Wake up folks, another Bond game is out. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of James Bond video games. But judging by the response this game has received in various gaming forums, it’s no secret that this gaming franchise has a large fan base from all corners of the world. Blood Stone is a third-person shooter with elements of hand-to-hand combat - its PC version was developed by High Moon studios. Anyways here’s our routing troubleshooting article for this game – it is a short post but hopefully you will be able to resolve those annoying crashing issues with Blood Stone, if you are having any.

Blood Stone Installer freezing and crashes to desktop

The most common problem people seem to be having with Blood Stone is the installer freezing/hanging or crashing issue. This seems to be related to DEP (Data Execution Prevention) in Windows Vista/Windows 7 based operating systems. If your installer crashes before the installation completes, try doing the following:

  1. Go to Start->Run. Type cmd.exe and press enter.
  2. In the command prompt, type bcdedit.exe/set nx AlwaysOff and press enter. This will turn DEP off.
  3. Reboot the machine
  4. Install Blood Stone

DEP is a security measure and it’s probably not the best idea to keep it disabled. Once Blood Stone installation is complete. do the following to re-enable DEP

  1. Go to Start->Run. Type cmd.exe and press enter.
  2. In the command prompt, type bcdedit.exe/set nx OptIn and press enter. This will turn DEP on.
  3. Reboot the machine

Fix for Audio looping, crash to desktop

This is a fix that was mentioned in TorrentLeech tracker comments section. I personally never ran into this issue nor tried the fix mentioned below. Try this if you experience audio issues or random or startup CTD.

  1. Set Audio Sample Rate In Windows and In-game to 16 bit,48000hz (DVD Quality)
  2. Right click "Computer"
  3. Click "Manage"
  4. Double click "Users and Groups"
  5. Click "Groups"
  6. Right click "Administrators"
  7. Click "Add to group..."
  8. Click "Add"
  9. Click "Advanced"
  10. Click "Find Now"
  11. Double click "Local Service"
  12. Click "Ok"
  13. "NT Authority\Local Service" should show up in the list now
  14. Click "Ok"
  15. Close Computer Management and reboot.

More fixes will be added here as and when they are discovered.

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  1. Anonymous // 11/05/2010 05:19:00 AM  

    I have a strange problem with this one. My mouse works but 'clicks' are not seen in the game - I can move the cursor and point, but nothing happens with a left or right click. Any ideas how to fix this? Never seen this ever with any other game! I have a standard Logitech gaming mouse, wired.

  2. Anonymous // 11/05/2010 08:14:00 AM  

    It felt better facing evil as Pierce rather than Daniel Craig but that is just me.

    Here is a list of fixes for the game. This should help you people having errors installing and playing the game.


  3. Anonymous // 11/05/2010 08:15:00 AM  
  4. Prasanna // 11/05/2010 09:40:00 AM  

    I have a problem running James bond Blood stone.I had downloaded repack version.It is getting crashed right after starting of first Athens cinematic.When im trying to fix the way you mentioned im unable to open 'Manage' when i right click on 'My Computer'.Please help me..Thank you

  5. James Hilton // 12/18/2010 12:48:00 PM  

    How to change the windows audio sample rate

  6. rockingabhinav93 // 4/12/2011 04:06:00 PM  

    I have a starange problem.. when i start the game...it freezes with the looping of the sound...bt when i remove my sound drivers...the game plays well and without any freeze...
    please help me... i really wanna play this game

  7. Akash Modi // 12/30/2011 10:09:00 PM  

    the game simply wont play..i mean the screen goes blank and it remains so...it easily closes on pressing alt+f4 but the screen still wont show anything even if i wait for a long time...

  8. John Tracker // 12/15/2012 07:10:00 PM  
  9. oluwaseun fatukasi // 9/20/2014 01:49:00 AM  

    please I have been trying 2 install it on my windows 8 for weeks but it showing error reading initialisation .
    plsease any help

  10. mule Ghouri // 5/17/2015 11:22:00 AM  

    My game is dosent opening