Here’s something we though we’d never see – iTS opens to external users via invite applications. This elusive private torrent site that some might call a ‘secret’ tracker, is currently recruiting new members though their own recruitment forum probably for the first time since the launch three years ago. iTS’ a ratioless tracker that shares a lot of unique content such as AFR (Advanced Filesize Regulation - focuses more on optimal quality by preserving source transparency while keeping filesize as low as possible – explained in detail later) movie rips, lossless FLAC rips, a variety of classic collections and of course, other general content including a ton of exclusive uploads made available by the site’s internal encoders. Despite tight rules regarding publicity, iTS showing the world they can still recruit members while not opening public signups. With invite applications online, you will no longer have to beg for invites from random strangers – if you have at least some experience in the BitTorrent scene, then you have a good chance of getting accepted as an iTS member.

iTS Logo

For those of you who haven’t heard about iTS before, it’s not a completely new tracker. In fact, they are celebrating the site’s 3rd birthday so staff and Sysops are quite experienced in what they do. From the start, iTS has been a private tracker that does not prefer publicity – there are a number of rules in place that prevent members from exposing full site name or URL in public. These rules and the lack of open signups and invites make iTS quite a hard torrent site to get into – however, that doesn't mean it’s a ghost town with only several hundred members either. iTS currently has ~1100 active members who do a great job of keeping the sites 4700+ torrents alive and well seeded.

Some of you might be wondering what sort of content iTS has to offer. Although it does not focus on a specific niche, this is not an average General/0Day tracker full of common scene releases either (only a handful scene releases are indexed). Most of the listed torrents are exclusive uploads by the site’s internal encoders. In addition to general releases, iTS has three types of unique content that you probably won’t find anywhere else; AFR Rips (both new and old movies), iTS Collections (mainly cinematic classics and award winning films) and Lossless Music. If you are wondering what AFR rips are, the following explanation should put you in the clear:

The term 'AFR' stands for Advanced Filesize Regulation; it's a set of criteria which can be employed to accomplish DVDR-sized rips. The big difference about AFRs when compared to normal movie rips is you get the highest resolution and bitrate for the smallest possible size. It's all about maintaining source transparency while keeping filesize as small as possible; image quality is retained to almost 100% and sound quality is identical to the original.

The specific AFR sizes employed at iTS are:
1/6 DVDR: 0.73 GB (0743 MB or up to 0747 MB with subs)
1/4 DVDR: 1.09 GB (1116 MB or up to 1120 MB with subs)
1/3 DVDR: 1.46 GB (1490 MB or up to 1494 MB with subs)
1/2 DVDR: 2.19 GB (2236 MB or up to 2241 MB with subs)
2/3 DVDR: 2.92 GB (2984 MB or up to 2988 MB with subs)
3/4 DVDR: 3.28 GB (3358 MB or up to 3362 MB with subs)
1/1 DVDR: 4.37 GB (4478 MB or up to 4482 MB with subs)

Going beyond a regular private tracker, iTS basically a ripping school where all members can learn how to do proper FLAC rips and x264 AFR encodes, for both DVDRips and BDRips.

As mentioned earlier, iTS is a ratioless private tracker. The site’s main ‘currency’ is a karma bonus points system – you can earn bonus points by seeding, downloading, uploading torrents or by filling requests. These points can then be exchanged for goodies in the iTS Marketplace. According to the site’s administrators, you don’t need to own a seedbox to survive on iTS – if you are an active member (not a collector) who can keep the torrents seeded, you will do just fine:

We are a no ratio site and have a karma bonus system, so it's a friendly environment for non-seedbox users and also users with slow connections. We favor long seeding periods over brief seedbox usage. We are only looking for active people who will actually use the site and who are specifically interested in the kind of content we offer (e.g. quality content over RARed scene crap).

Due to the tracker’s secretive nature and the number of rules in place to prevent public exposure, we can’t talk much about it here or attach any screenshots. However, we believe we have given enough information about iTS so that you now know what type of tracker it is before attempting to hunt for invites. If you are interested in applying for an invite, follow the steps below:

How to apply for an iTS invite

  1. Register on iTS recruitment forum located at Direct link to registration page is
  2. Log in and read the invite applications guidelines at
  3. Create a new topic in the Applications forum, with the title ‘iTS Application’. The applications forum direct link is Make sure to include answers to all questions, as mentioned in the app guidelines page.
  4. Wait for staff approval – if you are selected, an invite will be sent to the E-mail address you specified. Good Luck!

Special thanks to the iTS staff for their support and humbleness.

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  1. Weems // 10/06/2010 07:46:00 AM  

    Thanks for the info.

  2. arpit // 10/06/2010 04:55:00 PM  

    filenetworks dont you think that they are asking too much info ?
    are you sure that this is legit ?
    i advise not to give this much info to torrent site admins !
    btw thanks for the heads up!
    i am staying away from this its app !

  3. TEAM FILEnetworks // 10/06/2010 05:42:00 PM  

    This is legit. It was discussed and verified with iTS admins before article was posted.

  4. ADRYANO // 10/06/2010 06:56:00 PM  

    Any user that have filled the aplication has got the invite???

  5. SMS Harsha // 10/06/2010 07:30:00 PM  

    But why do they need ip and usernames? I gave though...lemme see

  6. scotty // 10/06/2010 10:19:00 PM  

    How long should we wait for the staff to either approve or reject the applications?

  7. Mard_3_Momin // 10/06/2010 10:42:00 PM  

    @ Scotty

    I guess here is your answer

    in the rules page, kindly read at the bottom, it clearly says that....

    ""a. Due to timing constraints, checking your application may take anywhere between a day and a week.""

    and also

    ""If your application is accepted, you'll get an invitation to the email you've specified during the next 1-7 days. Note that unused invitations expire within a few days, so please make sure you check your email, as well as your thread on this board daily. ""

  8. Anonymous // 10/07/2010 07:16:00 AM  

    "privacy" is a word they don't know on this so-called "secret" tracker. Members have to give their home IP and they don't care if you want to protect this information in the case of legal problem, or if you are a serious member since many months.

    For those who wonder about content, i think 90% of it is available on IPT, DDL, or edk. Community and peering are also very low.

  9. Jukka // 10/07/2010 12:00:00 PM  

    thats just plainly idiotic. fck them, i aint givig them so much private information.

  10. arshad // 10/07/2010 08:18:00 PM  

    Hi its really very nice blog,very useful information..Mobiles

  11. NerdCore // 10/07/2010 10:40:00 PM  

    Wow their application is whacked!

    As always thanks for the info but I'm gonna pass on this one. My privacy is too important to give to such a small tracker.

  12. Jessica // 10/08/2010 12:16:00 AM  

    I signed up to the board and filled an application a couple of days ago. I put all my profile links and other info they requested and just got an invite a couple of days ago. I'm pretty new to the place but from the little I've seen the place look great. Can't quite put my finger on what it is that makes it so cool it but there's just a good vibe about the entire place, and people and staff seem to be chilled.

    You're just being silly. You're worried about your privacy and that the tracker might have your IP?! Well guess what it's the Internet.. every single tracker, and Google, and any other site for that matter logs your details and the admins knows your exact IP and location (approximated). The server where this blog is hosted on logs your IP at this very moment (smile.. ;)). If you don't want to give away you IP then may I suggest you stop using the Internet..

    My god, some people are just so clueless it's painful.

  13. Anonymous // 10/09/2010 03:40:00 AM  

    You speak about the "internet", but you seem to just discover it. Don't you see the difference between the "legal" and the "illegal" internet usages ? Don't you ever hear about "vpns" or "seedboxes" ?

    I don't care google or msn know and log my IP. I don't make anything illegal with them. But if a tracker is seized I don't like the idea that my personal IP will be is the logs, and associated to a dl/up history. Simple.

  14. Jimmy // 10/09/2010 08:15:00 AM  

    @Fredo, then don't join any private tracker anywhere.

  15. Rocka // 10/09/2010 03:08:00 PM  

    Most of these secret trackers are dead and doesn't worth joining, I joined ITS through this application, and found out they've got a small as well as inactive userbase which means there's nothing on its you can't find anywhere else even demonoid is thousand times better then this crap place.

    Giving your IP address is not an issue at all as the tracker staff will knew themselves when you start using that tracker, I believe its asking for ip address of its users is a reasonable demand in order to ensure that invite goes the person applying instead it end up in a trading forum such as FST or anyother similar forum

  16. Anonymous // 10/09/2010 06:46:00 PM  

    Hopefully most private trackers don't ask your personnal IP. You can use SCC, GFT, or every well known trackers without letting them at any moment your personnal IP, for example by signup, connect and download with your seedbox or a VPN.

  17. evil // 10/10/2010 06:02:00 AM  

    Most of these guys don't even know what you're talking about :)

    I see where you're coming from but if your IP is dynamic, like at least 70% of all IPs now, they can't compare the applicant's IP with the Signup one, it's not possible, that's why the only way they have to keep you logged in if you're DynIP is by using a cookie, so it's not the reason why they're asking for it.
    Maybe they're not aware of DynIPs ? LoL, just kidding ;)
    For the same reason, giving your home IP isn't a problem at all, because it will change several times a day.
    And you're right about secret-ish trackers, most aren't very active : when there's 5 leeches and 5 new forum posts it's party time!

  18. evil // 10/10/2010 06:04:00 AM  

    ^ for the same reason "if you're IP is static" ;)

  19. Jimmy // 10/10/2010 12:03:00 PM  

    @Fredo, touche, I did not think about seedboxes and VPN's. I stand corrected and walk away in shame :(

  20. Michael // 10/10/2010 01:35:00 PM  

    Has anyone received an invite yet?

  21. Rocka // 10/10/2010 05:33:00 PM  

    @evil ,

    "if your IP is dynamic, like at least 70% of all IPs now, they can't compare the applicant's IP with the Signup one, it's not possible,"

    But no matter how dynamic that IP is (means regardless of how many times if change after each reset of your router) that IP will still be in a specific IP range, so yes there's no problem for iTS staff to know that user access the tracker is the same because he belongs to a specific IP range, therefore instead of asking the complete IP address they may ask "the first two" sections of an IP for example 192.168.*.* by doing so users will no hesitate to share there IP address with the tracker and one more thing "those who are afraid to give their IP address are probably hesitated because they are suspected cheaters or traders in my point of view as a former tracker staff" as in case if they got caught cheating or trading invites they may face issues such as global bans etc, that's the reason why someone wants to conceal his IP from a tracker.

    As far as iTS is concerned I agree with all the users who think that giving them so much information such as 7 profile links, IP address and so on is bullshit because why do so much work for a place like iTS which is almost dead. same is true with CN and similar other bullshit secret trackers. which I believe encourage trading by themselves by publicizing their names on forums such as FST also one should never judge contents of a tracker by looking at how hard it is to join because believe me you will if not always but mostly get disappointed this way.

  22. Andrei // 10/10/2010 09:28:00 PM  

    Hey i need an aswer and i will be happy if i can find it.I complet the aplcation 2 days ago but i didn't receive anything so i ask if is possible to receive or not that invite and also if they have a system that announce you if you obtain that invite or not.Thanks.

  23. teste // 10/11/2010 04:00:00 AM  

    if anybody got an invitation yet, seems a bit suspect this application.
    it would be possible to post any guest who received an invitation?
    would be more appropriate to link this application own site?

  24. scotty // 10/11/2010 06:21:00 AM  

    Mine has been "marked" as pending for 5 days now i dont know if that good or what , some info would be nice either way .

  25. Alin // 10/13/2010 01:02:00 AM  

    Well my application it was pending for 6 days and today i received the invitation!Looks a very nice site and the forum is very active!

  26. scotty // 10/13/2010 11:43:00 PM  

    Lucky you alin im on my 8th day and still "pending" , would be nice to just get a decision from them no matter what it is.

  27. Abhishek // 10/14/2010 12:13:00 AM  

    Yeah, mine's been pending for 8 days as well. Either they're very slow or don't care. If it is the latter atleast they should notify...

  28. Not // 10/14/2010 12:51:00 AM  

    hate using caps but it'll probably get your attention more than anything else...


    Someone else already said it. Yet ya'll keep asking same question for some reason.

  29. scotty // 10/14/2010 01:39:00 AM  

    Im not asking a question , im saying it would be nice of the staffers to let the peeps know if the applications were accepted or not rather than just leaving people hanging on like we clearly are.

    And if the applications is rejected it would be good if we could remove the applications ourselves since they have our personal information on them.

  30. Not // 10/14/2010 02:39:00 AM  

    "Im not asking a question , im saying it would be nice of the staffers to let the peeps know if the applications were accepted or not rather than just leaving people hanging on like we clearly are."

    Do what i said above i.e. click on the Rules/Guidelines link and read.

  31. Anonymous // 10/19/2010 09:34:00 PM  

    the invi has just arrived, and it took almost two weeks, I thought my application was outright rejected and then bing! the invitation arrived on my inbox.

    So yes, this is legit.

  32. pindanot // 10/21/2010 05:49:00 PM  

    does anyone know what server their irc channel is on?

  33. pindanot // 10/21/2010 07:01:00 PM  


  34. Secret // 3/20/2011 09:14:00 AM  

    hey guys i find this blog there is a good info about the secret trackers
    iTS URL and irc URL and screen shoots :)) Enjoy guys !

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