Here’s another private tracker open signup update. In this article we bring you news of three private BitTorrent sites that are currently accepting new members; PolishSource, LeechTurk and AceTorrents. PolishSource is a General/0Day torrent tracker which recently de-merged from HeavenSource (if you have been living under a rock, HeavenSource was formed sometime back with PolishSource and HeavenTracker (HT) merging together). LeechTurk, another General/0Day tracker which is home to P2P movie release group LTRG, has also opened signups. There are a lot of BRRips releases here and the site recently got a new look with a cleaner looking interface. AceTorrents, a long standing zero day torrent site, has also opened up after being closed for a while. Just like LT, Ace-T recently got an upgraded look thanks to an overhaul of the UI. If you are looking for sites to download your daily fix of movies, games, music and more, check these out. Full details, screenshots and signup URLs after the jump.

PolishSource tracker
Although this may look like a new site, PolishSource has actually been online since 2008. They recently merged with HeavenTracker to form HeavenSource, a new Gazelle based torrent site (full details about HS here). The merger apparently did not pay off, with the end result being PolishSource finally de-merging from HS. HS continues to operate as a private tracker to date while PolishSource has once again moved to a separate home as an independent entity.
PolishSource Index

The new site appears to be coded from scratch and both user and torrent indexes have been reset. At the time this post was being written, PS tracked around 1000 torrents and had 1100+ registered members – these number were increasing rapidly.
Site Name: PolishSource (
Signup URL:

LeechTurk is one of those Turkish general torrent trackers with a lot of BRRip releases. It’s very similar to BitTurk (BT) in terms of indexed content - while BT is the official home of P2P group D-ZON3, LeechTurk is home to LTRG. Both these groups are well known for their BRRip releases and hence you can find a lot of movies & TV shows including some exclusive uploads here than on most other General/0Day trackers.
LeechTurk index

LeechTurk recently got a new look – logo and visual theme has changed but the default site language remains to be Turkish. Anyway you should be able to find your way around this tracker even if you did not know a word of Turkish and did not have access to a translator.
Site Name: LeechTurk (
Signup URL

Out of the three torrent sites featured in this post, Ace-T is probably the most popular. It’s been around for several years and has won a reputation among torrenters as a decent general tracker with good pre times. AceTorrents has moved forward with the times and it now features a much better looking visual design with new category icons, a more user friendly layout and a colorful, eye catching logo.
AceTorrents Index

Even regular users are able to upload torrents to Ace-T. User uploads however are shown in a separate browse page accessible from the main toolbar. At the time this post was being written, this site tracked around 11500+ torrents (some dead) and 10000+ members.
Site Name: AceTorrents (
Signup URL:

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