This was on the cards ever since the launch of TorrentLeech v3 and it’s finally happened. TL is conducting another mass invite giveaway online and needless to say this is a great opportunity for those of you who still haven’t made it inside this awesome torrent tracker. TL recently underwent a massive site overhaul and now features a brand new AJAX based used interface, advanced search features, detailed torrent description pages and tons of other usability enhancements and speed improvements. Last time this tracker organized a mass invite giveaway was back in September 2010 and that was in celebration of their new PlayStation 3 games category launch. More than 20000 users were recruited through the previous giveaway and this time around they are allowing in even more members – this would be a great new year present for 30000 more BitTorrent fans. Happy 2011!


As we have mentioned numerous times before, TorrentLeech is considered by many as the king of General/0Day torrent trackers. It pretty much tracks everything a BitTorrent downloader would ever need, ranging from movies, music, TV shows, games to electronic books. This includes a number of internal releases by P2P groups as well as some kick ass packs you wouldn’t find anywhere else. The site has a massive torrent index with over 41000 active torrents and a huge user base of 180000+ registered members. For a full description of TorrentLeech tracker including screenshots and a detailed overview of TL v3 features, we highly recommend you read our recent review located here. Several features and fixes introduced after v3 launch can be read about here.

Coming back to the invite giveaway, signing up for a new TL account is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is to enter HAPPY2011 as the invitation code, fill in the signup form + captcha and hit submit button.

Site Name: TorrentLeech (
Signup URL:
Invite Code: HAPPY2011

  • Password must include upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters and be at least 6 characters long.
    Example – P4sSw*RD
  • If nothing happens when you press the submit button, wait a couple of minutes until green checkmarks appear next to your username, email and password. Then try again.
  • It’s recommended that you use the latest version of either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser.

This invite code would support up to 30000 new registrations. If you are thinking of creating a new account, you might want to hurry since there is huge demand for this tracker – it didn’t take a lot of time during last giveaway for the 20000 free slots to be taken.
UPDATE: This offer is now over. All 30000 invites have now been sent out.

Special thanks to Bugatti, Orion and Kayhaytha for the heads up.

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With around 190 million internet users now having Twitter accounts, it has become a social network that no one can ignore. Twitter’s widespread use has prompted almost every major website to maintain a presence on the service and interact with their fans online. BitTorrent sites are no exception form this phenomenon – many torrent trackers, which usually resort to mediums such as IRC (Internet Relay Chat), forums and E-mail to communicate with their members, can now be seen maintaining official Twitter accounts to update users in real time. These accounts are frequently used to release latest sites updates, downtime news, free leech information, heads up on upcoming open signups and in some cases, even to conduct Twitter based invitation giveaways. This article includes a list of 80+ official Twitter accounts of torrent trackers which you can follow to stay up to date on happenings in the BitTorrent scene.

We published a similar post about a year back which summarized Twitter account details of 25 BitTorrent sites. This is a more complete article which has up to date information on even some of the newly launched trackers. Note that the core list featured on this post was compiled and sent to us by the guy behind @tracker_nfo. @tracker_nfo is a BitTorrent news service which operates solely on Twitter (Follow to preview and receive updates). We have added some accounts to the original list, done some minor edits and linked to tracker reviews where applicable should you need more details on a particular tracker.

Twitter Accounts Of Active Private Torrent Trackers With English Content

Following sites deal with English content and almost all status updates can be expected to be in English language. Twitter accounts of 40+ torrent sites and 2 DDL forums are listed in this section.

Twitter Accounts Of Active Private Torrent Trackers With Regional/Localized Content

Following sites may index non English material specific to certain countries/regions. Status updates may not always be in English language.

Twitter Accounts Of Inactive Private Torrent Trackers

Sites associated with following Twitter accounts are no longer active.

Twitter Accounts Of Public BitTorrent Sites And Semi Private Trackers

Listed below are Twitter feeds of several public and semi private BitTorrent sites.

Unofficial Twitter Accounts That Are Not Operated By Tracker Staff

Following accounts appear to be the official Twitter presence of certain trackers but they actually are not. These are not operated by tracker staff and information relayed through these may not always be reliable.

If you know any other official Twitter feeds of BitTorrent sites not mentioned in this list, feel free to add them below as a comment. We will update the post with new information. And of course, don’t forget to follow @filenetworks – that’s our own Twitter feed which features real time automatic Tweets when new articles are posted, snap open signup updates, news on latest online leaks and more (Follow to start receiving updates).

Once again, thanks a lot to @Tracker_nfo for the great work with the list.

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SceneNotice Wars About SKIDROW Cracks

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 12/29/2010 | , | 7 Comments »

It’s been a while we posted a SceneNotice around here and it’s getting a little boring without all the E drama. So here’s a SceneNotice (and the response for it) that became quite popular in the last couple of days. It goes like this – veteran PC game cracking group SKIDROW is challenged by an anonymous group about the legitimacy of their cracks. The anonymous group claims that SKIDROW’s releases do not conform to scene standards. It is claimed that these pirated releases do not have the DRM software entirely removed but SKIDROW is merely using a workaround by emulating the protection mechanism (aka emu crack) – it is also claimed that some of the code in these fixes are stolen from Russian P2P releases. SKIDROW responds to these allegations and even goes ahead to provide source code snippets as proof. There is absolutely no news value in these type of posts but some of you (specially those into PC game cracking techniques) might find this an interesting read.

The initial SceneNotice titled ‘Truth.About.Skidrow.And.Their
.EmuCracks-DONOTBELIEVETHEIRLIES’ which started the flame war is quoted below:

[Begin Quote]
Dear Skidrow, i know you think all people are fullish to, believe your lies. That youre cracking all your releases by yourself, that youve never stole any piece of code from, anyone (especially russians), that all your cracks are awesome, even if they dont work the way they should..., but hey - who will care, right?
Wrong. Because there are some people in the scene who care, about quality and who stand on guard of scene rules. And what, do we see looking at your releases? WTF is that? - that only, comment that fit here.
Lets see your recent securom releases. Omg, is that firts real, securom crack from Skidrow? BEEP!!! Wrong. Its an emu-crack,witch does not fit in any scene standards and any real scene group wouldnt release that kind of crap. All your recent securom cracks starting from Gothic 4 update emulates the protection and should be nuked, because you havent cracked anything there. You know that method from russian p2p group and you are still stupid enough to claim that Reloaded used files from russian version. If you would understand what is a DFA feature in securom, you would know from where and why that files magically appeared in Reloaded crack. But there is one thing we admire in your work... We call it NFO Propaganda. The shit you write there is amazing. We know that you want people to adore you, but youve crossed the line of reasonability. You try to turn your every mistake into gamebug or some other thing, but its NEVER your fault. Guys, seriously, people laugh from your crackfixes. Another day, another crackfix from Skidrow. For love of God, learn to test your shit before releasing it. We know that things may get complicated when putting together pieces of stolen code, but still.
And last thing... have you maybe concidered to stop stealing and start making your own cracks? All your solidshield and ubidrm cracks were stolen. It was mentioned by some groups it their nfos, but noone reacted to it. You even admited that you have stolen Assassins Creed 2 code from russians and the evidence was inside your crack. Does noone see this? If they done it once they would do it again, and again, and again...
Now a message to all real sceners:
Start caring for quality of releases! Skidrow floods the scene with worthless releases with stolen cracks and nobody care. They win in charts theyre releasing for themselves and you think its normal? Wake up!
[End Quote]

SKIDROW of course responded to the claim. They did not pre a separate SceneNotice but included the response in one of their Call of Duty 4 Update patch NFOs.

[Begin Quote]
Dear Bungholes,   
First of all get some balls and post under your actual Group name if you even have one. Since you are saying we stole something, why are there no references included showing some proof? Oh wait, there isn't any proof. If the people that still care about the scene believed we messed up, then there would already be a nuke, don't you think?  Since you guys also complain about our SecuROM releases, saying we "emulate". There is something we would like to say, that you are full of shit. First of all the real "emulation" you are talking about is done by some of the other groups, because as soon you unpack the exe from SecuROM you are left with a lot of VM calls that can be either "emulated" or wrapped into the code which is way more work. So who are the bad guys now? As far we are concerned with the rules, we did nothing wrong.
In general, then emulation and protection activation will be used more often, because things gets too complex for  example: the Ubisoft DRM, Steam, Solidshield 2, SeucROM VM checks and other similar protections.
NFO Propaganda? HA HA now it's getting funny, give us a definition of what type your NFO is then?
The Truth? Please, We've heard better :) Oh and since you are saying we stole the Ubisoft DRM cracks. We are sure ypu can't show some releases that do actually work until the end of the game right? All "cracks" that were ever done, just had a Menu patch or only the initial Handshake packet, which is no big deal in finding.
So here's a little detail of the Splinter Cell method: Client sends the coordinates Y,X,Z and the Server will check by those. If the player is standing in a registered area on server, if that's the case it will send the player if he has entered the area or left it. The "Russian" cracks you say tried to emulate the stuff via a public released server code, which only leads them into sending the initial handshake, which is just a packet including the product id and product version. 
Due our good will, we decided to show a fraction of a couple of source code examples: 
Prince of Persia:
Splinter Cell Conviction:
If you still think that's stolen, let us at least know from where, if you can :) But lets be honest, you can't ever and never will. But why would you believe that? You don't even know what code looks like, even if we would hold it up right under your nose.
Since we have a guess who is responsible for the spreaded NFO, we are just going to say it once: Congratulations you just got voted for the most dumb idiots ever! And if you are so sure about all the things you said in the NFO, why can't you provide any deeper details?  Seriously if we wanted to bash someone, we would at leastprovide some details about this and that.
Over and out. 
[End Quote]

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AlphaOmega (AO) is one private torrent tracker that’s been making news lately. This new Gazelle based general tracker appears to have come a long way within a very short period of time. In our previous article about this site, we mentioned that AO had the basics covered with good pre times, seedbox hosted torrents, fast download speeds and tons of new daily uploads. If those were not enough for you, a slew of new changes and additions were recently announced by staff. Most notable of these changes is the switch to a ratio free model – yes, the site no longer enforces global upload : download ratio requirements upon its members. But that’s not all, there’s even more good news, especially for movie fans. AO has spiced up its movie download offerings by adding over 250 DVDRip movie Boxset packs to its torrent index. In addition, they have teamed up with P2P release group Rx who are known for their BRRip encodes.

Alpha Omega Tracker

First, the biggest news of all; the ratio free system. AlphaOmega is now a no ratio general tracker similar to GFT, TDS, Thorbits, etc. An official announcement about the move was made in the site’s forums (quoted below) – this pretty much explains how the whole system works. Pay attention to the revised rules to avoid hit and runs.

What does this mean?

Simply? AO is no longer based on the 1:1 Ratio System you have all come to live with. We are now basing our site simply on seed times.
The new rules are simple. We have a thing called a Hit & Run system. This means that if you download a torrent, and don't seed for 72 hours out of 168 hours (3 days out 7) that you will get a warning. AO will give you the opportunity to reseed it again after that. If you have more then 3 infractions a month, you're account will get disabled.
What happens about promotions?
Well, this is the easy part. We're increasing the amount of upload you need for promotion, but removing anything to do with ratio requirements. So, instead of needing a 1.05 Ratio to be promoted, you'll just need to have a certain upload requirement and time on site. It's all pretty easy now.
Is this forever?
We're trying something new to help the general user base out. We are trying to make a really nice, and easy site for everyone to use. If this doesn't work out, we have other ideas to try too. But for now, we'll just say it is under a 3 month trial. If everyone plays nice and we get a good flow going, then yeah, we'll keep this system up and running.
When will this system be up and running?
That's the funny part, you've all actually been using it for the last month! Yes, freeleech was just a hidden way of testing the system out. It all has been working very well until now actually. So, we've implemented it. As you'll notice your Download counter is now gone. Same with the Ratio Requirements. Clever right?
Final Notes
We've been trying to get this site feeling right and looking right. We've hit over 6000 active users and 7000 registrations. We're very happy with the way the site has taken off. As of the 1st Jan the site will be on an invite only basis. Plus, there will be a lot of new changes coming! So, just keep your eyes on the AO Announcement Forum and we'll be explaining the rest as they come!

Ratio changes aside, AO has focused a lot on expanding its torrent index – and that’s not by adding thousands of spam torrents. Instead of adding individual torrents for each and every scene 0Day release, separate daily packs will be released combining all 0Day releases and MP3 releases within a particular day into them (this is a common practice employed by sites like TorrentLeech). In addition, AO recently added over 200 movie boxsets (including SD and HD quality) to its index – the site now tracks around 300 packs which is a great achievement for a start up general tracker. That’s not all, AlphaOmega recently affiliated with the P2P movie release group Rx who are best known for their Blu Ray Rip encodes.

AO Packs

In case you still aren’t a member of AO, registrations are currently open. However, keep in mind that the site will become invite only from 1st of January 2011 onwards. In case you didn’t create an account through our previous article, go ahead and check it out now.

Site Name: AlphaOmega (

Signup URL:

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If you’ve been in the private BitTorrent scene for at least a couple of months, you should be familiar with TorrentBits.Ro tracker (TBS). TBS is one of the larger General trackers out there and is one of the long standing private torrent sites with over 4 years of lifetime. The site has its roots in Romania and its right up there in the list of respected Romanian trackers along with the likes of iPlay, FileList, LastTorrents, ExtremeShare, SceneFZ etc. Despite being a popular tracker with a huge user base, TBS ran into troubled waters a couple of weeks ago. Misunderstandings between the site administration and its web hosting provider resulted in an extended downtime, prompting many loyal users to think that TBS was shut down for good. This however was not the case. Despite the downtime causing some damage (database deleted along with all user accounts and torrents), the site has returned. Its currently in a phase of rebuilding and launched as TBS Limited Edition (TBS-LE).

TorrentBits Logo

Back when we last mentioned TBS on this blog, it was a behemoth of a BitTorrent tracker with 20000+ torrents and 60000+ users. However, stats on the the resurrected site are very different. Since their old database was deleted during the hosting provider move, TBS now has to start everything from scratch. However, the site appears to be heading for a speedy recovery with over 7000 members recruited and 550+ torrents added during the first few days since re-launch.

There are several key differences between the old TorrentBits.Ro and TBS Limited Edition. The site appears to be built on a different codebase and looks very different from the user interface introduced in TBS v4. Type of indexed content however remains unchanged – this is still a general tracker with all sorts of scene and non scene releases including movies, music, TV shows, games, books, etc.

TorrentBits Packs

Getting into old TBS was not that hard – the site had random open signups at regular intervals. This is no longer the case with TBS Limited Edition. According to TBS administration, the goal is to recruit 10000 users during the first phase and them become a completely invite only community. The site had an initial open registration period with the aim to recruit 7000 members. Due to high demand, this number was reached in the first couple of days itself and signups have now closed. For those who still have not made it inside, you can sign up for an account if you pass the IRC interview (which is not hard btw). Interview channel is currently open and there are 3000 more spots left for the taking.

Interview Channel: #tbs.interview
Direct Link: irc://

Please follow the instructions on channel topic once you are logged in. If you are new to IRC, rad this brief tutorial to easily get started.

Special thanks to Tanaka (TBS staff) for the heads up.

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UPDATE 2: Article updated with TheSwarm.Me & RevolutionTT open signup news. See end of post for registration links.
First of all, let us wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Along with the rest of the internet, the file sharing community is busy celebrating this joyous season in grand style. As we predicted in a previous article earlier this month, lots of private trackers have opened public registrations over the Christmas holidays, welcoming in new members from all parts of the world. We have already featured quite a few of these sites on the blog and this article features seven eight  more Bittorrent trackers and direct download link forums that are having open signups right now. From high definition movies, TV shows, documentaries, anime to pop music, video games to templates, graphics and code snippets, these sites will provide you with a wide selection of content large enough for your torrent clients to download throughout the holidays.

It’s recommended that you read the full review before signing up for a tracker. Note that confirmation emails sent by some services go to spam folder.

Site Name: CCFBits (
Signup URL:
Stats: 17000+ members and 29000+ torrents
Description: CCFBits is a large specialized HD torrent tracker which indexes movies, TV shows and documentaries. You can find releases by scene and P2P groups such as ESiR, CtrlHD, EuReKA, CTU, etc here. Refer to full review below for more information and screenshots. Signups will be open throughout the Christmas day – new accounts created during this period will be subject to one month assessment so make sure to be active after creating an account.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Site Name: PIG2PIG (
Signup URL:
Stats: 8300+ users and 4200+ torrents
Description: PIG2PIG is another high definition torrent tracker which launched a couple of months ago. Despite being relatively new to the HD scene, P2P already has a strong user base and a good selection of content including some great HD encodes. Christmas open signups will continue until the 26th od December.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Site Name: TemplateP2P (
Signup URL:
Stats: ~19500 members
Description: Although listed under this article, TemplateP2P is not really a private tracker – it’s rather a direct download link (DDL) forum. Unlike most similar sites you can find on the web, TemplateP2P does not index movies or games – instead, it lists templates, graphics, code snippets and scripts, invaluable resources if you are a web developer, graphics designer or a software engineer. Refer to full review for more information.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Site Name: JPopsuki (
Signup URL:
Stats: 10600+ users and 55800+ torrents
Description: JPopsuki is a torrent site which indexes Japanese pop music (J-Pop) as well Korean, Chinese, Thai and other Asian music and TV torrents, drama plus fansubs. This is a huge file sharing community with over 100k members and 50k torrents. Open signups would continue over the Christmas days.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Site Name: Deli.Sh (
Signup URL:
Stats: ~5000 members and 1200+ Torrents
Description: Deli.Sh is a private tracker specializing in all things related to food. Cookbooks, recipes, food & health related E-books, audiobooks and even TV shows such as Hell’s Kitchen, The Naked Chef can be downloaded from this site. This site was earlier scheduled to be shut down by end of December, However, the overwhelming support by the user base has prompted the administration to change this decision. Open signups will continue till December 31st.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Blackcats Games

Site Name: Blackcats Games (
Signup URL:
Stats: ~50000 members and 12000+ torrents
Description: There’s nothing much to be said about this tracker. If you are a fan of PC or Console games, this is one of the best places on the planet to download them from (read full review for more details). BCG signups appear to be only open for brief periods of time – don’t expect this site to remain open for long.
Full Review: [Click Here]


Site Name: RevolutionTT (
Signup URL:
Note: The signup URL appears to be unique to each account. We are not sure if there’s a limit of new signups associated with each link – currently all site admins seem to be away enjoying Xmas so there is no way to confirm this right now. If the link stops working, please update in comments. Additionally, keep in mind that you will not be able to sign up if you are trying to access the site from a banned country. RevTT’s banned countries list include Brazil, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.
Stats: 38400+ torrents
Description: Easily one of the best General/0Day torrent trackers currently in existence. RevTT has a great mix of scene and non scene releases including some quality packs and XViD-HD movie encodes. It has decent pre times, great download speeds and a good community – to put it short, RevTT is a tracker that can rival TorrentLeech, which is considered by many as the king of private torrent sites. Read the full review for more details.
Full Review: [Click Here]


Site Name: The Swarm (
Signup URL:
Stats: 940+ torrents and 2900+ users
Description: The Swarm is a new specialized movie torrent tracker based on Gazelle codebase. The site is quite new to the BitTorrent scene but already tracks around 750 movies. A good layout, several custom features and adequate activity makes this one of the better movie trackers to be launched in year 2010.
Full Review: N/A

Special thanks to Bugatti, Michael and xxDan0xx for the heads up.

Looking for more private trackers open for signups this season? Check out our private trackers section or follow us on Twitter for instant updates. And once again, Merry Christmas to you all!

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As predicted, lots of private torrent trackers appear to be opening signups this Christmas season. Latest site to join the party is Docs Torrents, a veteran E-Learning tracker that’s been online for more than 5 years. Docs, also known as DocsPedia, tracks hundreds and thousands of eBooks, premium documentaries (both SD and high definition videos), tutorials and other educational and infotainment material not usually found on regular torrent sites. Although docs used to open registrations quite frequently in the past, there hasn't an open signup for the last several months (which prompted us to do two invite giveaways in the meantime :p ). Anyways if you are a student, professional or an avid fan of documentaries looking forward to join this site, good news is that you can now register for a free account without the need for an invite.

Docs Torrents

Docs Torrents is a tracker of Romanian origin. However, almost all of the indexed torrents are English and will appeal to any English speaking user. Note that this tracker is handled by a very experienced crew in the BitTorrent scene. Behind the Docs project are moderators / staff / administrators from the community portal Torrents.Ro who are also behind other well known private trackers such as RsR (Open), LastTorrents (Open) and Freshon.TV. As of 23/12/2010. Docs tracked 4500+ active torrents and had a very strong user base of 26000 registered members.

Despite it having a large user base, content is this tracker’s primary attraction. If you are looking for E-learning content such as educational E-books, tutorials, test engines, sample papers, etc you’d feel at home on this tracker. Docs will also cater to those who are looking for infotainment content such as premium documentaries and other related videos both in standard definition and HD. In addition to individual releases, a number of exclusive packs are also available for download.

Docs Torrents Packs

For those concerned with the looks, Docs has a great looking AJAX based layout which is fast, uncluttered and easy to navigate. It looks a lot similar to the layout of Freshon.TV and LastTorrents (if I am not mistaken, all three trackers have the same codebase), is very responsive and gives a user friendly feel to anyone who browses the site.

As mentioned in the title of this post, registrations for Docs are currently open. The max user limit has been raised to 30000 and there are a further 4000 free spots available (provided that signups remain open till this cap is reached) .

Site Name: Docs.Torrents.Ro (

Signup URL:

Special thanks to Bugatti for the heads up.

Other trackers in the Torrents.Ro Family currently open for signup:

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A little late on this one but here goes. SuperTorrents (ST) is a private tracker that celebrates holiday season in grand style. The site is known to have open signups plus various other competitions and promotions during Christmas & new year and 2010 is no exception. ST is currently celebrating their 4th Annual ‘12 Days of Christmas’ program – this event runs from December 20th to December 31st, and on each there there is a special promo, a contest or a giveaway of some sort. For those wanting to get into the tracker, good news is that today is the open signup day. Signups will be open for 24 hours until 12AM EST – you might want to hurry because there is just a little over 3 hours left ( at time of this posting).


SuperTorrents is one of the older private trackers out there. It’s a pretty big torrent community with over 17k members. The site is primarily a General/0Day tracker but the recent merger with STMusic has inherited them a ton of music torrents as well. As of 22/12/2010, the site tracked 20000+ general torrents and a further 30000 music torrents, putting the total active upload count somewhere near 50k. If you need to know more information about ST and view screenshots, we recommend you read our recent review located here.

Site Name: SuperTorrents  (

Signup URL:

For those interested, below are the planned events under 12 Days of Christmas’ program.

  • Free Request Day - December 20th - On the first day of Christmas, ST gives you the opportunity to make some free requests. MP3 and other requests will be free of charge so go nuts!
  • Open Signups Day - December 21st On the second day of Christmas, ST gives your friends and family a gift - the gift of sharing! Run out of invites? Well today its open Signups for EVERYONE so be to sure to mark your calendar and send off that mass email reminder to your entire college campus.
  • Double Request Credit Day - December 22nd - On the third day of Christmas, ST gives you the ability to fill MP3 and other requests for DOUBLE the reward credit!
  • Double Upload Day - December 23rd On the fourth day of Christmas, ST gives you the chance to boost your ratio for the new year. All that you seed and/or upload will be counted twice, so all the requests you filled should provide a nice steady stream of upload credit.
  • Free Invite Day - December 24rd - On the fifth day of Chirstmas, ST gives you a free invitation for your friends and family.
  • Help Your Fellow Noob Day - December 25th On the sixth day of Christmas or rather, Christmas itself, if you are an Ultra User or above, with at least a 1.3 ratio, you will be allowed to 'donate' a portion of your upload credit to your fellow members of the N00b, User and Power User classes.
  • Lottery Day - December 26th On the seventh day of Christmas, ST gives you the chance to win some major credit. That's right, for one day only we're bringing back the lottery.
    TBD (Possible Poker Tournament or Music Appreciation Day) - December 27th - On the eighth day of Christmas, ST gives you some real cash.
  • Staff Appreciation Day - December 28th - On the ninth day of Christmas, ST gives you an oppurtunity to meet and interact with our staff as well as people from all around the world.
  • 4th Annual Double Triple Donation Day Charity Drive & Raffle - December 29th - On the tenth day of Christmas, ST really gets into the spirit of the season. We've given over $20,000 in member donations to charities such as Childs Play and Saint Judes Hospital.
  • Radio Appreciation Day - December 30th - On the eleventh day of Christmas, ST kicks off pre-pre-New Years Eve party live on ST's latest communal addition, ST Radio. We'll have LIVE DJ's covering the days events consisting of contests, trivia, prizes, requests and much, much more!
  • Half Download Day - December 31st On the twelth day of Christmas, ST gives you whatever you want to download - for 'half price'! All torrents will only count for half of their total size.

More information about each event and additional details about contests and competitions can be found on ST’s Events page located here.

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The launch of a new General/0Day private tracker is usually not news nowadays. Most of these new sites have forgettable starts and eventually go down due to various reasons. However, we saw quite a few good General/0Day trackers being launched in the last couple of months. One of them, SceneBytes, was already featured on this blog in a previous article. Today’s post is about another successful new torrent site; AlphaOmega (AO). AO is a private tracker based on Gazelle codebase. The site tracks both scene and P2P releases including latest movies, music albums, TV episodes, eBooks, PC + console games, software releases and more. Although AO is quite new, it has so far got the basics correct. Tons of new uploads every day, good pre times, seedbox hosted torrents and unique packs – what more could you ask from a new general tracker?


For those interested about the back-story of AO, quite a lengthy description of it can be found in their Wiki section. A part of it is quoted below:

AlphaOmega (AO) was started by a group of guys that met on various top name private trackers. Most had been staff at some point or another.
They decided that it was time from them to come together and do things the way they couldn't on other trackers. This staff used their abilities and experience working behind the scenes of a torrent site to build a site that would rival all others. AO was designed to blow past all others, and leave them in the dust pulling up their pants. AO's staff is composed of elitists in the torrent world, composed of the top coders, racers, uploaders, and designers.
The site structure is something that has never been seen before. We are pulling releases from top group access on multiple gbit servers. At this point, each torrent is seeded from multiple gbit servers, meaning you will see the greatest speed possible. These releases are auto-uploaded meaning the pre-times are some of the best.
The site is beginning with seed-box only as the means of uploading and download, this provides much high speeds. The site will never have open sign ups. Once the first round of users have been invited then they each will be given a number of invites. AlphaOmega will make it easy for members to invite friends, This is part of AO's plan to make this the highest quality private tracker out there.

Although it’s only been one and a half months since the official launch of AO, the site has already amassed over 4600 active torrents. Around 100 new torrents seem to get uploaded every day. And true to their words in the intro above, uploaded torrents indeed seem to be seedbox hosted. Download speeds are great and pre times are not bad either.

AlphaOmega is a general/0day tracker. However, it’s not a scene only tracker such as SCC or SBT. Both scene releases as well as P2P uploads are indexed here. In addition to common releases (which can be found on most other torrent sites), AO has their own internal releases exclusive to the tracker. Some of these unique uploads can be found on the screenshot below:

AlphaOmega Index

Registrations for AlphaOmega are currently open. All new users are rewarded with a whopping 50GB of free upload credits and 2 free invites. If you are looking to be part of a cool new general tracker, check this out.

Site Name: AlphaOmega (

Signup URL:

Special thanks to Tekky for the heads up.

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Music torrent tracker scene is currently dominated by several monolithic torrent sites such as What.CD and Waffles.FM. These sites cover pretty much all music requirements of the average BitTorrent user and thus tend to overshadow other small scale music trackers. Despite this, there are quite a few lesser known specialized music trackers out there which index unique content and not just re-hashes of same old files found on every other music BitTorrent site. Lossless World is one such tracker which has it’s own rippers, uploaders and therefore a torrent index filled with exclusive releases. As you may have guessed from the name, the site tracks high quality lossless English music relating to multiple genres. Open signups are closed but invite applications and IRC interviews are open for those who are interested in getting in – that said, note that this is not the easiest private tracker to get into.

Lossless World

Launched a couple of months ago, Lossless World has so far taken a ‘quality over quantity’ approach towards building user base as well as adding new content. The site currently tracks around 2500 torrents and has an active user base of ~500 members. If I’m not mistaken, LW is yet to have an open signup – it’s unlikely this is ever going to happen judging by the current site policies regarding user recruitment.

For a smaller niche tracker such as LW, the strength lies in tracking unique and exclusive content and not in having a massive user base. Thankfully, this is where LW excels. There are a number of music rips on this tracker that you won’t find anywhere else. They seem to have some good internal sources and a great team of dedicated uploaders. As mentioned earlier, LW is a Lossless Music tracker. Allowed music formats are limited to FLAC,APE,TAK,WAVPACK & ALAC. Some of the music categories indexed can be seen in the screenshot below:

Lossles World Torrent Categories

Quoted below are some of Lossless World upload rules – this should give you a pretty clear idea on what sort of content you can find on this tracker:

  • No radio, television, web rips, or podcasts. The only exception to this is when the recording only exists in that version.
  • We allow only FLAC,APE,TAK,WAVPACK & ALAC uploads for music
  • CD-sourced material must not have any skips, pops, or clicks.
  • All uploads must contain an info.txt file with information about album: tracklist, review(s), catalog number, and recording company. The minimum requirement is CD name, tracklist, label, and catalog number. No BBcode or HTML code
  • All uploads must contain album cover art. It should be in the root of your upload and should be named as 'thumb', 'thumbnail', 'cover', 'folder', or 'front'. File extensions: 'jpg', 'png' and 'gif' are acceptable. Only Exception is if the upload is a unofficial recording (capped show, bootleg) and there has never been a physical disc release. Including images of the CD and or tray is also encouraged in the root folder. All other high-resolution pictures (booklet scans, front and back, inside and etc) should be included in a folder named 'Artwork', 'Covers' or 'Art'. If, and only then, your Upload contains high res (min 300 DPI and min front and back) artwork, tick the "artworkbox.

Currently, there are two ways to get into Lossless World – by submitting the online invite application on by taking the IRC interview. By looking at some of the questions in invite app it’s apparent that LW are looking for active members who have something to upload back to the site. If you are interested, check out the links below.

Site Name: Lossless World (

Online Invite Application URL:

IRC Interview Channel: irc://

Special thanks to LW Staff for the heads up.

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When it comes to free E-book downloads online, there isn’t any other site on this planet larger than Gigapedia. Gigapedia has a huge repository of nearly half a million Ebooks relating to various categories both educational and non educational. The site is used by hundreds and thousands of users daily and plenty of new titles get uploaded each day. As you may have guessed, it’s not only free stuff that you can find on Gigapedia – thousands of premium, paid books are shared on the site, with actual files being hosted externally on one click hosting services. While Gigapedia has remained unchanged for the most part during the last couple of years, it seems to be undergoing several major changes right now. GP seems to be moving to a new domain and is now accessible by the URL As some of you may have noted, Gigapedia was closed for public registrations in the last couple of months. If you were looking forward to open registrations, there’s even better news - All downloads on site are now open to the public and accessible by even unregistered users.
UPDATE: After a brief downtime the site is back online. Registration and login system is now working – signups are currently open.


The new site, is still being developed and the move is not yet complete. An official new post states:

Welcome new users and ex-gigapedia users! is currently moving to our new home here at,
the process will take some time, and new features are being added daily as well as thousands of new entries,
in the meantime feel free to use search (above) to search among the 420,000+ entries or browse the featured list (below).
user registration and posting will be available in a few days, all sorts of features are being tested in the meantime.
all site updates @nulibrary

Right now there are several notable differences between old Gigapedia and new Some of the popular usability features such as category based RSS feeds, browse by category option and categories themselves are missing in the new layout. Currently the only alternatives for searching for a particular book of your choice remains to be inbuilt search bar and browsing through the featured books section. Search is pretty accurate but old Gigapedia fans will no doubt miss the categorized lists. As for RSS,there is a single combined feed available ( which updates whenever a new book download is added to the site.

There are positive aspects of the new system as well. For instance,’s close to half a million downloads are now open to everybody whereas in the previous system only registered and logged in user could access them (and registration was closed for the most part). The site has seen a lot of improvements since its launch on 1st of December and lots of new features are expected to be added in the coming days as well. You can actively keep track of site updates via the official Twitter feed

Special thanks to Michael for the heads up.

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There was a time when ratio free private torrent trackers were scarce in the BitTorrent scene. Back then only a handful no ratio sites such as FTN existed – even these were closed to the public and getting into one of them was not easy. However today, the situation is a lot different. Not only there are more ratio free trackers up and about, but getting into some of them is pretty easy even for complete newbsies to torrenting. This post features two private torrent trackers that are currently accepting new members; Thorbits and The Dark Syndicate (TDS). Thorbits is directly open for public signup but TDS is technically closed. However, interested members could easily create an account using FILEnetworks special invite key. Both these sites are General/0Day torrent trackers through which you can download movies, music, TV shows, games and all other sorts of scene and non scene content.

The Dark Syndicate
The Dark Syndicate
The Dark Syndicate (TDS) is a family friendly ratio free private torrent tracker. When it launched around 18 months ago , this site quickly grabbed the attention of veteran BitTorrent users. This was largely due to the fact that TDS had a strong connection with Araditracker, a BitTorrent legend (now defunct). Although by no means a reincarnation of Aradi, TDS had many ex Araditracker staff members among its crew. It started out as a General tracker with a focus on community and TDS has by now expanded into a fully fledged private torrent site with the addition of new features including an autouploader bot, a fully functional ratio free implementation and several other community features such as IRC channels and radio. It indexes both scene and non scene releases as well as internal packs (no adult content). An amazing request fill percentage of 94% tells a lot about the the helpful community on TDS. The site is closed for direct signups but you can create an account with our special signup key which TDS staff were kind enough to provide.
Site Name: The Dark Syndicate (
Signup URL:
Statistics: 17000+ torrents (~2300 active)

Although there hasn’t been a lot of hype around this tracker, Thorbits has been online for quite a while. It actually has pretty good pre times for scene releases. The site is ratio free and is based on a credits system. Here’s how it all works (quoted directly from Thorbits homepage): “Credit and Seeding times: We are a ratio free site. Seed all for 36 hours. Even if no leechers, and even if FreeLeech. You will receive credits for your time as follows: If you seed for 36 hours you will get 1/3 back!! After 48 hrs the seed multiplier rises.... meaning if you seed the torrent 7 days then upload 100mb you get 150mb credit!! If you seed 12 days upload 100mb you get 200mb credits!! You will see the "seed mulitiplier" in your snatchlist on your user page. Max is 12 days = double up on credit when seeding :)”
Site Name: Thorbits (
Signup URL:
Statistics: 16000+ total torrents (~14500+ active – 2000 is general section and 12500 in spam section) and 11000+ members

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As we mentioned in a previous post, expect a lot of closed file sharing communities to open public signups this holiday season. Here’s a little heads up on one such DDL forum that will have open registrations this Christmas and new year – TemplateP2P. TP2P will open its doors to the public for one whole week starting 25th of December. For those of you who have not heard about this site before, it’s a DDL forum which indexes templates, graphics, code snippets and scripts, invaluable resources if you are a web developer, graphics designer, software engineer or a student. Most of the available files are premium content for which you have to pay if you are obtaining them through conventional means. So yeah, this is a heaven for pirates :p


The official news post announcing the open registrations is quoted below:

We are only a little over a month away from Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, New Years, and many other Holiday Celebrations.
I want to make you all aware of what we have planned for these events...
TemplateP2P Celebration Starts December 25th and Ends January 1st.
During this period we will have Open Sign Up & VIP Sale/Special.

Note that there are only a handful other sites online which are similar to TemplateP2P. It’s a unique, active community with over 18000 registered members and ~30000 forum threads. For a detailed overview of this site with screenshots, please refer to our full review located here.

Site and signup URLs are mentioned below – note that the registration link will only work on or after the 25th of December.

Site Name: TemplateP2P (

Signup URL:

Special thanks to T.J and @tracker_nfo for the heads up.

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This post will appeal to those who like untouched, high quality DVD5 and DVD9 movie downloads. It features two private trackers that specialize in these DVDR formats which are currently open for signup; RoDVD and DVDTreasure. Although both of these sites have been reviewed in detail here on FILEnetworks Blog before, there hasn’t been a mention about either one of them since 2009. Both trackers have undergone some changes during the past one and a half years so it’s time for an update – besides, these are not sites that are open to the public every day. Note that although RoDVD and DVDTreasure initially started out as DVDR only sites, they have now expanded to track newer Blu Ray releases & other high definition video formats as well.

A brief overview about each site is given below – if you need more information about either one of these trackers, we recommend you read the Full Review – full review has a detailed description on the sort of content you can find on a particular site as well as screenshots of its torrent index.

Site Name: DVDTreasure (
Signup URL:
Stats: 1700+ active torrents
Description: There are a lot of untouched DVD-5/DVD-9 and Blu Ray movie/TV torrents on this tracker. DVDTreasure has Polish origins but that doesn’t mean English speaking users should worry – there are plenty of English releases available as well (and an English language option for the UI is also available – click on the English flag on top left corner of logo).
Full Review: [Click Here]

Site Name: RoDVD (
Signup URL:
Stats: 1400+ active torrents
Description: RoDVD is another untouched DVDR tracker that has been around for a while. The site has a unique user interface based on TBDEV core. There is a shut down countdown on site but we do not know what actually it refers to – it could probably mean the site is closing down in another two weeks time or it could simply be a countdown for going invite-only again? If you know additional details, feel free to share in comments.
Full Review: [Click Here]

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As we have mentioned in several of our previous posts, Pre and Tracer channels go hand in hand with private torrent trackers and scene releases. Pre channels announce when new scene releases are leaked online while tracer (Torrent Racer) channels can be used to find out which private trackers index these leaked releases first. Usually, these are IRC based services and have their own interactive channels which allow searching, retrieving statistics + all time rankings and so on. This article is about three such Pre and Tracer services, one based on OMGWTFHAX network, another on Corrup-Net network and the other on G2x3KS Pre.Mirrors. All of these services are public and are accessible by anyone. For those of you who consider joining IRC channels a hassle, easy to use web based versions are also available. If you want to receive instant updates on when and where scene releases get uploaded to, check these out.

Pre and Tracer Channels on OMGWTFHAX


Good news is that Pre and Tracer channels on network are back online. These channels, which were closed for a while have now been re-opened and are fully functional. The services are operated by BTN SysOP AzzA, who is a veteran in the BitTorrent scene. Using these channels is pretty straightforward – you can idle on a channel to receive live pre/trace announces and use built in commands to search for a particular release, see statistics about a particular tracer or pull specific race information from the server. For a list of supported commands, type !cmd while in a channel.

Available IRC Channels:

All of the channels listed below can be found on network (you can use the direct link to instantly log into any one of them):

  • #pre – Pre channel. Announces when scene releases are leaked online [Direct Link]
  • #trace – Tracer channel. Announces when private trackers indexed leaked scene releases [Direct Link]
  • #trace-chat – Allows users input commands and search for specific torrent races [Direct Link]

Available Web Based Services:

G2x3KS Pre & Trace Services


G2x3KS is better known for web based services than IRC - Pre and Tracer facilities provided by G2x3KS are simple and can be used by anyone with who knows how to handle a web browser. However, for power users who are more into IRC channels, IRC based versions are also available. Links to both web interface + IRC are listed below.

Available IRC Channels:

All of the channels listed below can be found on network. Both non SSL (port 7000) and SSL (port 6697) connections are available. You can use the direct link to instantly log into any one of these channels:

Available Web Based Services:

As we said earlier, G2x3KS services are better known in the community as web based pre and tracer channels. For a detailed overview on how to use these facilities + see screenshots, we strongly recommend you read our recent post located here. The site recently went through a domain change and updated web based service URLs can be found below:

Pre and Tracer Channels on Corrupt-Net


Corrupt-Net is a P2P friendly IRC network that houses the official IRC channels of several popular private trackers. In addition, they also maintain separate public channels for Pre and Tracer announces. For a more detailed overview + screenshots of the Corrupt-Net network, please refer to our recent review located here.

Available IRC Channels:

  • #Tracer  – Main Tracer announce channel – notifies whenever a private tracker indexes a new release [Direct Link]
  • – Search for particular releases, get site rankings and other info [Direct Link]
  • #Tracer.spam –  Announce for spam releases [Direct Link]

Available Web Based Services

Refer to the detailed article about Corrupt-Net network to learn more about Pre and Tracer services.

Special thanks to AzzA, G2x3KS Admin, ACiD, Excite User & Ev0 N1c for the heads up.

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