You may already know that Norbits is currently down due to their hosts terminating hosting services offered to the site.  The downtime may be temporary (and we hope it is) but it would be strongly felt as it was the largest Norwegian torrent tracker. This post’s aim is to discuss alternative sites of Norwegian origin you can use in place of Norbits. Nordic-T and Nordictbits are both Norwegian private torrent trackers that track general content. Both these sites are currently open for signup.


Nordic-T is large private tracker with over 39000 users and 11300+ torrents. It’s a general/0day tracker which indexes both scene and non scene releases. There are a lot of packs at Nordic-T including some of the packs obtained from other trackers such as PB, TorrentLeech, Danishbits and others. It’s worth mentioning that most some of these packs are huge, some spanning over 120GBs.

The site is currently open fir new users. There is a user cap of 40000 which means that only around 200 more spots are left.

Site Name: Nordic-T

Signup URL:


Nordicbits is another Norwegian tracker that is currently open for new signups. Although not as large as Nordic-T or Norbits, this tracker does has a strong user base of 9500 members as well as over 3000 indexed torrents.

Site Name: Nordicbits

Signup URL: