It’s not everyday you see the launch of a specialized private tracker for Horror Movies and TV Shows. In fact, there are only a handful such trackers around, with live examples being The Horror Charnel (THC) and Henteles.Hu (Signups open). Horror-World is the latest torrent site to join this club – and yeah, as you might have guessed its dedicated to tracking all things Horror, including movies, film stills, soundtracks to electronic books relating to this genre. Built on TS Special Edition 7.1 codebase, HW is a private tracker that’s just starting up. Some of you would be glad to know that this isn’t one of those super secret sites closed to the public – signups are currently open and everyone is able to create a free account. If you like Horror movies, check this out.

Horror World

Horror World is only a few weeks old so don’t expect to join a tracker that has 50k members and 100k torrents. Additionally, this is a niche site meaning it would have much less number of torrents than your average General/0Day tracker. Nevertheless, HW is off to a pretty good start and currently tracks around 500 active torrents and has managed to amass a registered user base of 475+ members (statistics as of 10/20/2010). 

As for the content available on H-W, it’s not just horror movies and TV shows. Movie soundtracks and electronic books (including audio books) relating to the genre are also indexed. Right now there aren’t a lot of these non-movie torrents available but presence of separate tracker categories would mean there are plans to add more of these in future. As for the movies, they come in a number of different video qualities ranging from BRRips, DVDRips, R5 to VHSRips. Both new movies as well as older releases are indexed. The screenshot below should give you a better understanding of what to expect on Horror-World.

Horror World Index

Signups for H-W are currently open. In fact, they’ve been always open ever since the site’s launch about one and a half months ago. If you like Horror themed video and audio content, check this tracker out.

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