There was once a time when ratio free private trackers were a rarity in the BitTorrent scene. Even the few that existed were pretty hard to get into. The times have changed – there are plenty of ratio free trackers out there and it’s extremely easy to become a member of some of them. This post lists 8 such trackers that are currently open for public signups. Most of the sites mentioned have been reviewed before on FILEnetworks Blog and the links to full review have also been included.

Although the title of the article says ‘ratio free’ trackers, we’ve included two sites that do have a ratio system; ArenaBG and RARBG. Although there is a ratio system present on these sites, they do not enforce any mandatory ratio rules or requirements.  Most of the trackers listed do not require users to maintain a global upload:download ratio. However be aware that you may need to seed a torrent for a minimum time period – always check the rules and FAQ pages of a tracker. Keep in mind that ‘ratio free’ is not your ticket to do hit and runs at will.

Site Name: Seedit (
Signup URL:
Stats: ~3250 torrents
Description: Seedit is a Swedish private tracker (General/0-Day content, lots of scene releases) with a unique layout. Pre times are generally good. Our previous article which contains more information about this tracker can be found here.

Site Name: SceneRTorrents (
Signup URL:
Stats: ~3000 users and ~250 torrents (recovering from a server crash)
Description: SceneRTorrents is a new ratio free general tracker with lots of packs. For full review including screenshots and other details, refer to this article.

Site Name: ARENABG (
Signup URL:
Stats: 22000+ torrents and possibly over 200000 members
Description: ARENABG is a huge Bulgarian tracker with lots of English releases. The site has a ratio system but no mandatory ratio rules are enforced. Download speeds are somewhat slower. ArenaBG recently upgraded their layout and the interface is now much more user friendly. More information on this site can be found here.

Site Name: RARBG (
Signup URL:
Stats: 46000+ torrents and possibly over 200000 members
Description: Similar to ArenaBG, RARBG does not enforce any mandatory ratio rules on its users. For more related articles on this site, look here.

Site Name: Dreamzonept (
Signup URL:
Stats: 2300+ users and ~1500 torrents
Description: Dreamzonept is a new ratio free general tracker. More information can be found here.

Site Name: MVGroup (
Signup URL:
Stats: 96000+ members
Description: MVGroup is a forum dedicated for documentaries and e-learning content. They operate their own tracker but have no ratio rules. More information can be found here.

Site Name: Pretome (
Signup URL: Signups closed. Use key from this article.
Stats: 24000+ users and 15750+ torrents
Description: PTM is a good and well established General/0day tracker that has no global ratio. More information about this tracker can be found here.

Z-Cult FM
Site Name:
Signup URL:
Stats: 84000+ users
Description: Not sure about this but there is nothing mentioned about a ratio on this site. Zcult is a comics torrent tracker and a forum. For more information about this site and a guide on how to download torrents, refer to this article.

Also watch out for the open signups of CoExist, a ratio free music tracker.

Note that there are many other ratio free trackers such as GFT, PTN, FTN, BR, iFi, etc that are not mentioned here. This article only lists trackers that are currently open for signup.


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