Livestation is basically an application which you can download and install on your Windows/Mac or Linux computer and use it to watch streaming TV channels online. Unlike most other apps of the same genre, Livestation is a free software and you don’t have to pay anything to view the channels. By default Livestation supports many news channel broadcasts such as BBC World and Al-Jazeera but as of late general entertainment and infotainment channels such as Discovery, Humor TV and NASA TV are available as well. If you feel the channel list that comes with the player by default is not enough, you can browse the Livestation homepage, choose and add more channels from a collection of over 1340 user submitted TV streaming links.


Developer Description

The Livestation player offers the highest quality viewing and listening experience over broadband the world's leading TV channels. There are two types of channels you can watch on the Livestation player, our partner channels and those added by other Livestation viewers.

Partner channels: available in high quality, our partner channels currently include Al Jazeera English, BBC World News, Bloomberg Television, Deutsche Welle, euronews (English, French, Italian and Spanish), France 24 in French and English, Russia Today, BBC World Service radio and Deutsche Welle radio in German and English.

Add your own channels: Livestation also enables viewers to add any web streams to their own personal Livestation player. A Livestation viewer, Bernard Maltais, created this excellent tutorial. These channels may not have the same picture quality as the Livestation partner channels, and, because they are not being streamed by us, they won't benefit from the features listed above, but they do offer added personal choice.

Livestation features

  • Our official partner channels can be enjoyed free of charge and in the highest quality

  • Add and watch your favourite channels from the web, all in one player.

  • Stand alone and always on top means you can email, network, watch and chat at the same time

  • All in one player - The Livestation player enables you to navigate, search and add all your favourite channels, see what other viewers are buzzing about in the What’s Hot section (and add your own buzzes), set up alerts from your favourite news channels (that will be delivered to your desktop) and Chat to other users.

  • Interactivity - Livestation streams partner channels content in a way that guarantees the most satisfying and stimulating user experience. The interactive overlay offers up to the minute information and links for those who want to find out more about what they are watching or listening to.

  • Customised viewing - The Livestation player can be adjusted to any size to enable you to multi task as you watch and listen. You can also set it to run in full screen.


[Click Here] to download Livestation for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS or Linux from the official download page.


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    Thanks for the tip mate. And nice blog u have there :)

  3. AHAMED NISHADH // 10/07/2008 05:50:00 PM  


    ive been using this software for around 2 weeks or so nw. its a software dat works u c. as usual u get sum steams down at certain times but da partnered channels in dis software r always wrking.

    this software is recmmended by me!