We recently featured several sites that promote sharing of horror themed content. These articles were well received by our readership and we even got several requests to feature more similar sites on the blog. As always, we listen to what our readers say. Having already posted about several private BitTorrent trackers specializing in Horror movies/TV such as THC, Henteles and Horror-World, we thought of posting about a DDL forum this time. Horror Haven (HH) is a site that allows you to download Horror Movies, TV shows, soundtracks plus even books and magazines relating to the genre. This is actually an excellent alternative to HorrorFlix.ws, the now defunct forum which was considered the king of Horror DDL back in its time (HH is unofficially named Horror Flix 2.0). Horror Haven is currently open for registrations and is accepting new members.

We are not exactly sure when HH started out but it sure did rise to fame after the demise of HorrorFlix. Lots of former HorrorFlix members moved to HH after the site went down and needless to say this gave HH a huge boost in many aspects. Today, Horror Haven has evolved to become one of the largest direct download link forums for horror themed content, with over 5000 releases in its index.

As for the downloads available on HH, it’s pretty straightforward and there is very little to explain. The site is home to thousands of movies, TV shows, games, books, magazines and soundtracks all relating to the Horror genre. Video collection is particularly impressive and contains both old and new movies, including some very rare flicks. Releases are available in a wide variety of video formats ranging from VHSRips, 300MB movies to even DVD-R and BD/HD Rips.

Horror Heaven Index

HH is powered by a PHP-Fusion based forum script and the site layout might differ from other DDL forums you use. Some of you who are new to the site may even have trouble locating the downloads section. It’s actually pretty simple once you get used to HH. First of all, you won’t be able to see anything unless you log in. Once you do log in, you can easily find the categorized list of available downloads on the ‘Articles’ section (accessible via left sidebar). If you are looking for a particular movie by name or simply want to browse through all available releases, you might want to check out the immensely useful ‘A-Z Index’ feature (also accessible from left sidebar).

In the categorized downloads list, you may find some cat names ending with the text ‘Leeched’. Anything tagged ‘Leeched’ simply means that direct download links for that particular release were obtained from an external source i.e. from another forum. Releases in any other category than ‘Leeched’ are uploads by HH’s own uploaders – these uploads are technically unique to the site. 

If you are interested in joining HH (which you should be, if you are a Horror fan), registrations are currently open. Use the links below to sign up and browse the site.

Site Name: Horror Haven (http://www.horrorhaven.org)

Registration URL: http://www.horrorhaven.org/register.php

Downloads Section URL: http://www.horrorhaven.org/articles.php (Login required)

A-Z Index URL: http://www.horrorhaven.org/iamomega.php (Login required)

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  1. Oranges // 11/15/2010 01:22:00 AM  

    Absolutely love your site.

    Just wanted to point out it's Horror Haven, not Horror Heaven.

    Been a member here since HorrorFlix died, it's a great site.