Private torrent trackers opening signups on a monthly basis is nothing new – several invite only torrent communities such as GFXnews, AudioNews, AppzUniverse, Pro Audio Torrents, ElbitZ, etc already engage in this practice with successful results. Latest tracker to join this club is PianoSheets, a unique, Gazelle powered, torrent site which specializes in piano sheet music, tutorials, electronic books plus other educational material that will definitely come in handy for professionals, enthusiasts and students of music. So far, PianoSheets has mostly been an invite only tracker with the last public open signup happening nearly six months ago. This however is about to change – starting November, PianoSheets will be open for public registrations during the first two days of each month. In case you didn’t notice – today is the 1st of November and the the site is open to the public as we speak.


Over the past couple of years, PianoSheets has grown at a steady pace (this tracker actually started its operations back in 2004). In fact if you take a look at the statistics, you’d know that this site has done extremely well as a niche torrent tracker. As of 1/11/2010, PS had a registered user base in excess of 7000 members and tracked over 9400 active torrents. Now, with planned monthly open signups, these statistics are only going to increase and site activity further boosted. In case you didn’t know, PS is a Gazelle powered private tracker.

Just like on most non-general private trackers focusing on a specific category, content is king on PianoSheets. This tracker has some unique torrents you might not find elsewhere – piano sheet music as well as various books, educational material on a number of other musical instruments such as drums, guitar, harmonica, keyboards, organ, woodwind, etc are available for download. Magazines, lyrics, full scores, theory books and the likes can also be found. In addition, the ‘Collections’ section on PS makes it easier to discover related torrents. It’s a powerful usability feature that creates virtual torrent packs – something similar to ‘Collages’ feature often found on some music trackers. This section is easily accessible from the top toolbar. A screenshot capturing part of PianoSheet’s torrent index can be seen below:

Pianosheets Index

As mentioned earlier, there couldn’t be a better time to get into PianoSheets than now (unless you are already a member). For those of you who are interested in getting in, signups will be open to the public from Nov. 1st 00:00GMT to Nov. 2nd 23:59GMT and again each month at the same time.

Site Name: PianoSheerts (

Signup URL:

Special thanks to Hanzo for the heads up.

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