It’s always good to hear about the return of a BitTorrent tracker, and this article features two private torrent sites that have come back online after extended downtime. Biggest news is about PackMe.In (aka PiN aka The Donkey). This ratio free, packs only torrent community which shut down it’s services due to the constant crashing of their private tracker last month, has returned from the dead. Right now, all major site functions of PiN appear to be fully working. In the meantime, TinBoxTorrent (TBT), a promising startup tracker that focuses on BRRip and BDRip torrents has also resurfaced after having its hosting services suspended a few days ago. Both these sites are currently open for registration and even completely new users who are hearing about these trackers for the first time are free to sign up. Full details after the jump.

PackMe.In (PiN)
While many of PiN’s former members would be thrilled to hear about the sites return, it’s not as if the downtime has caused any damage to the tracker. PiN has been rebuilt from scratch, meaning it’s torrent and user databases were reset. Old user accounts (along with stats, points, etc) are no longer available and everyone has to start fresh on the new tracker. The 1200+ packs torrents PiN had at the time it went offline too are lost – however, rebuilding of torrent index has already started and nearly 50 packs have already been uploaded on the first day itself. Apart from this minor setback, everything its members loved about PiN has returned. This time around the site is powered by the Gazelle codebase but the conversion has been done without altering the old look and feel. A news post on PiN homepage is quoted below:

Welcome to the new PackMeIn. We've worked hard to bring back the site, hopefully better than ever. We were unable to save the stats from the old PiN, so please help any way you can in uploading (special surprise if we hit 500 torrents), forum posting, and all around using the site. In order to try to get the site rolling again we will keep signups open until we get around 5000 users.
If you find any bugs, please do not hesitate to contact staff.
Also, bringing back the site put us into somewhat of a red area financially, so if you can find it in your heart to donate, please consider it. Please do not donate unless you are financially able. Don't go hungry to feed a torrent site.

For a detailed description of PiN including info about its ‘pack points’ based bonus system, please refer to our recent review located here. As mentioned in the quoted message above, this tracker is currently open for signup.

Site Name: PackMe.In (
Signup URL:
Note: If you can’t get the login page to work the usual way, change page style to ‘No Style’ in Firefox  to get it working (View->Page Style-> No Style)

TinBoxTorrent (TBT)
Although not as popular as PiN, TinBoxTorrent (TBT) is a new BRRip, BDRip and XViD movie and TV tracker that’s been receiving a lot of positive responses from our readership lately. The site is probably the first ever private tracker to focus mainly on BDRip and BRRip releases and apparently many people seem to ‘dig’ this type of content (read full review along with screenshots here). TBT saw its user base expand rapidly after launch and the site’s uploaders did a great job in adding over 400 movie/TV torrents within a span of a few days. However, TBT soon went down without notice, and remained offline for several days. A lengthy explanation for this downtime is posted on their homepage":

The reason why the tracker went down was because our old hosts "" decided that the tracker was too popular !!!!!! can you believe it!!! the tracker was on a shared host and with the tracker growing fast in the ten days that we opened bandwith usage was high so they cloased us down :( without any warning to me one second it was there and the next gone !! oh lol what a stress head i had on funny looking back now .....but i felt as if i lost an arm ! it was horrible so much work took away in a flick of a switch...even if they had given me a couple of days notive i could of prepared and warned everyone. The laughable part was with the message "Your account has been Disconected" was we can provide a dedicated server to the sum of 138 euro " oh yhea thanks i said i'll have two ! anyway the tracker is on its own server now so its quite safe (fingers crossed).
Sorry to everyone who has lost there account because the backup was two days old so we lost account members and a lot of torrents, but the good news is you can easily sign back up :) and our staff/uploaders are working hard to bring us back up too date :) yhey !!!!
Lastly the tracker will go down in the next 2-5 days for about 24hrs while the new IP'S Nameserers are resolved at our new hosts...i'm having nothing more to do with our old one.....but thats a long stary as well because ive had nothing but a hard life with them for the past five days...i will go into more detail in the forums when i get the tracker back on its feet and up too date.
LOl ok thank you !

Restored version of TBT already indexes over 400 torrents, and more seem to be getting uploaded as we speak. The site is currently open for registration so go ahead and sign up if you haven’t.

Site Name: TinBoxTorrent (
Signup URL:

Special thanks to Bugatti for the heads up on PiN.

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  1. Unknown // 10/23/2010 10:06:00 PM  

    packme seems to have ssl issues, even with the view options changed i can't reach it

  2. Violated // 10/23/2010 10:41:00 PM  

    Did you try accessing the not HTTPS version of site? HTTPS does not seem to work

  3. Unknown // 10/24/2010 01:39:00 AM  

    i did, i think i got a faulty dns for the time being, after i looked up the ip online i'm able to access the site.
    So it's all good now, i liked that site

  4. Unknown // 11/19/2010 08:23:00 AM  

    Registrations closed now. Invite only.

  5. Unknown // 12/20/2012 06:44:00 AM