SceneBits (ScB) is a private torrent tracker that hasn’t gained much attention in BitTorrent forums or blogs. However, those frequenting IRC tracer channels might be familiar with the acronym ScB. Why? Because ScB has pretty good pre times and frequently gains top positions in so called ‘torrent races’. Although ScBs pre times are not as consistent as those of SCC or GFT, they actually are pretty good for a new tracker. Speaking of being new, the site only a few months old. But with over 10K torrents added to the index in the last month alone, ScB’s growth seems to be happening at a rapid pace. As you may have already guessed, SceneBits is a General/0day torrent tracker which indexes scene releases of movies, music, games, TV shows and the likes. In case you are interested in signing up, registrations are currently open for a limited time.

SceneBits Logo

As of 25/6/2011, SceneBits tracked 11000+ torrents and had an active users base of 700+ members. The first few weeks since launch seems to have been a rather slow ride for this tracker. However things appear to have gathered momentum and hundreds of new torrents are now being uploaded to ScB’s tracker on a daily basis. Quoted below are official torrent statistics on site as of 25/6/2011

  • Torrents: 11875
  • Torrents Today: 416 (4 %)
  • Torrents Yesterday: 814 (7 %)
  • Torrents This Week: 2834 (24 %)
  • Torrents This Month: 11083 (93 %)

Although there are thousands of torrents, ScB currently has only around 700 active members. Most of the torrents have only one seed and some have already died without any seeders. Hopefully, the current  open signup will get in some new users to keep the torrents alive.

Just like most other General/0Day torrent trackers, ScBs primary focus is on scene releases. The site pretty much covers all major releases including MP3 and 0day.

SceneBits Index

Registrations for SceneBits is currently open. If you are on the lookout for a new general tracker, this site is worth checking out.

Site Name: SceneBits (

Signup URL:

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If you are a fan of PC and console gaming, you are in luck. One of the leading dedicated video game trackers on the net, Blackcats Games (aka BCG) is accepting new members once again in a mass open signup. BCG has been opening and closing its doors intermittently in the past couple of months but this time around signups are likely to remain open consistently for a longer period of time. The plan according to site owner stoi is to keep registrations open till 19000 new members get in. For those hearing about Blackcats Games for the first time, it’s a veteran private torrent tracker that is over 7 years old. The site indexes full downloads of both new and old video games for multiple gaming platforms including DOS/Windows PC, Playstation, PS2, PS3, XBOX, XBOX 360, Wii, Gamecube, Dreamcast as well as for mobile OS such as Android, iOS and others.

Blackcats Games

We have previously discussed about this tracker in detail in our numerous invite giveaway and open signup articles for BCG (for a detailed overview, read this post). To summarize it quickly for our newer readers, here’s why you should get a BCG account if you are into video games of any sort. When it comes to content, BCG covers almost every platform there is on the planet. From the popular DOS/Windows PC section to PS3, XBOX360, Wii console games sections, BCG tracks over 17000 active torrents which include latest titles (scene and non scene releases), retro games and exclusive BCG member creations. Recently they have expanded to cover mobile platforms and now games for Android, iPhone OS etc are also available. In addition to individual releases, lots of games packs & collections (including full games sets for several consoles) have also been uploaded. In case you are into console emulation, you can find a lot of ROMs and ROM packs scattered about BCG as well. A screenshot showing some of the indexed collections/individual releases can be seen below:

BCG Index

Note that BCG is a private tracker with lots of custom features. To get a hang of basic functions of BCG, we recommend you read their site Rules, FAQ, Seed points FAQ and the Wiki immediately after signup (Wiki contains BCG game reviews and tutorials as well – you do not need to login to read it).

Coming back to open signups, this is what site owner stoi posted on FileSharingTalk forums earlier today:

I have just opened up BCG for 19,000 new members, but usually when we open we get hit massively, either with users or DDOS so we may not be open for all the 19,000 we will see how it goes.

At the time this article was being posted, BCG signups were open. If you are a fan of video games, now is your chance to get in.

Site Name: Blackcats Games (

Signup URL:

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Scene PS3 Release Rules Pre’d And Then Voided

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 6/23/2011 | | 7 Comments »

Ever since a proper jailbreak was introduced for Sony’s Playstation 3 video game console a couple of months ago, groups in the warez scene have been busy pre’ing leaked games for it. Thanks to the exploit, backups of original games could be played on jail broken consoles. Despite this being a relatively new find, there are already several scene groups dedicated to releasing PS3 games and activity in this segment is certainly picking up. But as we all know, the scene usually makes their releases conforming to a pre determined set of rules, agreed by major groups in a particular segment (see examples here and here. For a detailed overview of scene rules, nukes and nuke reasons see this post). Although there are rules governing scene releases of TV shows, Appz, Movies, etc, an official ruleset for PS3 games did not exist (until last week). Several groups in the PS3 scene have come forward to released a set of standards what they call is ‘official’. However, validity of this rule set is still in doubt after it was voided shortly after pre – In classic scene style, the VOID NFO opens with the line “These rules dont mean shit you asshats.”.

Quoted below is text from The.Official.PlayStation3.Ruleset.2011

[Begin Quote]

1.0) Release Rules:

1.1) Releases must be packed in RAR. SFV and NFO must be included.

1.2) Rar size should be split to allow a reasonable number of files.

Releases should not contain over 101 rar files.
0 to 4.700.372.992bytes folder 50.000.000bytes rar files
4.700.372.993bytes to 8.539.996.160bytes folder 100.000.000bytes rar files
8.539.996.161bytes to 18.253.611.008bytes folder 200.000.000bytes rar files
18.253.611.009bytes to 24.696.061.952bytes folder 250.000.000bytes rar files
24.696.061.953bytes to folder 300.000.000bytes rar files to 41.943.040.000bytes folder 400.000.000bytes rar files
more than 41.943.040.000bytes folder 500.000.000bytes rar files

1.3) Rars must be compressed with M1 (fastest) or better.

1.4) Rars must not be compressed using M0 / No Compression

1.5) The image of the game must be in one of these formats:


1.6) The game rip needs to be a full dump. RIPPED / STRIPPED / 3D removed releases done as iNTERNAL will not shield said release from nuke.

1.7) If a game does not include the English language, this must be specified in the dir name unless the region tag implies that regions native language is the only language in the game eg. game tagged JPN is Japanese only, hence does not need to state the language.

1.8) If a game is rereleased for having additional foreign languages, the dir must be tagged MULTI and the nfo must specify which additional languages are include.

1.9) Source of game disc origin must be included in nfo or be tagged
in the dirname. Non-region tagged releases without source information included in nfo will be nuked until they are dirfixed or nfofixed. A PROPER for this nuke will not be acceptable.

1.10) Suggested directory format:


1.11) Only these caracteres are allowed in dirname:


2.0) Additional Releases:

2.1) Patches for the lastest JB.ready firmware should be included in a CRACK dir (Modified Eboot/param.sfo)

2.2) If an update is avaible and crackable, it should be included in an

2.3) Suggested directory format for updates(if the update is pred alone):


2.4) Source of update origin must be included in nfo.
Can also be tagged in dirname.

2.5) Suggested directory format for eboot patch (in case that the eboot wasnt contained in a previous rlz or if a patch is now available for a game that could not be cracked at the time of the PRE.)


2.6) PSN related releases will be regarded as PS3 releases and will
adhere to this ruleset. PSN related releases must have the tag PSN
in the directory name. Recommended directory format is:


3.0) Proof must be included:

3.1) All releases from physical sources must always include proof. PSN
releases will be exempt from proof requirements as they are downloadable.

3.2) Proof means a good quality scan or photo of the BluRay together with the cover or a booklet page so the proof can be identified as the
release in question. If the medium or cover/booklet contain anything that may expose your identity, then that part of the image can be blurred or blackened. Additional scans may be added but these DO NOT count as sufficient proof!

3.3) A note with the group name on the proof is required.

3.4) Proof resolution must be at least 640x480 or 480x640 pixels or higher in standard JPEG format.

3.5) Prooffixes If you fail to add scans/photos you have 24 hours AFTER NUKE to release a Prooffix. During and after this 24 hours grace period, any other group is allowed to release a PROPER with scans/photos. NOTE We STRONGLY recommend the removal of all Exif data! Uniquely identifying information such as the camera serial number and GPS coordinates can pose a security threat if not removed. Use tools such as jhead, PureJPG, EXIFCleaner or the inbuilt function of Win7/Vista to remove the Exif data.

The.Official.PlayStation3.Ruleset.2011.PS3-CONSOLE - v1.0
active as of Saturday 11 June 2011 00:00:00 GMT
Signed by the following groups on behalf of the PS3 scene:


[End Quote]

This was however followed with another SceneNotice titled The.UnOfficial.PlayStation3.VOID.Ruleset
Quoted below is the text from this NFO:

[Begin Quote]

These rules dont mean shit you asshats.
MARVEL, CHARGED, DUPLEX you didnt play by ANY rules and you think you get to make the NEW ones. lol NO all the other groups well are to lame to mention or decide anything.
Also these lame groups that are spit into 2 groups or 3 HAHA u know who you are, you get one vote. Consider your shit VOID until you can get all groups aboard.
Welcome to the Scene ;)

[End Quote]

You can download the original NFO files of both these scene notices from here and here.

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Here’s a great opportunity for FILEnetworks Blog readers to easily join PTF tracker. PTF is a private torrent community with a lot of history – it was formerly known as Phoenix Torrent and the current incarnation of the site was re-launched back in 2008 as PTFiles. Although it isn’t as popular or as large as the likes of TorrentLeech, PTF is one of the most feature rich general trackers currently in existence. Seriously, this tracker has so many options, features, bonus systems, free leech types, member reward schemes, etc it would actually take new users some time to get used to it all. Apart from the regular scene and non scene content found on most similar trackers, PTF features releases from P2P groups EMBER, UnKnOwN, Hive-CM8,  LKRG and SiC. This site is currently closed for public signup and membership is only available via invites. However the special signup link posted at the end of this article will allow you to create a free PTF account, with no strings attached.


PTFiles runs on a customized version of pdqTracker (A bittorrent tracker source based on ScTBDev / / tbsource / bytemonsoon). Although one of the older private trackers around, PTF has moved ahead with the times and upgraded its look and feel  to suit modern web standards. As of 19/6/2011, the site tracks 5700 active torrents and has around 3200 registered members. It appears to function smoothly on the current setup with fast navigation. A notable fact about PTF is that staff have never sent (and claims they never will send) donation begging mass PMs to its members.

As mentioned earlier, PTF is a feature rich torrent tracker. It has all major features you’d expect in a private tracker and then some. From major features such as Karma bonus points, ‘coin’ based on site currency, detailed torrent description pages (with scene info, IMDB links, YouTube trailer & more) to smaller add ons such as pwTweet, member moods, TV listings, etc , this site has tons of little details that it might take you some time to find them all. Some of the most recently implemented features are briefly explained below:

Seeding Rewards
We have introduced a new Seeding Rewards feature to replace the current 1 point per hour per torrent system. Larger sized torrents will Reward more than Smaller sized ones. Torrents with the longest seedtimes will have priority.
Seeding Reward Calculation
Reward = (Seedtime * Seeding Interval * Size Multiplier) Basically The More You Share, The More Reward You Will Receive!

Freeleech Countdown
Freeleech Countdown is a way for members to use their extra coins and share with other members for freeleech. Every week starting at Monday 12am GMT, members may start contributing for the freeleech to start on the next Sunday. Every coin added to the pot will add a minute of time before the Monday 12am GMT deadline.
Coins will continue to be added until the time to start the freeleech comes together in the week. Basically the quicker the countdown is reached, the longer the freeleech lasts.
How Does This Work Exactly?
If no coins are added then the freeleech will last one minute on Sunday at 11:59pm GMT till Monday 12am GMT. If a total of 180 coins are accumulated over the week, then the freeleech will start at Sunday 9:00pm GMT and last until Monday 12am GMT.
The coin basket always resets on Monday at 12am GMT. Coins are only collected for that period of time and used before the next week's deadline for the freeleech. The new week starts on Monday 12am GMT. (More often than not, the countdown is reached by Wednesday/Thursday)

Crazy hour
All torrents started during the 60 min Crazy Hour are free leech but once crazy hour is over the freeleech on the file finishes if not complete (most files should complete within an hour). Uploaded kb's are tripled (your seedback amount is tripled) Seedback rules still apply tho so be sure to keep seeding back to 1:1 ratio or for at least 48 hours.

What are these funny little images(Phoenix Eggs) I see everywhere, and what do I do with them?
with every egg that you find, a prize will be awarded. You may be awarded with Karma Bonus Point, Coins or Freeleech slots… If you find enough of these you may have a real boost to your ranking. Karma can be traded for goodies like bonus GB(s) to your upload stats, getting more invites, or doing the real Karma booster… give them to another user!

PTF is a general/0day torrent tracker and you can pretty much find all major scene and P2P releases here. In addition, the site features internal releases by groups such as EMBER, UnKnOwN, Hive-CM8,  LKRG and SiC. Some of the torrent packs indexed on this tracker can be seen on the screenshot below:

PTF Index

Like we said earlier, PTF is currently closed for signup. It hasn’t had an open signup in nearly two years and whether it’d open up in the future is also uncertain. However, PTF admins have offered a special signup link which will allow instant signup for 500 FNB readers. To quote the words of grimgeraer (PTF owner):

PTFiles would like to expand its member base So we asked our coder to come up with a special invite link for your readers to sign up with, this special link will only allow the first 500 members to sign up. After the invite link has expired  everyone else will have to use the invite application Form or be invited by a member.
This is a special occasion as the last time we did this was  about 18 months ago, to help the stranded  ScT members find a new home. PTF hasn't been open to the public for almost 2 years and we don't intend to open our doors ever again.

Use the signup URL below to create an account – the invitation code field should be auto filled in the signup form. Note that this key will only serve the first 500 readers who use it.

Site Name: PTFiles (

Signup URL:

If you come across this article late and find they key expired, you can still obtain and invite by submitting an invite application to PTF staff using the link below.

Invite Applications URL:

Good Luck!

Special thanks to grimgeraer (PTF owner) for the heads up.

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Although anti piracy organizations would love to see it happen frequently, you don’t often hear stories about tracker staff being murdered. Unfortunately, this is what Scene Inspired (SI) had to go through when one of their staff members (Fatz) was killed early this year. Fatz was a senior staffer of this 4 year old private tracker and his death hit the site pretty hard. While this was a devastating blow, Fatzs fellow staffers made sure it wasn’t the end of SI. Instead, SI has now bounced back with more features including an auto uploader bot, seedbox hosted torrents and automatic scripts for pulling movie and TV show information from online sources, etc. They are also looking for some fresh new blood to fill up the ranks so registrations have also been opened for a brief period of time as well.

Scene Inspired Logo

To quote the words of mad cotto (one of the site admins), here’s what SI went through in the past couple of months:

SI has been around for over 4 years now and has a long history and it will continue due to our small but great nature. But what we need is a bit of new blood, we have just sat back and chilled in our own little world and don't care about been the bigger or uber, etc. We just want to be friends together in the same cause and helping each other out.
SI had a massive shock as one of a most loved staff members (Fatz) was murdered and hit the site very hard and as such we left things to go a bit rotten. But in his name we back. We have pulled our socks up and we now on top of things with giving the site a great look and feel. Lots of tweaks here and there such as auto info for uploads of movies and tv shows have been added. But main feature is that we now reside on a 1gig server with a auto uploder serving at sppeds some people only dream of (ok ok tad ott lol)

As of 18/6/2011, Scene Inspired currently tracks around 1000 torrents and has around 600 registered members. The statistics are nothing spectacular but keep in mind this is a rebooted site. And with the addition of auto uploader bot, the lack of new daily torrents problem seem to be finally solved; around 100 new torrents now seem to get uploaded every day. In case anyone is wondering, SI is a general/0day torrent tracker which indexes both scene and non scene torrents.

Scene Inspired Index

As mentioned earlier, registrations for SI are currently open. If you are looking for a community centric general/0day torrent tracker, this site is a good candidate.

Site Name: Scene Inspired (

Signup URL:

Special thanks to mad cotto for the heads up

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Many of our readers would agree with us when we say BTN and PassThePopcorn (PTP) are two of the best private torrent sites around for downloading TV shows and movies. Officially launched to the public in early 2010, BTN quickly became a leading specialized TV tracker in the BT scene rivaling old time favorites such as BitMeTV and The story is quite similar with PTP - originally launched in 2008 as SceneMovies, PassThePopcorn has today become one of the largest online repositories for movies from all over the world. And now the good news - BTN and PTP just recently announced a partnership for the benefit of their members. The said tie up is primarily based on invites to one site being offered on the other. To put it short, if you have an account on either one of these trackers, getting into the other just became a whole lot easier.

PassThePopCorn and BTN

Quoted below are the official announcements from both BTN and PTP about the ongoing promotion. As you can see, there are certain conditions your tracker accounts need to meet before you are eligible for receiving invites:

BTN Announcement

BTN is very pleased to announce a special partnership with passthepopcorn (PTP) allowing for BTN users an invitation to this great movie tracker! and in return, PTP users (that meet our criteria) will be allowed an invite to BTN!
For those that aren't familiar with PTP, its one of the best movie trackers around! they have an excellent bonus system making it easy to maintain a positive ratio!
Until the end of June, BTN's members can PM one of the PTP Staff and request an invite! ONLY send one message! this offer is only available to people that are NOT already on PTP.
Limitations: - Your BTN account MUST meet the following criteria to be eligible for a PTP Invite:
a) You MUST have UPLOADED 10GB or more here
b) Your account MUST be more than 3 months old
1) Anyone found exploiting this offer including making duplicate account(s) on either site will lose their accounts on BOTH sites.
2) One invite per BTN user & your account here must meet the criteria
3) Users must not already have an account on PTP
4) PM only ONE of the PTP Staff listed below
5) you MUST include your email address in your application (in the message body)
6) you MUST use the wording "PTP Invite" (without quotes) in the Message Subject

PassthePopcorn Announcement

Experience the great friendship between PTP and BTN in a way you have never before and make friends of your own by making sure you're a member on both of our great sites.
If you've been a PASSTHEPOPCORN user for more than three months (and don't currently have a warning) you are eligible for a free BTN invite!
With your invite you'll get access to our favorite TV tracker around, the potential to make a lot of great new friends. There might even be some hugs and laughs in it for you. Please only sign up if you actually plan to use their great site.
This is a promotional poster only, for more info and invites ask any of the agents listed at the bottom of this post. Only message one of those users, they will respond in due time. Yahoo and Hotmail/Live emails won't receive the invite email so please choose another provider (such as Gmail).

Full details on how the whole thing works including the names of staff members you can direct invite requests to can be found on homepages of BTN and PTP. Note that this offer will only run for another 15 days, till the end of this month.

For those of you who are new to either BTN or PTP, a quick summary of the torrent and user database statistics (as of 15/6/2011) of both trackers can be found below:

BTN Statistics

  • Total Users : 24,300
  • Torrents: 32,990
  • Episodes: 18,136
  • Seasons: 6,305
  • Actors: 13,360
  • Series: 4,236

PTP Statistics

  • Total Users : 20,800
  • Torrents: 67,186
  • Movies: 38,997
  • Collections: 1,486
  • Subtitles: 22,016
  • User Ratings: 286,616
  • Directors: 429,021
  • Actors: 358,114

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If you were one of the older members of the private torrent tracker HDAhoy, you probably already know that the site is inaccessible over its usual URL In this day and age when domains of file sharing sites getting seized left and right, this probably would have caused some panic amongst the sites regular users. However, there is no reason to worry – HDA wasn’t raided nor was their domain seized. It appears that the domain expired and according to a news post on site staff are seemingly unable to get it back. Good news however is that the site is now accessible under a different domain name; There is no data loss and old user accounts and torrents are all there. If you are a new user, HDAhoy is currently open for signup as well.

HDAhoy Logo

For those hearing about HDA for the very first time, it’s a private torrent tracker specializing in high definition content. Launched a couple of years ago, the site currently tracks 6000+ active torrents and has an active users base of 5500+ registered members. HDA is one of those trackers powered by Gazelle tracker codebase.

Speaking of the content, HDAhoy tracks movies, TV shows, documentaries and some music videos. All of the indexed releases are high definition encodes (usually in 720p and 1080p quality). R5 Bluray Rips, Up scaled Videos, RAR/ZIP Archive Files, Youtube videos and all other non HD content are prohibited from being uploaded. Some of the torrents indexed on HDA can be seen in the screenshot below:

HDahoy Index

As mentioned earlier signups for HDA are open right now. Current maximum user limit is set to 10000 users. This leaves space for another 4500 new members, provided the signups do not close early. If you are looking for a new HD tracker, check this out.

Site Name: HDAhoy (

Signup URL:

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Duke Nukem Forever (DNF), a video game fans waited 15 years to be released is finally here. This highly anticipated title was released in North America, Europe, Australia and Japan on the 10th of June over Steam content delivery platform. It has just been one day since the game’s release and PC pirates have already been all over it, leaking the full game online along with a cracked executable that bypasses the Steam + CEG protection built into DNF. So far, at least 3 different ‘cracks’ have surfaced for the game two of them released by scene groups Razor1911, SKIDROW and also from a P2P source. RZR was the first scene group to crack the game but apparently their release was problematic with some users unable to replay completed chapters and so on. SKIDROW later released a PROPER which allegedly fixes these issues.

As most of you know, the scene is a place where groups compete for ‘first’ and ‘best’ releases. And PROPERS almost always involve flame wars, with groups arguing about the stability of their releases. However the NFO for Duke Nukem Forever PROPER-SKIDROW does not have any of it. Believe it or not, SKID actually praises RZR for getting the game out early:

Razor1911 did a fine job on getting their release out and reports are positive. Respect to the blade for some competition.
Still their release has a problematic issue with the crack, as when you progress in the game, you will notice that you can't go back and play previous completed chapters, besides the first one.
If you're happy with what you got from the blade, then don't download this proper. Alternative you can get the seperate sr-dnfcf.rar included with this release, so you don't have to download whole game again.
Keep in mind our release has all english, german, french, italian and spanish content in one whole package.

Now that PROPER note feels like a PC game dumbed down to suit consoles :P Although most of us claim to hate E-drama usually associated with the scene, those heated NFOs were kinda fun to read. They in my opinion intensified the competition between scene groups. Maybe SKIDROW is trying a different approach this time around, but keep in mind they were not so friendly in the last NFO war they faced.

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Had enough of scene release indexing sites? We’re not quite done yet – here’s another one. iReleases is a new direct download link indexer for scene releases. As most of the sites of its genre do, iReleases organizes latest movie, music, TV series and other zero day releases pre’d by groups in the warez scene and indexes them along with download links and public torrent links. For hard core private tracker fans, torrent links will mostly be useless as they point to public sites. There are however multiple DDL links for each release, with file hosted on services such as FileSonic and FileServe. iReleases being one of the newer DDL sites sports a streamlined look and feel which resembles that of a web 2.0 startup.

iReleases Logo

Being a relatively newly launched site, iReleases is one of the new generation DDL sites with a modernized look and feel similar to, DirectDownload.TV and MovieSociety which we recently featured. It has been online for around one and a half months but already indexes 15000+ scene releases which is pretty impressive.

iReleases comes with some useful features such as easy access to torrent and DDL links via two buttons next to release title, unique and customized detailed description pages (content changes depending on the type of releases i.e. if it’s a music album genre and bitrate info will be displayed, if it’s a TV show screen caps and other related info will appear), easy switch between release categories using main toolbar, category based RSS feeds, live updates on Twitter and more.

iReleases Index

iReleases seems to be using an auto uploader bot to upload indexed scene releases to DDL sites. Usually there are FileSonic and FileServe links present for even the newest of indexed items. Older and popular releases get additional links thanks to user submissions.

Best part about iReleases is that you don’t need to register to use the site. Everything from browsing the main index to viewing download links can be done by guests with no strings attached.

[Click Here] to visit

Special thanks to Kyle for the heads up.

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Here’s another bit of good news for those looking for large General/0Day torrent sites. Speed.CD has opened registrations for one day as part of their ongoing ‘Summer Surprise’ promotion. For those who haven’t heard about this site before, Speed is not a new tracker. It’s been around since 2009 and is over 2 years old. With a torrent index spanning over 25000 active torrents, it falls into the category of ‘large’ general trackers. As is the case with all similar sites, you can find movies, music, games, books, TV shows and lots of packs on Speed.CD, both scene and non scene releases. However it does not track any adult content and is mostly free of offensive comments, signatures and avatars (hence the ‘family safe’ tag). It’s usually a closed community with signups only opening once or twice a year. The current open signup phase too will not last for long so get in while you can.

Speed.CD Banner

As said earlier, Speed.CD has been online since 2009 and they’ve slowly built a strong user base with a considerable number of active members (Alexa rank ~45000). They ran into hot waters sometime back after claims of the site being the official home of popular P2P ripper aXXo. Although Speed does track a number of aXXo releases and even has a separate category for them, it isn’t the ‘home of aXXo’. They however do seem to be affiliated with P2P movie release group DiVERSiTY. Anyways currently the site tracks 27000+ active torrents with around 175 new torrents (on average) added every day.

Speed.CD is a general/0day tracker you can pretty much find every major scene and non scene release here except for adult content. SCD brands itself as a family safe torrent site and refrains from indexing any adult material. Apart from individual releases, there is a good number of torrent packs here including 230+ movie packs, ~200 music packs and 300 TV season packs. Some of the larger torrents on SCD can be seen in the screenshot below:

Speed.CD Index

Signups for Speed.CD are currently open. However, don’t expect the doors to remain open for long – open signups will last for one day only so get an account while you can. This is not a tracker that has regular open signups.

Site Name: Speed.CD (

Signup URL: Visit and hit the signup link located on bottom left corner of the screen.

Special thanks to ‘WS 57’ and ‘Sreekanth P M’ for the heads up.

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Apologies for the lack of updates recently. Things should get back to normal pretty soon and daily articles should resume shortly. In the meantime CZTEAM is open for signup. CZTEAM is a decent general/0day torrent tracker formerly known as C-ZONE. They allegedly had their last ever open signup back in December 2009 but apparently this was not truly the last open registration. CZT is open once again for a short period of time and new members now have the ability to create an account without the need for an invite code. For those of you don’t know about this site, it’s a large general/0day torrent site with both scene and P2P releases. With a lot of exclusive packs and the recently launched 3D Movies section, CZT competes against other leading general trackers such as iPlay, RevTT and SuperTorrents.


When it comes to general/0day trackers, CZT is as good as it gets (although for some reason it’s not one of those hyped up torrent sites). A massive user base, content rich torrent index, good download speeds, scene and non scene releases – CZT has most qualities that lead to the success of a private tracker. If you are concerned about statistics, the site currently has a registered user base exceeding 31000 members and tracks 18000+ active torrents. As some of you might know, CZT is of Romanian origin. However, English speaking users have no reason to worry since vast majority of its torrent index is made up of English language releases.

Speaking of content, you can find almost all major scene and P2P releases on CZT. In addition to the usual torrent uploads (movies, music, games, TV shows, Ebooks, etc) that you can find on almost any other site, CZT has some exclusive releases as well as quite a few unique packs. For example, their recently added 3D movies section is something you don’t often find on a general tracker. Movies/3D category currently has 75+ films indexed and more are getting added as days go by. A screenshot showing some of the releases on CZT can be found below:

CZTeam Packs

CZT is a tracker that very rarely has open signups. In fact, it’s been closed since their last open reg in December 2009 (unless you count the two invite giveaways we conducted through this blog). Nevertheless, signups are now once again open for a short period of time so get in while you can.

Site Name: CZTEAM (

Signup URL:

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