to be somewhere between a DVD Screener and a R1 DVDRip.


In the near future, Toorop (Vin Diesel) is a mercenary who takes the job of escorting a woman named Aurora from Central Asia to New York. While he thinks this is just an ordinary mission, he gradually finds out that his guest is carrying twins that have the potential to become the next Messiahs - and everybody wants to get their hands on them.